Chapter 1

The game begins with the party hiring on as crew with House Moune. They are assigned to the FLOWFISH, under Captain Wilhelmina. The FLOWFISH is journeying to the House Moune farming asteroids on a standard run. The trip to Torik's Luck is uneventful, but while travelling from Torik's Luck to Finagle the FLOWFISH is attacked by two pirate eelships. Captain Wilhelmina and her crew prove too much for the pirates, one of their vessels is driven off and the other is captured by the players who formed the boarding party.

Captain Wilhelmina places the party aboard the eelship as prize crew, and explains she was instructed to see if they might make a decent team together, as Lady Moune planned to sponsor an adventuring party. The Captain stayed aboard the eelship and observed the party throughout the rest of the uneventful voyage to Finagle then back to Bral. On Bral the party met with Lady Moune and accepts her offer to sponsor them as an adventuring company. She provides them with the captured eelship as their new vessel. The party rename the eelship the SILENT STAR, and names themselves the Company of the Silent Star.

While on Bral the party discovers a gang war between the Halfling's Thieves' Guild and the Red Masks. The Company is hired by the Halflings to capture one of the Red Masks, a man named Gantius, and destroy his small group of thugs. The group fights a pair of tavern brawls with Gantius and his thugs, eventually capturing him and killing most of his thugs. They turn him over to the Halflings' Guild and accept their payment.

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Chapter 2

The Company decides remaining on Bral might not be a great idea, so they decide to voyage to Shipwrecker and join the search for the Chalice of Storms. The Chalice was a minor artifact commissioned by Prince Aric Cozar as an offering to the Temple of Ptah. Before leaving the Company accepts a gnome merchant, Seguld, as a passenger. Seguld later becomes a member of the Company. Radick leaves the group do to personality conflicts.

The group arrives at the town of Wrighters, a colony of Bral set up on the planet Shipwrecker. They explore the town, pursuing leads to the Chalice. Eventually a young man from Bral named Periander gives them a solid lead, he explains the Chalice is aboard a pirate vessel being repaired at a secret pirate base on Shipwrecker.

The party takes Periander along and discovers the pirate base, a series of caves on an island further along the coast. They spend a day scouting out the base and planning their assault. That night the SILENT STAR slips into the cave harbour of the base, intending to capture the FLOWGHOST (the pirate vessel with the Chalice) and escape. Unfortunately, their scouting was observed and the pirates were ready for them. The FLOWGHOST and the other pirate vessel in the harbour, a war galley, were prepared for battle. The party takes a great deal of damage and is forced to flee. The FLOWGHOST pursues them, but another pirate hunter, the dragonfly RESPLENDENT comes to the company's aid. The FLOWGHOST is captured, but Jamila and Periander are killed in the battle.

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Chapter 3

Doodle by Static The party returns to Bral, where they sell the FLOWGHOST, split the proceeds with the RESPLENDENT's crew and return the Chalice to Prince Aric for the reward. The party then spends some time repairing the SILENT STAR and engaging in private pursuits, such as learning new spells or competing in the Pantheon of Olympians' Olympic Festival. They also reanimate Vais, a copper metagolem discovered in a dust covered secret compartment of the FLOWGHOST.

With their repairs finished, the party accepts a job with the Imperial Elven Navy, which asks them to transport a cargo of weapons and smoke powder to the Elven guerrilla fighters on Spiral. They depart on that mission and proceed to their rendezvous, but upon arrival discover an Elven Man-o-War engaging a Scorpion ship.

After helping the Man-o-War (the SORONUME) capture the scorpion, the group transfer the cargo to their vessel and travels on to Spiral. There they deliver the cargo to the elven guerrillas and depart the planet. Just after leaving the atmosphere, however, they encounter two scro viperships. The resulting battle is long, and ends with all three vessels destroyed.

The Company of the Silent Star cobbles together a raft from the wreckage, and using their helm they limp on to the gnome world Ironpiece.

On Ironpiece, the party searches for a new ship with little luck, finding vessels they either don't like, or that are of gnomish design <shudder>. They decide the Rock of Bral would be a better location for ship shopping, and take passage their on board HANALI'S SWORD, the ship of the famous elven rogue Elrohir Amroth.

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Chapter 4

En route to Bral, however, Elrohir informs them he is making a side trip to the Barre Sinister first, a legendary pirate port. He then suggests they might try stealing one of the pirate vessels for themselves. The party is convinced Elrohir has a private agenda, most likely dealing with the scro who are meeting on the Barre with several pirate groups and other potential allies, including the Shipwrecker's Fellows and the Imperial Tauran Navy.

Despite these reservations they go ahead with the plan, and steal another Shipwreckers' vessel, the war galley that had helped ambush them back on Shipwrecker itself. They rescue a dwarven captive, Dhebun, as well. He joins the group, along with Elmarelena, one of Elrohir's crewmembers.

The company takes their new ship to Bral and reorganizes, hiring four more members and renewing their ties with Bral's power structures.

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Chapter 5

As the Company debates their next move, the simmering gang war on Bral between the various thieves' guilds breaks into the open. Most of the fighting seems to happen between the Red Masks and the Halflings in the Middle city, and the Yakuza and a previously unknown wererat group in the lower city. The wererats, who boil up with thousands of their more normal brethren from the tunnels and cellars below the city, seem to be allied with the Red Masks. The Company's ship is one of only a handful of vessels attacked during the night by rats, but they successfully drive them off (but never see their suspected wererat handlers).

In the morning, the Company discovers that an assassin named Herminard, one of the lowlifes whose vessel was seen on the Barre, has kidnapped Holland, the group's 'captain'. It seems clear Herminard was hired by the Shipwreckers to perform this task. As the party debate this news, their halfling contact arrives and offers aid in finding Holland and hard coin in exchange for the company taking a more active part in the Rat War (as this guild war will come to be called). The party accepts, and begins plotting how to complete that mission, and discover Holland's whereabouts.

The CoSS performs a fast raid on the Red Masks and return to the ship with the dwarf assassin Bosil as their prisoner. Bosil promises the company a cache of gold for his freedom and manages to escape en route to collecting it. Having gained some information on Holland's likely whereabouts (from Jax, a new recruit) the CoSS sets out to rescue him.

Arriving at the slaver stop Iceberg the CoSS engages a small pirate vessel, a dragonfly. Jax, proving he is a spy, attempts to kill Raken while the druid is helming but the Celestian is prepared for this and his scimitar quickly ends the threat.

Destroying the small vessel the company demands the surrender of the survivors and a tense attempt at negotiating ensues under Allagan's fearful warnings of the power of the enemy priest-leader, Froa. After some minutes the situation comes to a head and the priest leader is cut down in a hail of bullets, arrows, and quarrels as he is still attempting to negotiate. The rest of the pirates quickly become more agreeable and they are put onto a large piece of flotsam that is tied to NIGHTWIND.

A team is sent down to Iceberg and Holland (minus his hand) is rescued from a second force of pirates. Back at the ship the pirate leader, Milkin, sneaks onboard and below decks then frees a healed Jax. The two are engaged by Ferric until others still aboard can come to his aid that swings the fight and ends up in the death of both Milkin and Jax.

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Chapter 6

As the CoSS returns to Bral Deigatt decides to leave the company despite attempts by many of the others to persuade him to remain. The concept of a company charter is brought up and shot down.

A previously undetected secret compartment is also searched for and found as the company travels. Inside is the logbook of the THOR'S HAMMER that has accounts of a large Blackjammer pirate treasure on a planetoid in an unmarked sphere.

Several hours from Bral the NIGHTWIND drops from jamming speed and finds the House Moune ship, FLOWFISH, engaged in a battle with a strange ship of wolf men. Running off the would be pirates the two ships returned to Bral where the REBUTTAL owned by Holland's kidnapper Herminard was already docked.

After an uneventful night many of the party take care of personal business around Bral. That evening the CoSS joins the FLOWFISH crew for drinks at a tavern where Holland and Italapate end up playing several hands of cards with Herminard and one of his consorts. At the end of the night the CoSS team accumulates a sizable sum of platinum as well as winning back a scarab Herminard had kept when Holland was kidnapped. Italapate returns the stake money as well as his winnings to Ferric who in turn gives the winnings back to Herminard in exchange for the man's promise of relating back anything he hears about Ferric's would be assassin.

The CoSS now begins tracking down leads to the pirate treasure. While unsure about staying on with the company Italapate is still interested in helping Ferric with Dougal and House Cartan and begins trying to set the young Cartan bravo up for a con. Leera declares Oquid as her apprentice and begins giving arcane instruction to the young woman. Holland undergoes magical surgery in the Olympian temple to attach the magical hand taken from Bosil.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 8