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Most of the planets in Nilespace are small, most of them have the size of planetoids, the largest have the size of Earth's moon. Almost all of them are located near a long axis through the sphere, called the Nile. The planets doesn't have an orbit around a central object, such as a sun, but orbit around the Nile.

The small planets are mostly earth bodies, there are some larger waterbodies and gasbodies. One small fire body is circulating around a planet called Naucratis.


The Nile has a special magical feature: one can sail on its magic. With a special Nilesail everybody, not only priests and mages, can sail a boat through space. animated gif of Ra


The god Ra brings light in Nilespace. He sails with the sun in his boat, Manjet, through space. In the morning he appears out of the only big planet in the system (Ra's Planet), and in the evening he disappears into the planet again to travel through the land of the dead, the Nightnile. In the morning he will appear again in the sky. There is only one complication: there seems to be two appearances of Ra, when one of them sails in Nilespace the other is sailing on the nightnile.

Desert Sargasso

A large part of Nilespace has an additional effect of draining water from everything living and everything using magic. Spelljamming is difficult in these areas because sailing alone will cost a lot of water. These area's are called desert sargasso and are covering most of the space away from the Nile.


Back to Nilespace The temperature is high throughout the entire sphere. In space the temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius. On most planets it is even warmer.

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