This site contains much material that is TSR trademarked material (of which a majority is related to spelljamming), as well as paraphrased copyrighted material. This use should not be construed as a challenge to that status.

    The Neogi and Umber Hulk graphic used on site is drawn by Stephen Mumford. I ask Stephen if I could use this piece of art in Post 738 in the sj3e group at Yahoo. In Post 741, Stephen answer was "Sure, no problem. Just make sure proper credit is de somewhere in there, I'm fine with it. Glad you like it!". Thanks Stephen for use of a most wonderous graphic!
    For many of the graphics or photos I am using (that not comes form spelljamming modules or box sets) I have been graced to have permission to use them form the artist or owner.
    To the best of my knowledge other graphics are free for me to use, if such is not, contact me and I will find another graphic to replace it, or better yet, give me permission to use such graphic.

      I have used a special font called Glazkrak in some of my headers that some of you might like. the only thing that the creator ask for this free font is to post a link to his web site Larabie Fonts and to include a read me file that is in the zip file.