Neogi Mindspider
Source: Lorebook of the Void
[ Deckplans ]
Built By: Neogi
Used Primarily By: Neogi
Tonnage: 5
Cost: 12,500 gp
Hit Dice: 5d10+40 (68 hp)
Initiative: As the helmsman
Tactical Speed: 150 feet per TS of helm
Tactical Maneuverability: Poor
Armor Class: 16 (–4 size, +10 natural)
Armament: Ram (grappling), Ram (piercing, rear), 1 medium jettison (crew 3), 2 medium catapult (crew 3 each)
Ship Modification: Improved Ram (grappling), Ram (x2 front and rear), Reinforced Frame
Crew: 3/5
Air Capacity: 560 man-days
Landing — Land: No
Landing — Water: No
Hardness: 10
    Material: Metal
Power Type: Major Helm
Cargo: ½ ton
Keel Length: 40 feet
Beam Length: 15 feet

    The mindspider is a new ship; the general adventuring public knows little about it. This will change over time as the mindspider gathers the same reputation as the neogi deathspider (see below)---a deadly craft that should be attacked on sight.
    The mindspider is a lighter, faster and more maneuverable, stronger craft than the deathspider, but carries less weaponry. It is used in situations where subtlety or what passes in neogi terms for subtlety, is needed. Being a small ship, it cannot fully man its weapons and remain for long on its own, it is for this reason that it is found with deathspiders or not to far from a planet with breathable air.

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