4th Month, 5049 OC

2nd Day
  • Chapter One
  • House Moune seeks out helmsmen, navigators and sailors; PCs meet for the first time
  • Pre-CoSS assigned to work under Post-Captain Wilhemina on the FLOWFISH (Wilhemina)
  • FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) leaves Bral for Torik's Luck
7th day
  • FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) arrives at Torik's Luck
  • FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) leaves Torik's Luck for Finagle
  • FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) attacked by the eelships TEMPEST (Laocoon) and WHIRLWIND (Kleobis)
  • WHIRLWIND (Kleobis) captured, TEMPEST (Laocoon) flees
  • Nilaroo liberated from pirates
9th day
  • WHIRLWIND (CoSS) attacked by a scavver
  • FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) and WHIRLWIND (CoSS) arrive at Finagle
  • FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) and WHIRLWIND (CoSS) leave Finagle for Bral
15th day
  • FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) and WHIRLWIND (CoSS) arrive at Bral
  • Fidalie Kymbia decides not to accept Lady Moune's offer
  • Group means Tarilia Moune for the first time
  • The Company of the Silent Star is formed
  • Contract of Nepthas signed by CoSS and Lady Moune
  • WHIRLWIND (CoSS) renamed to SILENT STAR (CoSS)
16th day
  • Jamila bint Setara introduces herself to the CoSS
  • CoSS decides to pursue the Chalice of Storms
17th day
  • Billy Two-Thumbs convinces CoSS to hunt down Gantius
  • Failed assault on the Twisted Thumb by Radick, Leera and Grigree
  • Deigatt, Billy, Kain and Raken visit Estriss at the Library of Spheres
  • Italapate is betrayed by his friend Paco
  • Successful assault on the Twisted Thumb by the CoSS; Gantius is captured
  • Gantius handed over to the Halfling's Guild
18th day
  • Chapter Two
  • Radick "The Axe" leaves the CoSS
  • Ferric Gundson joins the CoSS
  • Seguld Guilderholme hires the CoSS to deliver his cargo
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS) leaves Bral for Wrighters
30th day
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS) arrives at Wrighters
  • Seguld delivers his cargo

5th Month, 5049 OC

1st day
  • CoSS visit the Shipwrecker Shrine on Wrighters
  • Feeling threatened by Italapate, Jamila, and Holland, the priest holds them, calls the watch
  • Watch relieves them of their coin as a "fine" and releases the trio
  • Periander introduces himself to the CoSS
  • Periander proposes to show the pirates' lair in exchange for transport to Bral
2nd day
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS) leaves the Port of Wrighters for the pirates' lair
  • Kain and Grigree explore the pirates' lair then return to the SILENT STAR (CoSS)
  • CoSS assault the pirates' lair and make a hasty retreat
  • The FLOWGHOST (Ocaba) pursues the SILENT STAR (CoSS)
  • Periander dies in the battle and Jamila falls to her death
3rd day
  • Crynar Randal on the RESPLENDENT (Crynar) aids the CoSS (CoSS) and demands a share of the spoils
  • CoSS capture the FLOWGHOST (Ocaba)
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS), RESPLENDENT (Crynar) and FLOWGHOST (CoSS) leave Wrighters for Bral
11th day
  • Chapter Three
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS), RESPLENDENT (Crynar) and FLOWGHOST (CoSS) arrive at Bral
  • CoSS recover the Chalice of Storms
  • CoSS claims FLOWGHOST (CoSS) as spoils of battle
  • VAIS found in a crate in a secret compartment on the FLOWGHOST (CoSS)
12th day
  • CoSS returns the Chalice of Storms to the Temple of Ptah
13th day
  • FLOWGHOST (Iacot) sold to Captain Iacot of House Eirenfezt; Randal given his share of the profits
  • Leera and Holland participate in the Olympic games but are quickly eliminated
14th day
  • CoSS take a little vacation
28th day
  • CoSS finish their vacation
29th day
  • Holland activates VAIS; VAIS joins CoSS
30th day
  • CoSS search for new recruits; Galan and Robert Twofeather join the CoSS
  • CoSS take weapons delivery mission from the IEN

6th Month, 5049 OC

1st day
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS) leaves Bral for Spiral
7th day
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS) saves the SORO'NUME (Willowleaf) from an attacking Scorpionship
  • CoSS liberates captive elves from the Scorpionship and turns them over to the SORO'NUME (Willowleaf)
  • Cargo of weapons transferred from the SORO'NUME (Willowleaf) to the SILENT STAR (CoSS)
  • Seguld scuttles the Scorpionship after the CoSS plunders the ship
12th day
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS) arrives at Spiral
  • Cargo transferred to Firavel and his freedom fighters
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS) leaves Spiral for Bral
  • Viperships close with the SILENT STAR (CoSS) and attack
  • Galan dies
  • SILENT STAR (CoSS) is destroyed
  • Kain flies invisibly to the most damaged Vipership and scuttles it
  • CoSS nearly manage to capture the second Vipership, but its helmsman scuttles it
  • CoSS manage to patch together a small life raft
  • CoSS head for Ironpiece
14th day
  • CoSS arrive at Ironpiece
15th day
  • CoSS shops for a new vessel but find nothing worthwhile
  • CoSS book passage to Bral on HANALI'S SWORD (Elrohir)
  • Italapate and Billy play cards against Crynar Randal of the RESPLENDENT (Crynar)
16th day
  • HANALI'S SWORD (Elrohir) leaves Ironpiece for Bral
20th day
  • Chapter Four
  • HANALI'S SWORD (Elrohir) takes a side trip to spy on the pirates of Barre Sinister
  • Elmarelena introduces herself to the CoSS
21st day
  • HANALI'S SWORD (Elrohir) arrives at Barre Sinister
22nd day
  • Scro arrive to the meeting with the pirates
  • Elrohir goes down to the asteroid to spy on the meeting
  • The CoSS also head down onto the asteroid to liberate a pirate ship
  • The CoSS liberate the NIGHT PROWLER (Milken)
  • Dhebun is freed from slavery and introduces himself to the CoSS
  • NIGHT PROWLER (CoSS) leaves Barre Sinister for Bral
26th day
  • The CoSS encounter a pod of kindori swimming past
28th day
  • NIGHT PROWLER (CoSS) arrives at Bral
29th day
  • Ferric, Deigatt, Nilaroo and Italapate encounter Dougal of House Cartan
  • Ferric challenges Dougal to a duel
  • Leera spends an evening with Diadan of House Cartan
  • HANALI'S SWORD (Elrohir) arrives at Bral
  • Ferric defeats Dougal and extracts an apology for his insults against House Moune
  • Diadan of House Cartan congratulates Ferric
30th day
  • NIGHT PROWLER (CoSS) is renamed by the CoSS to NIGHTWIND (CoSS)

7th month, 5049 OC

2nd day
  • Italapate leaves the CoSS
  • CoSS conduct interviews to bring more members into the adventuring company
  • Allagan Bohan presents himself as a candidate to join the CoSS
  • Ives Opomba presents himself as a candidate to join the CoSS
  • Jax presents himself as a candidate to join the CoSS
  • Freneth presents himself as a candidate to join the CoSS
  • Allagan, Ives, Jax and Freneth join the CoSS
4th day
  • Chapter Five
  • Leera spends an evening with Elrohir Armoth
  • NIGHTWIND (CoSS) overwhelmed by rats
  • Ives, Billy and Dhebun are shot at when entering The Burrows
  • Red Masks attack the Burrows and shops in the Middle City protected by the Halflings Guild
  • Blackfoot Clan from Anadia, barbarian halflings, hired by Red Masks to attack other halflings
5th day
  • Kain announces that Holland was kidnapped by spellcasters
  • Leera deduces that Herminard on the REBUTTAL (Herminard) kidnapped Holland
  • Jored, Billy's Guild contact, informs the CoSS that Wererats were behind the rat attack
  • Jored requests that the CoSS disrupt a meeting between the Red Masks and a dwarven assassin named Bosil in exchange for information on Holland's kidnapping
  • CoSS split up and attempt to find out information about Holland's kidnapping
  • Ferric is shot by an unknown crossbowman
  • Italapate returns to the CoSS
  • Elmarelena leaves the CoSS to search for her family
  • A Scro Mantis flies into port and is faced by a Man-o-war MYARIDRIM
  • Most of the CoSS leave for the Twisted Thumb
  • Deigatt, Grigree and Nilaroo encounter Radick "The Axe"
  • The CoSS assault the Twisted Thumb
  • The CoSS capture Bosil alive and head back to the NIGHTWIND
  • Jax provides clue that Holland may be on the asteroid Iceberg
  • The CoSS interrogate Bosil; Bosil dangles 50,000 gp bait in front of the CoSS
  • Druasnon Sunderbow joins the CoSS
  • Bosil leads the greed CoSS to his fake stash and escapes
  • NIGHTWIND (CoSS) leaves Bral for Iceberg
10th day
  • NIGHTWIND (CoSS) arrives at Iceberg
  • Kain confirms Holland's presence on Iceberg
  • The STIRGE (Milken) covered by an illusion is spotted and attacked. It flees to the asteroid
  • An Away Team is formed to rescue Holland, who has lost one hand
  • Jax attempts to kill Raken (who was on the helm)
  • Raken nearly kills Jax in self-defense
  • The STIRGE (Milken) attacks the NIGHTWIND (CoSS)
  • Sean Uac kills Druasnon
  • Away Team finds Holland, but is attacked as they attempt to return to the NIGHTWIND (CoSS)
  • Billy opens a dimensional portal to the NIGHTWIND (CoSS) and the Away Team escapes
  • The STIRGE (Milken) is destroyed by Nilaroo's catapult shot
  • Pirate surrender and ask for parley
  • Froa is killed, the remaining pirates are towed to the surface of Iceberg but first rescue Oquid
  • Holland interrogates Oquid and Jax
11th day
  • CoSS prepare an Away Team to attack the pirates on Iceberg
  • Away Team discovers the pirate ambush
  • Milken and Sean Uac finds his way onto the NIGHTWIND (CoSS) and releases Jax from his bonds
  • Milken kills Robert Two-Feathers
  • Seguld kills Jax
  • Billy kills Atr
  • Freneth kills Sean Uac
  • Leera, Seguld, Italapate and Ferric kill Milken
  • Chapter Six
  • Deigatt announces that he wishes to leave the CoSS
  • Holland announces to Leera that he may be in love with her
  • An Away Team explores Iceberg but after 3 hours of searching find nothing
  • Raft with pirates is attached to the NIGHTWIND with a towrope
  • NIGHTWIND (CoSS) leaves Iceberg for Bral
13th day
  • The CoSS find a secret compartment containing the log of THOR'S HAMMER (Barbarossa)
14th day
  • The NIGHTWIND (CoSS) falls out of spelljamming speed and spots the FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) being attacked by a wolfship crewed by wolf-headed creatures
  • The Wolfship flees after the initial volley of the NIGHTWIND (CoSS)
  • NIGHTWIND (CoSS) and FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) pursue the Wolfship, but it is too quick and it escapes
  • NIGHTWIND (CoSS) and FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) leave for Bral
15th day
  • NIGHTWIND (CoSS) and FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) arrive at Bral
  • Pirates are handed over to the Royal Bralian Navy
  • CoSS and the crew of the FLOWFISH (Wilhemina) have drinks
  • Talus and Italapate play cards against Herminard and Ginsese for Holland's possessions
  • Italapate win the final hand in dramatic fashion earning Holland's possessions back from Herminard
16th day
  • Sekeht Dan introduces himself to the CoSS
17th day
  • Sekeht Dan joins the CoSS
19th day
  • The CoSS take a little R&R from adventuring. They search for clues regarding Blackjammer's Cutlass
27th day
  • Italapate sets up a ruse against Dougal of House Cartan