Spelljammer: Shadow of the Spider Moon is a Polyhedron d20 Mini-Game bundled with Polyhedron 151/Dungeon 92.

Samples Elven Ships

A small ship. A TIFF file is also available.
A medium ship. A TIFF file is also available.
A large ship. A Tiff file is also available.

Sample Illithid Ships

A small ship. A TIFF file is also available.
A medium ship. A TIFF file is also available.
A large ship. A TIFF file is also available.

Issue Contents

The d20 SJ issue of Polyhedron will have the following content:

Chapter 1: Characters

The core races and classes, plus the following Prestige Classes: Master Scavenger, Planetary Explorer, Spelljammer Ace, Stellar Corsair, Storykeeper; new skills and feats appropriate to the setting.

New feats include: Acrobatic, Atheletic, Ballista Master, Ballista Specialist, Born Spacer [Background], Cannon Master, Cannon Specialist, Craft Spelljammer Helm, Education [Background], Endurance, From the Gutter [Background], Mysterious Heritage [Background], No Identity [Background], Noble Birth [Background], Spelljammer Helm Operation, Spelljammer Specialization, Stealthy

Chapter 2: Space and Spelljamming

Spelljamming helms, Movement, Ship Combat and Maneuvering, Ship descriptions (and illustrations).

Ships include: Tradesman (human), Hammership (human), Archelon (human), Warbird (elf), Arrowing (elf), Armada (elf), Wreckship (gnome), Spinneret (drow), Deathspider (drow), Great Mother (drow), Boreworm (illithid), Nautiloid (illithid), Dreadnaught (illithid)

Ships will have the following special ship attacks: Webshot, Spelljammer Grappling

Chapter 3: Equipment and Magic

Spelljammer equipment including firearms and ship-weaponry.

New equipment includes: Ballista, Cannon, Cutlass & Small Cutlass, Flamegun, Pistol, Rifle, Scattergun, Spittergun

New magic items include: Floatanchor, Gabadout, Lifejammer Helm, Spelljammer Helm

The Crown of the Stars will also be included as an artifact.

Chapter 4: Setting

The Spelljammer setting.

Chapter 5: Enemies

Mind Flayers, Drow, Yuan-Ti, Formians, and Sahuagin.

In addition, there will be cardboard counters of a whole bunch of Spelljamming ships.