Here are some rough sketches of some of the NPCs in Magincia. The power level may be kind of high, especially for Ryn and Kelsie, but individual DMing styles differ, and these characters reflect me and my group's rather flamboyant style.

Ryn Bloodspell

A mid-level fighter/mage, Ryn Bloodspell dresses in thin, flowing red clothes, a red cape, and a stiff, round, wide brimmed red hat. A black band circles around the head portion of the hat, and a tiny white feather tucked inside the band. Ryn is human, but he has elven blood in him, apparent only by his snow-white hair and pale complexion.

Ryn has two main driving goals in his life. First and foremost, he attempts to destroy evil wherever he finds it. He is aided in this by Sebastian, an empathic Sun Blade. Currently, after a stint in the Outer Planes and Sigil, the City of Doors, he is on a prime world battling an entire network of evil mages bent on taking over the world (first). Ryn has personally defeated a few demons and a couple of those mages, but hasn't had much luck in saving that world yet.

Ryn's second goal in life is to find his true homeworld. A catastrophic magical accident blew him through a rift into the Astral Plane, where he drifted unconscious until falling through a color pool. Awakening on Magincia with near total amnesia, he began his life anew, and so calls Magincia home.

Ryn enjoys the benefits of several powerful innate magical abilities, due to the accident. He is paritally magical resistant (14%), flat out immune to fire, can Jump up to 30 feet high & still land safely, and regenerates 1 hp per hour. He requires 4 hours of sleep per night and has a supernatural kind of agility. His weaknesses include having nearly no protection vs. psionics, not being able to wear armor of any kind (in spite of his warrior training), and, most importantly, cannot ingest alcohol of any kind, due to a severe allergy.

Kelsenelvial "Kelsie" Nightstar

Kelsie is the quintessential elven warrior. Dressed in all black, including gloves, cloak, and hat, Kelsie is a moon elf originally from the planet Toril, in Realmspace. The oldest sibling in the noble Nightstar family, he was exiled for reasons he won't say. A Chaotic Neutral grand master of the long sword and its paired weapon fighting style, he wanders the planes, taking on jobs where he finds them, and asking little beyond a modest sum of money or a specially made hat in return. He is a man of few words, and has never raised his voice in anger. Finding the closest thing to a friend in Ryn Bloodspell, he occasionally helps Ryn in his quests.

Throughout his travels, Kelsie has also acquired two innate abilities. His first allows him to drain life from people, and either heal himself or others with it. He rarely uses this ability, usually only in situations of life or death, because he has to remove his gloves to do so. His other ability, however, he hasn't had for very long but uses it often. Thrice a day, he can double his speed, which he usually uses in combat. Oddly enough, no aging effects seem to affect him, like a normal haste spell. Kelsie is currently trying to rid a no-humans prime world of the entire drow race, but 3 billion+ drow is not something one can take care of by oneself. He makes allies with the surface elves to beat back the drow threat on that world.


Isis is an human Amazon fighter, a master of the long bow. Her life's ambition, however, was to become a priestess of Luna, the Amazons' patron goddess. But she had not the ability. What she did have, however, was to be one of the few people on the planet to be born with innate magical talent. She can Jump up to 30 feet skyward, and land again without injury. And she can teleport without error to any place she can see within 200 feet. Taking it as a gift from Luna, Isis trained hard as a warrior, to make her goddess proud. She was sent by the head priestess of her tribe to adventure abroad, to learn about the outside, male dominated world.

Isis is a 5'4" wiry woman with a thick mop of blond hair, coursing down her back and always covering at least one eye. She won't cut it, however, as she loves her hair, in spite of it always being in her eyes. She hasn't been in the outside world long, and as such her Common is very halting and strangely accented. She had a run in with Jaggie once, and since then decided that perhaps being more open and direct with other people is a good way to avoid misunderstandings...


Jaggie is a tiefling (half-demon, or "plane-touched" to his face) from Sigil, the City of Doors. After walking through an inconveniently placed portal, Jaggie found himself in a run-down castle on the Prime Material plane. Not able to figure out how to reopen the portal to Sigil, and trapped by a few undead on the other side of the door, Vodarus found him, and the two have been adventuring together ever since.

To prevent panic, Jaggie pretends to be a wood elf, due to his unnaturally long ears. He's had trouble fitting in, however; ask the bartender at The Headless Chicken tavern near Calimport about how the tavern was named. Anyone seeking out Jaggie should look to the nearest barfight for a wiry fellow pulling outlandish wrestling maneuvers involving flying or a Ring of Air Elemental command. Isis knows this, ever since her and Jaggie had a scuffle in the back alleys of Calimport. When one character can jump 30 feet, and the other flies with a penchant for wrestling moves, it makes for an interesting fight.


Vodarus is a crusader; a weapon of his faith (unlike clerics, who are defenders of the faith). Vodarus met up with Jaggie while exploring some haunted ruins, and has since never had a normal bar brawl. Vodarus has mastered the use of a table as a formidable weapon, once defeating a minotaur in a seaside tavern singlehandedly (the minotaur didn't know he was coming...). Vodarus worships Sky, the sky god of weather and war, and owns Salaith, an intelligent katana who also 'worships' Sky. (It is said Vodarus has ties to the East, evidenced by his weapons.) While crusaders such as Vodarus can't turn undead, Vodarus is highly knowledgable about them, and Jaggie and he are hunting down a vampire, currently.

Princess Kai

The youngest daughter of an Eastern country, Kai had a very good upbringing with the best tutors around, and very little responsibility. Trained as a psionicist, she took up dancing as a hobby. When she came of age, Kai decided to travel, and does so with a group of minstrels. She keeps her royalty a well guarded secret, due to would-be kidnappers.

Kai is a 2nd level psionicist, noble kit. She practices an ancient fighting style unique to her culture, combining powerful kicks with a pair of gunsen: war fans. She has a decorated pair of fans used for dancing, and a plain pair for "practice". Kai gets multiple attacks in a round, both from fans and from kicks, as well as a free block maneuver. However, each attack does no more than 1d6+1 damage, so she is not much of a real fighter.


Ogres are vicious creatures, attacking villages, killing and destroying at random. Celeste was a young child when the ogres came, killing her elven father and human mother. The experience has left her scarred for life. She is so emotionally messed up, that she can actually create magic effects from sheer force of will. She has little control over these effects, and they are usually destructive effects, but one has fair warning: when she starts screaming in anguish, run for cover. Learned mages call this random, uncontrolled magical effects wild surges, though Celeste seems to have learned a little control over these effects. However, she has accidentally killed more than one fellow adventurer in this manner, causing her emotional state to become even more unbalanced.

Celeste is a short, blond haired, average looking half-elf fighter, with a very dangerous innate ability: Nahal's Reckless Dwoemer. She had mage training from her mother, and tries exagerrated gestures in hopes of shaping the energy of the Dwoemer into a useful spell, but she has no spell book, just the spellcraft proficiency, so the chance is slim, indeed. Trying to duplicate a spell she has seen and heard before (like from a real mage casting it) causes (spell level)d4 stun damage to her (same damage as punching/wrestling). She seems to be developing a weird immunity to her own surges (Chaos Shield, 2nd level spell), but its only a matter of time before she gets herself killed.

Sithazylicus Lifetree

Sith is a gray elf, and like many members of his race, has gray skin and white hair. His hair is short in front, his bangs stick up and out. At six feet even, his build is tall and lean, though still stockier than many other elves at 158 lbs. He dresses semi-plainly in muted shades of blue and purple, and is not overly fond of the color brown for wardrobe. He normally wears no armor, his protection coming from his skill with his shield and psionic talents.

Sith's deep and whispery voice is used to the hallowed halls of the palace in which he worked. His eyes are a clear, pale grey, perhaps hinting at his colorblindness just as his piercing gaze suggests a strong mind. His lightly colored eyes also makes him slightly sensitive to bright light, much in the same way as an albino. He prefers overcast skies, as it befits his usual mood besides being easier on the eyes. Don't think that Sith sulks, as he believes himself above that, though he does get awfully quiet at times.

Sith is quiet and introspective, and still has some of the gray elves' notorious prejudice against 'lesser' races. Unlike many gray elves, however, he is practical in making allies in a dangerous world, that practicality extending even to those of goblinoid races. He will take the position of leader if need be, though he may seem a distant and uncaring one. He is content to travel with others, quietly offering suggestions, advice, and lending a hand in a time of need.

Sith's history he keeps to himself, as it is includes a dishonor he would rather not anyone know about. Sith is a former royal guard from his home city, and he was wrongly court martialed for another's injustice. Abiding by the law of his land, he was exiled and now roams the world. However, his patriotism is strong, so he has not given up on his city yet. In typical elven fashion, he bides his time in the 'outer world', waiting until he can prove his innocence and regain his place of honor.


When one thinks of a monk, one frequently conjures up an image of a quiet, serious, scholarly man in a brown robe who maybe practices martial arts or learns to appreciate nature on the side. In that case, Rashaar will scare the hell out of you. Starting with the loose, red silk pants, to the bright yellow sash tied about the waist and knotted on his right side, to the agility and strength evidenced in his rippling upper torso uninhibited by the complete lack of a shirt, and ending with his neatly trimmed beard, dark eyes, and three-foot-long braid of black hair extending from an otherwise bald head, Rashaar would rather fight his way through an army of hobgoblins than spend an hour in a library. Unarmed, of course. Always full of energy, Rashaar loves two things: fighting and sparring.

While he still conducts his daily meditations and remembers the teachings of his masters, Rashaar is not a typical monk. Highly charismatic, an over-extrovert, he loves talking with people, monsters, whoever. As his monastary's best warrior, he has held the position of head instructor in the fighting arts for quite some time. Recently, another monk has attained the rank of Master Warrior. And with another qualified for the position, Rashaar took the opportunity to adventure abroad.

Media Siedegate

"Papa! Mama! Don't go! Don't go fight today!" These were the last words 8 year old Media said to her parents. Media's father was a veteran fighter, her mother, an accomplished sorceress. After years of adventuring, they settled down with some land and a minor noble title. Accepting the noble's duty to protect the villagers, Media's parents put down many monster invasions. And so, they did not listen to young Media when she urged them not to fight a coming kobold invasion.

When news came back to the Siedegate household staff about a freak accident ending the lives of Media's parents, the teary-eyed midwife came to tell Media. She found Media with the red-rimmed eyes of someone who had been crying for hours. When the midwife told the child what happened, Media simply said, "I know."

What Media's parents and household staff did not know was that Media possessed the Gift. Having discovered her precognitive talent at an early age, she foresaw her parent's demise.

Media does not tell anyone about her talent, unless specifically asked. Presently, Media continues to live in the modest Siedegate castle. Now at 20 years old, the staff have all since left, and so Media lives alone. The nearby villagers view Media as a victimized eccentric, and so do not pay much mind if Media wanders through town wearing a nightgown in the middle of the day. They patronize her and treat her well, but they do not know her power.

Media Siedegate is a thin woman, with long, wispy white hair, dark brown eyes and eyebrows, and a pale complexion. Her large eyes and small nose make her look attractive and innocent, though she is in fact more world-wise than most. She does have trouble expressing herself, and the grief-stricken 8 year old little girl is still very much a part of her.