This is the last time i draw anything (even poorly done work) on notebook paper ....    For your enjoyment ....  the Atlas Beetle!
Ship Type:Atlas Beetle
Built By:Humans
Used By:Humans
Tonnage:100 tons
Hull Points:140 HP
Saves As:Ceramic
Power Type:Major
SR:As Helmsman
  4 Heavy Catapults (Forward facing)
     Crew 5 each
  4 Heavy Ballistae (Forward facing)
     Crew: 4 each
  4 Medium Ballistae (Aft Facing)
     Crew: 2 each
  4 Light Catapults (Side facing, 2 to a side) 
     Crew 2 each
  Ram:2 Piercing,1 Blunt
Cargo Capacity:40 Tons
    A rugged ship, designed as the answer to Imperial Elvin naval supremacy, can ram with all 3 rams at once on ships of greater than 80 tons.  Each wing cover acts as a shield (AR 2, HP 20) , thus allowing the Atlas Beetle's rigging and riggers to remain safe during a ramming attempt.  The poor maneuverability of this vessel  means it is only particularly good at ramming other vessels of heavy tonnage, Armadas, Mammoths, and Tsunami come to mind.  To date, only one has been manufactured and there are no plans to build another until proven a solid model.  The open deck amidships acts as a landing pad for flitters, dragonflies, and other small vessels.
    The Atlas Beetle was originally designed by a team of human engineers working for the Emperor Fedral.  Counting 7 worlds among his empire in one Crystal Sphere, he decided that a capital ship was required for his fleet.  Unlike Prince Andru of Bral, Emperor Fedral considers no elf his friend as they have been duplicitous towards him in the past.  As such, he bewares their might and his Flagship (and only Atlas Beetle capital ship) reflects that, heavily built and rugged to a fault.  The Atlas Beetle will never win prizes for grace, but it is not an ungainly vessel by any means.  Fedral truly believes this class of vessel will be the backbone of his navy, carrying him on to victory against The Vodoni Empire, regretfully upon which his Crystal Sphere, Highspace, borders.  It was Vodoni raiding parties that originally drove Fedral to rise up from his native world of Aklann and construct a space faring empire among the stars.

Coming soon, Deck Plans!