Beyond Magincia: The Planes

Be a blood! Get exocet here!

Positive Energy Plane

"The elemental plane directly opposing the Negative Energy Plane, where undead draw their power, heals any basher within it at a rate of 2d6 hit points per round. Smart cutters stay only a few minutes, cause when some poor sod breaches 200% of his normal hit point maximum, he flares like a roman candle, puttin' him in the dead book for sure."

Ryn Bloodspell is a fighter/mage who has discovered how to tap the Positive Energy Plane, and through it he can cast curative spells in spite of his vocation. However, in doing so, he has lost access to the Negative Energy Plane, and the school of Necromancy in general. This he does not lament, as he is dedicated to the destruction of evil and its undead minions.

Magical Innates

"Many clueless bashers stumbling through a portal wind up in the dead book asking a tanar'ri for directions or some such nonsense. However, there's been a few bloods who stumble through a portal in the Hive, and after the demon goes barmy being quizzed by a clueless, end up peelin' the tanar'ri! They got magic, and it don't come from no spellbook. These you gotta watch, as whatever prime world they came from ain't right..."

A couple of the NPCs have innate magical abilities. These are frequently movement powers, though an occasional a minor attack power (like touch range) isn't unheard of. For every spell level of innate ability a character has, there is a 5% XP point penalty, assuming this ability is movement. Attack powers cost half again as much. Its extremely rare that a PC should ever get this ability, at least not during character generation, as it is in the campaign world for a bit of flavor. Usually, innate magic is discovered at a very early age. Such a gifted child has anything but a normal life, either in visiting the king or other important people, or avoiding ignorant people bent on burning witches.

Astral Space

"I ain't barmy! I know it ain't no space, and I know it's called a plane, but I ain't talkin bout that! I'm talkin bout Astral Space, the Border Astral. And- huh? Well of course you ain't been there, leatherhead, you ain't got the ability. The psionic ability. All you cutters've heard of psis rattlin their bone-boxes bout going brain-case to brain-case against others of their ilk. Well, where do you think all that happens? Only a berk'd think of them floatin in the astral at the same time as their meat's on the prime or whatnot. These 'mental constructs' of theirs are on a plane kinda like the astral, 'cept that it isn't. How do I know? Well, for one, there's a ground, and any basher'll tell ya there ain't no ground in the astral. Not like this ground. Two, I've seen it mirror the section of prime world the psis are in for real. Not exactly mirror, but with a twist. Swords, no matter how big, look like little more than pig-stickers. Magic don't always work exactly normal. And all the meaty fighters look like 98-pound bubbers next to the psi. Lastly, I saw an Ego-Whip. Materialized right in the psi's hand, and then he struck me with it! I saw some swashbuckler doin' whip tricks in a tavern once, and I know that a lash from a whip should not send a sod flyin across the room.

Yes, the fighters were there too. No, they didn't have any psi abil- I ain't barmy! This happened! We were paid to go after this high-up man, a psi. And right there in the middle of the fight, the scenery changes. He sucked us in! He sucked us all into that soddin mental battlefield! Suddenly, he was all over the place! The scenery kept changin', and he was bigger than life itself! I saw a psychic crush put one of our bashers in the dead-book. Physically squashed him! I got the ability, but not like that! I used all my strength to get out; but he didn't let me go! The other fighter whacked 'im with 'is sword, and he barely noticed. He laughed at us. He laughed at me! Somehow, he threw me into the real astral, through a tear in the scenery. I ain't addle-coved, it happened! It happened! And it could happen to you!!"