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Nilespace has a lot of small planets, each of them with its special features. To mention some: the large forests of southern Nubia, bare rocks in the Sargasso, huge cities like Memphis and Thebe, multicultural spaceports like Naucratis, large stretches of water on el Fajoem and sand deserts in southern Egyptia.

Here are pictures of some of the more beautiful places to be found in Nilespace.
desert lake desert tops between clouds mist coast
Desert lake on the planet Zau near the halfling village Chenena. There are rumours about a large magic treasure on the bottom of this lake, nobody has found one yet. Boebastis desert on the planet with the same name. Several tribes of sphinxes seem to roam the area. Especially dwarfs searching for rare ore roam this area of Kantir. In the caves of Deir el Bersja a lot of people burried their mummified bodies. You can almost feel the astral Ka's in the air.
ridge island sunset blue mist
This ridge is a holy place for the seahalflings on Ra's planet. Uadj-Ur, god of the sea is worshipped here and it they tell that his avatar is roaming here. The island Dimai on the large waterplanet el Fajoem has an ancient temple dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god. Few people will pass the holy crocodiles surrounding the island. Sunset near the city of Raseb on Ra's planet. Herihor's seven started their career on this island. Blue mist on an unnamed and ininhabited planet near Khartoum. The mist contains some strange magic. A lot of people entering the mist after dark are missing.
stonevalley monument pink sand lava
Valley filled with pebbles on Taposiris magna. This planet mainly inhabited by orcs is now blocked by the Elven Imperial Fleet. Ruine of unknown origin on Meidoem. Watch the undead when visiting. Valley with purple sand on Noebt. Gold has been found in the red mountains in the background. A small firebody orbit Naucratis causing some strange day-night effects.

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