Herihor's Seven

Herihor's Seven

Herihor's Seven is one of the Nilespace based Adventuring Groups. It is named after its first leader, Herihor. It has started its carier on the planet Ra near the city of Raseb. At the moment Herihor's Seven are the following persons:

Meet also the old members, dead, stopped adventuring or taking a rest.

Read their most recent adventures, and look what they are doing at the moment.

Objects from the rich history of Herihor's Seven

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First adventure on platinum island
"Weasel Dungeon"
Map of Sjema and Nachet Ta
Cityplan of Raseb
Cityplan of Deathport, source of all the evil near Raseb.
Palace of the Great-Mufti of Raseb
Tomb of the Great-Mufti
Warring factions of Mem
Map of Ra's Planet
Treasure map of the Red Moon
Map found on the rusty plane
Assorted other items