Character Classes


Fighters are important, as in any AD&D campaign, but in order for them to remain a viable character class in a magic rich world, specialization and mastery rules from Player's Option: Combat & Tactics should be considered.

Paladins remain largely unchanged; the book version of the paladin is probably a follower of Sol, or maybe Sky. If a different god is chosen, the DM may consider alteration of the paladin's granted powers.

Rangers' chosen goddess is Gaia, almost without exception. However, one ranger varient a DM may want to consider: instead of clerical abilities gained at 8th level, change it to psionic powers of either the Psychometabolic or Clairsentient discipline.

Psypher is a new character class; a warrior with access to a single discipline of psychic powers. They make good Myrmidons or Mercenaries due to their non-chaotic alignment restriction. Click here for character class details.


Thief is unchanged, though Spellfincher kits may be more common.

Bards may use varient spellcasting rules found in Player's Option: Spells & Magic, since, in spite of more prevalent magic, a bard channeler singing spells makes more sense than a bookworm/bard.


The plain vanilla cleric class doesn't exist, as it was the most unbalancing character class in the game (see The Complete Priest's Handbook for details). Only specialty priests exist in Magincia.

Druids are unchanged, though they will try to stay in Gaia's and Luna's good graces.


Magincia is the perfect world to play a variant type of mage; see Player's Option: Spells & Magic for rules on channelers, defilers, warlocks, etc.

The array of specialist wizards has increased, including Song wizards, Geometers, Alchemists, Shadow mages, and the terrifying Wild Mage. Wild surges can be quite distressing (and dangerous) in a magic rich world like Magincia. See Players' Option: Skills & Powers for the new schools of magic and those who specialize in them.


Psionicists should be used as presented in Players' Option: Skills & Powers; use of the old rules in The Complete Psionics Handbook will require some minor modifications to Magincian rules, such as the psypher class presented above.

Psychics are a good alternative to the psioncist. Possessing a non-lawful alignment, and a preference for clairsentience rather than telepathy, the DM can have more fun with them. Click here for character class details.

Monks are a new character class in the Psi group, with a vastly different approach to psionics. Click here for character class details.

Specialists are psionicists who specialize in a given discipline. View the Skills & Powers breakdown of the psionicist class for the appropriate option.

PC Races

The normal PC races in Maginica are the same eight races presented with a breakdown in Skills & Powers. Some of the subraces, however, are a little different, and not all subraces can be the same character classes.


Humans are humans in nearly any campaign world there is. They have unlimited advancement in any class, and are allowed to dual-class.


There are five subdivisions of elves, the first three of which are normally PCs. All five are presented for thoroughness.

Half Elves

Any elf with a human ancestor, be it parent or great-great-grandmother, is deemed a half-elf. As a side note, if there are more humans in one's ancestory than elves, he is human, or so say the elves. There are three main varieties of half-elf, one coming from each of the three main elf races.