Welcome to my SpellJammer page, wherein I shall eventually include some SpellJammer stuff like ship designs (ok, so I only have a few and the one picture is kinda lame, but Im working on it) and other stuff pertaining to that greatest construct of TSRs.

Undead Krajen - Rather self explanatory I'd say
Were Cave Bear - Special write up for one of the local species on Aklann of Tidespace
Infiltrator, Vodoni - Nasty spy used by Vodoni warlords.

Atlas Beetle - Now complete with a picture....  Still deckplanning
Rock of Fools - Unique Dwarven Citadel populated by Gully Dwarves.
Millipede - A gnomish leviathon, still kinda playing with the numbers

Psionic Powers
Open Portal - Metapsionic Devotion
Create Portal - Metapsionic Science
Inertial Bubble - Psychokinetic Science
Catalytic Catamaran -Psychoportative Science

Crystal Spheres
Tidespace - Typing it up as you read.

Last Updated: June 27, 1999