[Maginica is a collection of medium to large islands.]

The Great Deluge

Once upon a time, the Magincian islands where a single, connected continent. Then, about three millenia ago, the planet passed through Portix's Comet, and ice shards rained down upon the planet. Enormous amounts of rain and hail fell for three days straight. This event, known as the Great Deluge, raised the water level all over the planet, and portions of the continent of Magincia were submerged, resulting in the Magincian islands of today.


The small island on the south western tip of the Magincian islands is known as Amazones, named after the city found there. The island is covered by thick jungle, so the city itself is quite secluded from the rest of the world. Amazones has a matriarchal society, where females have the positions of power, while the males are the homemakers. Females are usually physically bigger than males. Marriage is a rare event, as amazon women ensure having strong, healthy, intelligent children by taking various mates in her lifetime. If a woman marries, it is to have more of a maid and babysitter than a husband, and she may even take other lovers while married.

Amazon women worship the moon goddess Luna almost without exception, while the males turn toward Psyon, the dimmer, backward moon which passes behind Luna. Professionally, most women train to be warriors or priestesses of Luna if they do not choose politics. Males may dabble in wizardry, and a few even become priests of Psyon, but most are artists, musicians, or simple homemakers, working hard to become the best they can in their chosen discipline. Incidentally, it is extremely rare for any amazon, female or male, to study psionics, or even to have a wild psionic talent. This may be due to the attitude of the typical amazon, or because Luna snuffes as much of Psyon's influence as possible.


Isis is an amazon, although a short one, as amazon women go. She is somewhat famous in her land, as she is "touched by Luna". She was born with innate magical abilities, something that might happen once in a decade or so.

One thing the amazon jungle is famous for is the Tirsa plant, a blue-tinted mono(?) plant from which one can make a non-magical potion simulating the effects of adrenaline over a long period of time (several hours to a day). Once you have the plant's leaves, the potion is simple to prepare, though it needs to be aged for four months or so. The potion increases all of one's physical abilities over the time period, though the exact intensity varies. Caution must be taken not to OD on it, as it can wreak havoc on one's body, leaving permanent debilitating effects. It can even be fatal.


Ptyi was once a great jungle civilization on the southeast island of the Maginican islands. The ptyians worshipped Ra (their name for Sol) almost to the exclusion of any other deity. The ptyians were obsessed with death, constantly finding ways to extend life. Finally, they found an artifical way to extend life indefinitly, by becoming unliving. Similar to the undead, their no longer functioning bodies were animated and given a link to the Positive Energy plane. Unfortunately, their minds were not preserved, and they frequently went berserk.

Ra told his priests to destroy the abominations, but his words were not heeded. The ptyians embalmed their rulers, wealthy merchants, and even high priests of Ra! Occasionally, they wouldn't even wait until a person's life expired, embalming them alive! Ra grew angry, and the heat of his anger dried up the jungle and destroyed crops. Millions died of famine, heat stroke, and even disease, since the curative plants of the jungle became scarce. The great civilization of Ptyi disappeared.

Nowadays, the Ptyian Desert is home to nomadic tribes, still worshiping Ra out of fear. Every once in awhile, some sign of the ancient civilization may be found. However, those abominations still exist in ruins under the sands, waiting to be discovered. The nomads consider the Sun God to be an evil god, so priests of Sol beware.


Deep in the foothills of the island of Maginica proper lies a great gorge cut by the Splice River over the past few centuries. At one point, the canyon walls of this great rift rise six hundred feet above the surface of the river. And it is in the side of this canyon where the dwarven city of Irongorge is located. Travelers upon the rapid Splice River will notice the numerous pock-marks and caves in the side of 'the wall', built by the dwarves so that they may have access to both the safety of the underground as well as the only feasible trade route into and out of Irongorge. The many deposits of iron in the foothills give rise to a healthy weaponsmithing and armor-constructing economy, and such implements from Irongorge are said to be of the highest quality in the world.

In spite of the dwarves' river route, they are still ever suspicious of outsiders. When spelljamming was rediscovered in the form of the Hovercrafts of Northhill, the dwarves realized that they were at a major disadvantage due to their inability to use wizardry magic and relative scarceness of truly dedicated priests. The Order of the Eye, Irongorge's psionics guild, developed a prototype of the psijammer, a vehicle operated by the power of psionics. The process of creating the helm of a psijammer calls for a convergence of psionicists of varying specialties, most notably that of telepathy, psychokinetics, and metapsionics. But, with all their knowledge and talents, there remained one small oversight within the Psijamming Ship Lynk.


The gnomish settlement of Northhill is on the north shore of the island of Maginicia proper, the large squarish island located in the northwest. Northhill is not a large-enough mound of dirt to be classified as a mountain, but it is close. Travelers are advised not to call it a mountain, as gnomes emphatically point out that dwarves live in mountains; gnomes live in hills. This is a community of inventors, both mundane, magical, and psionic. Adventurers who need a specific type of enchanted item created are advised to visit here, as there is an Aritificer's Guild which specializes in such work. Northhill is credited for the invention of the Hovercraft, a magically powered vehicle of quick, speedy travel over land and water as well as enormous expense.

The gnomes of Northhill enjoy good relations with the wild forest gnomes on the surrounding lands, the secretive deep gnomes far underground, as well as the sea elves in the adjacent ocean. There is even a specially prepared conference room for meetings with sea elves, as the room is divided in half, part for the gnomes, and the other half is open to the ocean, for the sea elves comfort. The sea elves built a small edifice around the window, as they call it, so that sharks or other wildlife do not intrude upon occasions. Otherwise, the room acts as a balcony, providing a beautiful view of the panoramic seascape.

Dragon's Eye

The magnificent city of Dragon's Eye is situated on the east tip of Dracon Island, just miles outside of the Dracon mountain range where many dragons, griffons, and rocs dwell. But in spite of the proximity of the dangerous flying creatures, Dragon's Eye is one of the safest cities there is. This is due to the strict control and discipline the city's government exercises. Guards and soldiers of Dragon's Eye are well trained and well armed, and not given easily to fear. More than a few adventering groups have been bested by the guards. Moreover, wizardry is strictly controlled, as it is seen as a disruptive force. Psionics are usually allowed without much of a problem, until psionics are suspected in a crime (such as the unlawful manipulation of another's thoughts), and psionic crimes are solved by both psionics and templar magic. Clerics are allowed, and many temples of all denominations can be found in town (though those who follow Sky are cautioned ahead of time not to start any bar brawls).

The most intriguing aspect of Dragon's Eye, however, is by far the patriotic order of the templars. A templar is a soldier, priest, and burocrat all combined into one. Templars receive their magical abilities not from a deity, but from a belief in the governmental system which has ruled Dragon's Eye for over four millenia. There is a very clear heirarchy in the government, starting with the president at the top of the order. Power transitions from one president to another are quick, efficient affairs, as whoever was below the president in rank is now the president, and lower-ranked templars move up the heirarchy in a similar manner. A serving president calls elections for the general populance for many issues, unless time is a concern, in which case he will consult his fellow high-ranking templars. There is no limit to how many years a person may serve as president, though many step down after serving for a decade or three.