Source: Lorebook of the Void
[ Deckplans ]
Built By: Humans
Used Primarily By: Humans, lizardfolk
Tonnage: 17
Cost: 28,050 gp
Hit Dice: 17d10+60 (154 hp)
Initiative: As the helmsman
Tactical Speed: 150 feet per TS of helm
Tactical Maneuverability: Average
Armor Class: 15 (–8 size, +13 natural)
Armament: Ram (piercing), 1 medium ballistae (crew 2 each), 1 heavy catapult (crew 5)
Ship Modification: Horn Tubes, Increased Armor (x3, equals +6 AC, this is due to superior design), Landing (water), Ram, Reinforced Frame, Sails.
Crew: 4/17
Air Capacity: 1,904 man-days
Landing — Land: No
Landing — Water: Yes
Hardness: 5
    Material: Wood
Power Type: Minor Helm
Cargo: 2 tons
Keel Length: 70 feet (250 feet with tail fin and ram)
Beam Length: 25 feet

    The squid ship-officially the cephalopod class brig is known throughout space by its more common name.
    Many scholars believe that the original design for the squid ship was crested by revolting prisoners of an illithid slave-world, who fused together elenents of sea ships and the standard nautiloid design. Sone sages poing to the existence of such ships in spheres where the mind flayer is either extinct ot unknown as proot against this theory, but the tale remains.The straight lines and goof maneuverability of the squid ship make it one of the most populat vessels of its size . It is usually used for trading, exploration. and privateering.
    The squid ship's simple design allows a relatively small crew to handle the rigging and maneuvering. The captain is usually found on the aft deck, where he gets a good view of most of the ship. The spelljammer helm is usually located diredtly beneath the captain's station, with connunications to the helm via speaking tube.

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