Since the early days of Spelljammer's online presence, Paul Westermeyer has written dozens articles, organized many various "Unique Spelljammer ..." contests to drive the creation of new content, and is the Dungeon Master of one of the longest running Spelljammer PBeM games.

Worlds of Wildspace

Paul Westermeyer's Map of the Flow

A map of the phlogiston which Paul uses as a basis for his material. Much of the material below can be pinpointed to one of the spheres he has placed on his map.



Home of the famous city of wildspace, the Rock of Bral, Bralspace builds on the sketchy outline provided in the third Spelljammer novel, the Maelstrom's Eye. It is the home sphere of Paul's awesome Play-by-E-mail game, the Jammers.

Realmspace Updates

A closer look at the Realmspace crystal sphere.


Home sphere of the ape races—hadozee and grommam.


Home of that Tauran Empire, which is led be descendants of Krynnish minotaurs.

Ships of Wildspace

Dwarven Citadels and Forges