A Spelljammer site that has been around in various forms for years, Tarkas Brian Lab IV's current home is here on Beyond the Moons. Now geared towards 3e Dungeons & Dragons, TBLIV is designed to provide rules and systems for running Spelljammer campaigns in the newest iteration of the oldest roleplaying game.

Ship Construction and Combat Rules for 3e

The successor to Tarkas Brain Lab IV's widely used ship design system, this version has been updated for D&D 3e and includes new options. In addition, a complete ship combat system has been designed from the ground up to work with the new ship design system and 3e. To help create ships there is also an Excel spreadsheet that makes short work of most ship designing.

Helm System for 3e

Since posting my ship combat and construction systems here on Beyond the Moons, a number of people have asked me about helms in 3e, and wanted to see the rules I would be using. Finally, I have the basics of the rules I will be using written, and am providing them here as a PDF.

They won't be to everyone's taste. Feedback is welcome.

Ship Counters

Getting ready to stage an epic battle between the Imperial Elven Fleet and a large neogi slaving armada and you don't have 14 copies of the neogi Deathspider ship counter? No problem. Here is a PDF of hex-shaped ship counters to be used for Spelljammer ship combat. It has one or more counter for all the common ships in space, plus counters for some of the not-so-common ships. It also includes a couple of blank counters. Print as many as you like, and never run out of counters again.

Blank Ship Deckplans

These are deckplans with the internal walls stripped out and a smaller square grid layed over the inside of the ship, allowing players or DMs to remap the internal space of a ship (plus other possible uses).