City Streets around the Broken Tankard and the Twisted Thumb Taverns

A) Twisted Thumb - A small one story tavern.

B) Tattoos and Dweamors - The first floor of the building holds a magician's shop where the propritor (a sallow faced human in red robes) sells spell components, minor spells, and magical tattoos. The upper floors are apartments.

C) Vera's Clothiers - This shop sells cotton and woolen clothing of all sorts.

D) Apartments.

E) The Red Vase - This shop sells crockery of all sorts, made by the owner in the back.

F) Reynard's Run - a restaurant which caters to those who want to sit while the eat, as oppossed to just grabbing food at one of the stalls in the market.

G) Broken Tankard Inn.

43) Dal's Locks and Keys - lock and keysmith run by a gnome.

45) Gaspar's Reclamations - A shop stocking magic ietms and components.

46) Frada's Provisioning - specializing in outfit ships with supplies of all descriptions.

55) House Moune Offices.

56) Dredar's Mail and Arms.

58) The Middle Magistrate - Offices of the Magistrate in charge of the Middle City. These buildings hold barracks, a small jail, and a courtroom as well as offices. There are about 20 or so memebers in the Magistrates Watch for the Middle City, making watch patrols few and far between. The Middle Magistrate, Lady Terissa Ketal has a reputation as a jettisoning judge.

130) Low Magistrate - This building houses the offices, barracks, and cells of the Low Magistrate and his watch (about 50 or so troops). The Low Magistrate is responsible for the Low City. This building is old, rundown, and usually a pandemonium of shouting, arguing creatures of a dozen races and grim guardsmen trying to sort out who stabbed whom and when.

132) House of Tempus - recently founded (11 years ago) temple to the god of Battle from Realmspace. Popular with mercenaries.

133) Saakharr's Exotic Mails - Run by a famous lizardman warrior this shop is devoted to selling armor to nonhumans.