Here are the gods and goddesses of Magincia to which characters such as paladins and priests pray. Differing from other campaign worlds' gods, the gods of Magincia are usually True Neutral in alignment, and each god(dess)'s sphere of influence is determined by the corresponding celestial body's function in the Magincian crystal sphere.

Disclaimer: These are fictionally created deities and have no basis in the real world, though some are taken from real world mythology. Players of Dungeon and Dragons or similar games do not worship or pay homage to these fictional deities; their characters do, and so a player pretends to as part of the game. This is the basis of role playing. Also, any insults or slights toward real world religions are completely unintentional.


Gaia, mother earth, is the decidedly True Neutral earth goddess of nature and fertility (and survival of the fittest...). She is followed by rangers and druids, perhaps even an occasional paladin. One cleric of Gaia may be a homemaker, comfortable at the hearth with her children, while another cleric of Gaia may be ruthless predator, taking what he wants from who he considers even the slightest bit threatening. Gaia's holy symbol is the Ankh, and she has no temples. Altars may be erected, usually in the wilderness, but this is rare due to the fact one need only to kneel to the ground to speak to Gaia herself.


Preists of Gaia most closely resemble the Cleric of the Player's Handbook. Druids are considered another priesthood of Gaia, and are unchanged from the Player's Handbook.
Spheres, major: Animal, Divination, Elemental Water, Elemental Earth, Healing, Plant, Summoning, Thought, Time, Wards
Spheres, minor: Charm, Creation, Necromantic, Numbers, Protection, Sun, Travelers
Weapons: any Bludgeoning
Armor: any organic
Granted Powers: Turn Undead


Luna is the moon goddess of magic and mystery, and is Gaia's sister. She has tendencies toward chaotic behavior, as one would expect from a deity of magic. Luna is (supposedly) responsible for lycanthropy, a magical affliction. But, at the same time, she is the matron goddess of the thriving Amazon culture. Luna's holy symbol is a four pointed silver star, optionally with a crescent moon touching three of the points. Her temples are usually carved from light, glassy rock (quartz is common since its easy to find) to capture the beauty of the twilight and moon-lit night, and decorated with silver fixtures.

The moon known as Luna is smaller than the moon Psyon, and brighter. It casts a silver light over the nighttime landscape, and, as mages are so fond of pointing out, is in front of the larger, duskier moon Psyon when they cross paths in the sky.


Priests of Luna are heavy magic users; they even have access to a few wizardry spells. But, Luna priests have a unique restriction: they cannot memorize the same spell more than twice. Hence, a 5th level cleric could only have at most 2 Cure Light Wounds spells.
Spheres, major: all of them, including the new sphere of Moon
Spheres, minor: none
Weapons: dagger, staff, sickle, stiletto, shuriken, dart; Luna allows her Amazon priestesses to use Long Bows
Armor: none
Granted Powers: Turn Spell : By presenting her holy symbol boldly, a Lunar priestess has a chance to nullify or reflect a spell casted at her or her allies. Base chance is 10 or less on 1d20, with a bonus equal to the priestess's XP level, and a penalty to the roll equal to double the offending spell's level. If the roll succeeds, the spell is reflected back upon the caster. If the roll succeeds exactly, the spell is nullified. If the roll succeeds by 5 or more, the priestess may choose the new victim of the spell, assuming the victim is in range.


Psyon is the moon god of thought and invention. He has slight lawful tendencies, since he's also the patron god of psionics. His holy symbol is an open eye. He has temples, and in those temples one may find a room cluttered with gadgets which would excite only the gnomely, next door to a bare room where one may meditate (or pace endlessly) without distraction. Many gnomes pay homage to Psyon, and his priests and followers are usually monks and/or tinkerers.

The moon Psyon is larger than Luna, and it is usually a dusty red color, though the hue varies a bit, sometimes gaining a purple tint. The moon also has another quirk: it orbits in the opposite direction of Luna. While Luna (as well as the sun) rises in the east, Psyon rises in the west. This has interesting effects on ocean tides. And when mages sneer about Luna being in front of Psyon in the sky, gnomes reply that Psyon is an iconoclast, always looking at what lies beyond.


of Psyon are thinkers and philosophers.
Spheres, major: Thought
Spheres, minor:
Granted Powers:


Sol is the Sun god, a healer, a visionary. As a proponent of wisdom, enlightenment, and rebirth, Sol is generally considered a good aligned god. His hatred of the undead further strengthens this view. This has lead to Sol's popularity, and so the white marble temples dedicated to Sol are a common sight in any city. Most paladins follow Sol, and more than his fair share of priests wear his holy symbol, a plain, platinum disk. But like all the other deities, Sol is basically True Neutral. This is evidenced in the Legend of Ptyi.


of Sol are a varied lot. While Sol is considered the epitome of good in some places, in others he is considered the most evil of gods.
Spheres, major: Creation, Divination, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Sun, Travelers
Spheres, minor: Elemental Fire, Guardian, Law, Plant, Thought
Weapons: striking from afar with inspiration - or heatstroke - missile weapons such as bows, crossbows, spears, sling, daggers and such are allowed
Armor: any metallic
Granted Powers: Solar Regeneration: By standing within the direct rays of the sun, a Solarian priest may regenerate hit points at the rate of one per hour.
: Turn/Control Undead: Solarian priests also have control of the undead, either to direct or to destroy. Which ability is determined by the alignment of the priest.


Sky is the son of Sol and Gaia. He is an adventurous, generally good-natured god of weather and war, and is probably the least neutral god in the pantheon, tending towards chaotic good. His holy symbol is the lightning bolt, and temples to him are usually found in a high or windy place on the outskirts of a nearby city. It is a general belief that storms are caused by Sky having a wrestling match with an djinn or air elemental. During a storm, it is common to hear sailors at sea root for Sky, yelling fighting advice at the clouds and telling Sky to finish his opponent quickly. Unfortunately, Sky's wrestling matches get out of hand sometimes.


of Sky are allowed any and all weapons and armor, and have a decent selection of spells. Unfortunately, Sky is not a greater power, so he cannot grant his priests 7th level spells.
Spheres, major: Combat, Elemental Air, Elemental Fire, Healing, Protection, Travelers, War
Spheres, minor: Chaos, Guardian, Wards
Weapons: any
Armor: any
Granted Powers: none


There used to be a goddess of the water, but during the past few millenia her power has waned so much that philosophers wonder if she has 'died' (insensitive gnomes joke around and say, during the Great Deluge, Atlantis drowned). Old texts say that Atlantis was Sky's twin sister. But despite the vast ocean on the planet, her power dwindled. It is a mystery which perplexes the sages and philosophers to no end.


of Atlantis are unheard of, at least above the waves, but here's the info about her former priests.
Spheres, major: Charm, Elemental Water, Healing, Plant, Protection, Summoning, Travelers, Weather
Spheres, minor: Chaos, Divination, Moon, Time
Granted Powers:


The celestial representation of Portix is Portix's Comet. Portix is the god of travelers and explorers, and so, has a very slight chaotic bent. His holy symbol is an outward spiraling comet, made of ice-blue steel.


of Portix are explorers, travelers, and adventurers.
Spheres, major: Combat, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning, Time, Travelers, Weather
Spheres, minor: Chaos, Charm, Creation, Healing
Granted Powers:

The Moon Sphere

This is a new priest sphere which, in accordance with legends of Luna's association with magic, contains meta-magic spells. Remember that Luna's priests have a spell-memorization restriction. Most of the spells are wizard spells from the Tome Of Magic. All spells of the same level are printed together; some spells are at a different level than for a wizard.

  1. Cantrip, Detect Magic, Nystul's Magical Aura, Read Magic
  2. Sense Shifting, Magic Missile
  3. Alacrity, Augmentation I, Dispel Magic, Far Reaching I, Minor Malison, Squaring the Circle
  4. Dilation I, Divination Enhancement, Extension I, Enchanted Weapon, Far Reaching II, Greater Malison, Minor Spell Turning, Mordenkainen's Celerity
  5. Extension II, Far Reaching III, Lower Resistance, Magic Staff, Safeguarding, Shadow Magic
  6. Augmentation II, Chaos (Pr), Contingency, Demi-Shadow Magic, Dilation II, Enchant an Item, Extension III
  7. Gunther's Kalidescopic Strike, Intensify Summoning, Steal Enchantment, Spell Turning