Table of Contents

    Amulet, Black Hand
    Amulet, Domiak's
    Amulet of Golem Command
    Amulet of Skill
Armour, Wolfhead
Basin of the Devil
Battlegear of the Heros
Greaves of Marching
Cuirass of Courage
Shield of Intimidation
Cloak of Inspiration
Helm of Heorics
Spear of Thrusting
Short Sword of Piercing
Boots, Wolfboots
Bow, Mithril
Casket of Sorcery
    Cauldron of Blood
    Cauldron of Nourishment
    Cauldron of Silenthis
Chariot, Dark
    Cloak, Warder
    Cloak of the Wolf
Coach, Black
    Crown, Beholder
    Crown of the Wastes
Dagger, Sinister
Earmuffs of Farhearing
    Earring, Domiak's
    Earring, Familiar Enhancement
Equus, Nightmare
Eyepatch of the Magi
Flask of Protection
Forge, Coldforge
    Gateway, Grand
    Gateway, Lesser
Gauntlets, Wolfgauntlets
Gem, Breath
Girdle, Domiak's
Glove of Rings
Helms, Spelljamming
    Helm, Bardic
    Helm, Black Helm of Bane
    Helm, Boat Helm
    Helm, Boiler Helm
    Helm, Death
    Helm, Forge
    Helm, Furnace of Velocity
    Helm, Major
    Helm, Minor
    Helm, Oars of the Void
    Helm, Orc Lifejammer
    Helm, Pump Furnace
    Helm, Radiant
    Helm, Sails of the Stars
    Helm, Scavver Saddle
    Helm, Series Major Helm
Helmet of Health
Hourglass, Enoreth's
Idol of Monster Summoning
Key, Silver
Lock of Entrapment
Mace of Dark Terror
Magic Missile Gun
Mirror of Mephits
Pantry of Plenty
    Pendant Against Liches
    Pendant of Loyalty
Phial, Bloodbond
Pool of Power
Potion Case of Holding
Quill of Scrolls
Quiver of War
Rack of Retrieval
Scrollcase of Protection
Shadow Items
Shadow Armour
Shadow Helmet
Shadow Robes
Shadow Sword
Shadow Mace
Shadow Bow
Shadow Shield
Shadow Boots
Shadow Ring
Shadow Standard
Shadow Horn
Sheath of Shocking
Shield, Wolfshield
Shoes of the Nightmare
Standard of the Great Captain
    Staff of the Archmagi
    Sword, Deathblade of Tsiach
    Sword of Injuring
Teleport Discs, Domiak's
Tree, Fruit Tree of Arvandor
Wagon, War
    Wand of Ability Theft
    Wand of Acid
    Wand of Statues
Window, Portable