- Culture

The culture of Nilespace has a lot in common with a cultures on Earth in areas we call Egypt and Nubia. The main difference is that Nilespace have had more contact with modern cultures which influenced the culture. These modern influences are magic, spelljamming, steel weapons and gunpowder.

Gods have an important place in the culture of Nilespace. Most people worship one or more of those Gods and priest are commonplace. Some important Gods are:

The population of Nilespace is not only human but a large part of the population consists of other races: Dwarves, Halflings, shapeshifting Sphinxes and Werecats, Halfgiants, Orcs and small groups of Elves. All races, even Orcs, live peacefull together.

Two main culture groups live in Nilespace: Egyptians in one half of the sphere, Nubians in the other half. But there are a lot of immigrants from other spheres such as Arabspace and Icespace. Back to Nilespace

Recently a war raged in the sphere. The Elven Imperial Fleet tried to gain influence in the sphere. At first both Nubians and Egyptians fighted the Elves for their independence but after some disastrous events in Nubia, the new Nubian leaders betrayed the Egyptians and together with the Elves they conquered Egyptia. At the moment there is a strong resistance in Egyptia against both Elves as Nubians.