Maginica is a campaign world created for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd edition), and is very inclusive pertaining to character classes, races, and optional rules. In Magincia, the major supernatural power is wizardry, in all its forms, used by mages, channelers, defilers, etc. Psionics run second, namely because psionics can be used by nearly any race (via the new psionic rules presented in Player's Option: Skills & Powers). Clerical magic runs third (last?), perhaps because there are few deities, and those deities are usually either True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral in alignment. However, this heirarchy is also dependant on the region one is in; i.e., clerical magic may supercede psionics in elven realms, for example.

Character Classes

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Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Psypher


Thief, Bard


Cleric, Druid


Mage, Specialist


Psionicist, Psychic, Monk, Specialist

Deities of Magincia

NPCs on Magincia

General Population

The one thing unique about the general population of the Magincian world is their knowledge of the various supernatural powers. Most people know the difference between wizardry, psionics, and clerical magic, especially in cities, but that doesn't mean you won't find a secluded village bent on burning witches (magical or psychic). On occasion, someone in the world will be born with innate magical abilities, and these special people usually receive the best trainers/tutors available. Again, this doesn't stop some backwater village from persecuting a "tainted" individual. In any case, a person probably has a better chance of becoming a psionic wild talent than a magical innate, but it does happen (and not always by birth).


Maginica is a collection of medium to large islands.

The Magincian islands are located just north of the Tropic of Cancer (which is north of the equator). In the southern reaches of the islands, winters are very mild, while in the northern reaches, winters can be somewhat harsh. While most adventures may take place on the largest, western-most continent, the easternmost island is home to an oriential culture.

Going places

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