Over the years, I have written quite a few (to say the least!) articles for Spelljammer. To keep all of these articles in order, I provide this page of links to my many Spelljammer articles!

Worlds of Wildspace


This article was my first really good, large article. I'm very proud of it, as it has spawned its own fan-fiction! Check out Lionheart: The Unseen Saboteur by Sebastian Cain, it is definately well-worth the read!

The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom is my second most favorite article(s). It is a set of sphere-guides detailing several spheres that, collectively, are known as the Maelstrom. Simply put, the Maelstrom is my personal setting written for Spelljammer.

The Crimson Sphere

Darksun meets Spelljammer! In this article, I took the approach of molding Spelljammer to fit the particular nature of Athas. A great place to start for those wanting to a game that mixes these two great settings!

Monsters of Wildspace

Miscellaneous Articles