Pennant of the Company of the Silent Star

Billy "Two-Thumbs"

Billy Two-Thumbs Billy Two-Thumbs was born on a world in another crystal sphere. He does not remember which. His parents thought he was possessed when they saw his facial features changing before their eyes. Being very superstitious, they abandoned him in the wild. His cries were heard by a passing merchant. Being a man of free enterprise, he took the child and sold him to a sea captain. At the time Billy was only 7. The sea captain took a liking to the boy and promised him that on his 27th birthday, young Billy would be free to do as he pleased. (It should be known that Billy isn't his real name. It was the name given to him by the kindly captain. Billy does not know what his real name is.) The sailor's ship was a special one: not only did it sail the seas, but it also sail between the spheres! Being a man of his word, the captain let the young halfling to his own on the Rock of Bral on his 27th birthday. Young Billy did not know that life could be so difficult when living on your own. He soon found a friend in another halfling by the name of Jored. Jored took the young Billy his wing and provided him with some work. Billy was hungry for friendship and quickly learned what was taught. Billy now lives in the Burrows in a rented room a few side streets from Lamp Street with a family named Dalebottom. Until now, they believe that he works as a delivery boy. How did he get his nickname? When things go well, it's two thumbs up...

Billy, a good-natured halfling is tall for one of his kind. Standing just over the three and a half foot mark (3'7"), he is relatively slim (61 lbs), looking like a young human boy of about 9 years. His head is topped by a mass of curly brown locks hanging down almost to his neck. This is matched by the hair growing on the tops of his furry little feet. His brown eyes and tan complexion completes the impression one gets of a creature emerging from rich loamy earth: overall "brownness". This impression is amplified by his method of dress: brown breeches, a tan tunic, all covered in a drab brown cloak. The only thing that stands out is his bright green vest that he likes to wear. Billy is one of the founding members of the Company of the Silent Star (CoSS).

Billy was killed onboard the Nightwind while defending the ship.

Billy was played by Emanuel Matos.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Adam Miller.)

Deigatt ors Karasivin

Deigatt ors Karasivin Deigatt ors Karasivin left his home world of Geb in Tauruspace just prior under less than honorable circumstances mere days before he was to receive his military commission. He had been taught the use of magic by Parthan, a human wizard who visited Geb frequently on trading missions. Deigatt's father, Senator Kintignam, arranged for Parthan to remove Deigatt from the controversy on his home world by taking him to the Rock of Bral, where he abruptly found employment on the WHIRLWIND. Deigatt is reluctant to talk about the nature of the controversy that led him to leave Geb, but he freely admits his contact with other races is very limited, and he's found the humans he has met on his recent voyage differ confusingly from the humans native to his home world, although in many ways they are also much the same. He keeps his disdain for religion in check when dealing with those of the priestly persuasion. He also hates taking baths.

Deigatt stands 7'9" and weighs almost 500 pounds. His bull-shaped face is a uniform dark brown, his eyes only slightly lighter. His tough skin is as dark as the fur on his face and is covered with a mat of fine hair. His large, furry, human-like feet identify his Krynnish origin; they are usually housed in extraordinarily large leather boots. Deigatt wears a large, brown leather vest over his dark, burly chest, and a similarly colored skirt extends to the middle of his thick thighs. A 2" gold hoop earring dangles from Deigatt's left ear. Deigatt is one of the founding members of the COSS.

Deigatt left the Company of the Silent Star on the 15th day of the 7th Month, 5049 OC {Chapter 6, Turn 4}

Deigatt was played by Bil Boozer.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by David Cummings.)

Druasnon Sunderbow

Although Dhebun has yet to reveal much of his past, he was evidently born somewhere in Bralspace. Having left his home for

Druasnon Sunderbow: Druasnon's most noticeable distinction is that of his race. He is a full blooded elf however, this is due to his father being a Gold Elf and his mother being a Snow elf. Druasnon is obviously accustomed to a much colder climate. His homeland description can be summed up in one word "Ice". This is one of the reasons that he is often found wearing the lightest clothing that he can find. He wears a grimy Blue shirt and black pants that end by being tucked in fine riding boots. There is a backpack that is slung around Druasnon shoulder, it has the faint scent of herbs and the jingle of small trinkets coming from it. Druasnon is well into his third century of life and acts like he's been kicked around a little in the mental department. He's about 5'6" and in the ballpark of 140 lbs. Not given to excess in the eating department he seems overly thin. He carries no weapons, and has a mysterious background. Druasnon joins the company in Book 5, Chapter 20, when he is hired to guide the group to the asteroid Iceberg in their attempt to rescue Holland.

Druasnon was killed in combat by Sean Uac, the Gnome Witch, on the 11th day of the 7th Month, 5049 OC {Chapter 5, Turn 47}.

Druasnon was played by James Romans.


Elmarelena Leading with a laugh as often as with her sword, Elmarelena ("Rapture of the Stars") is a fetching elf maiden whose casual, fun-loving nature is as captivating as her lightly-armored, lithe body. She carries only a longsword with a hilt in the shape of a swan and the name "Scrokrist" engraved in elven on its gleaming blade, and wears a minimal amount of dwarven-made studded leather armor. Keeping her void-black hair tied back and favoring the color green to contrast with her silver eyes, she seems as comfortable on the deck of a ship as she does on the ground.

Elmarelena was born on the world of Spiral in Spiralspace/Bralspace in the city of Gilnole. Her mother was a noble of the House Traim and one of the masters teaching at the Noleithel; her father was a captain in the Swanship fleet. On that dark day when Gilnole fell to the unhumans, Elmarelena was on traveling about the sphere on her own as part of her desire to learn more about the races and places in her home sphere. When she heard about the scro attack on her world she tried to get back but no one would take her for fear of the scro. She appealed to the EIN but they refused her as well. She has not been able to get word of her family but fears the worst since her mother and father would have been part of the forces defending the city from his ship in the sky, engaging the enemy repeatedly even as their ship was slowly destroyed. The thought of the city being overrun by the Scro's 3rd Company, 20th Marines sickens her and she swore revenge on all orcs and goblins now raping her home world. Despite her oath of vengeance, Elmarelena isn't foolish. She knows that at her current skill level she isn't strong enough to accomplish her goal of kicking the unhumans off her planet. She has spent the last six years trying futilely to find out information about her parents' fate and helping her people by crewing with pirates, ruffians, whomever was willing to attack the scro. Most people are startled to see an elven woman carousing with outlaws but Elmarelena feels betrayed by the elves who refused to help her people and finds the intensity and passion of the shorter-lived races to be invigorating. Her ornate sword was a present from her parents, given just before the unhumans invaded. As per tradition, she did not give it a name until it became clear what its purpose would be. When the Scro conquered her world it became obvious what that would be and on the night when orcish fire swept her world, she named it Scrokrist ("Scro-cleaver").

Elmarelena left the Company of the Silent Star to on the 5th day of the 7th Month, 5049 OC {Chapter 5, Turn 11}.

Elmarelena was played by Cary Stephan.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by David Walsh.)

Fidalie Kymbia

Standing 5'10", and looking like he was made of pure muscle, Fidalie wears a dark brown, hooded cloak and trousers. That didn't hide his upright, pointed ears, slightly clawed feet and hands, and a coat of fine fur that appeared to cover every part of his body. His coat was largely dark brown in color, with black highlights and stripes, like those of a tiger. His eyes were a rather disturbing shade of green, and his decidedly feline face was largely light gray.

He never joined the Company of the Silent Star, preferring instead to head back home to the Realms in Book 1, Chapter 8.

Fidalie was played by Richard J. Pugh.

Galan Aendyr

Galan Aendyr Tall and lean, Galan stands with the easy stance of a swordsman. His short ash-blond hair and closely trimmed beard frame a handsome, deeply-lined face. The lines, as well as his serious blue eyes, add half a dozen years to his otherwise youthful features.

His dress is dark, of simple cut, and a bit threadbare, as though he's a bit short in the purse, or perhaps just doesn't care. His chainmail hauberk and gauntlets show a few small patches of rust, though his blade, an ornate longsword of unusual quality, appears in perfect repair.

Galan was shot to death in the combat against the scro at 6:11 am 12th day of the 6th Month, 5049 OC {Chapter 3, Turn 21}

Galan was played by Matthew Reynolds.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Matthew Reynolds.)

Jamila bint Setara

Jamila bint Setara Jamila bint Setara was born to her kind and loving parents, some 19 years ago on a small ship in amongst the many isles of Bahr Al-Izdiham, on the world that most people would call Toril.

It is evident when she mentions her family that Jamila cares for them very much, and misses them terribly. Growing up she has been aboard a ship for most of her life with only short excursions onto the land, which doesn't seem to interest her as much as the seas and people that sail them. Occasionally, Jamila mentions an adventurous grandfather, now gone, whom she is attempting to live us too.

She is currently on the Rock, in an attempt to find her family whom disappeared from a ship with all hands leaving just floating mystery, and is following the words of the Noble Djinn, Ashram of the Many Winds which brought her here to complete her quest.

Jamila stands 5'7" and weighs 120 lbs. She has midnight black hair, and sparkling green eyes that always seem to look fondly at ships when on land for any length of time. She nearly is always armed with a pair of Cutlass's, though she seems to take more pride in the one with blue basket-handle. Apart from her electric blue boots the rest of her clothing is unremarkable except it fits her well and is something that a sailor would be comfortable in.

Jamila plummeted to her death from the deck of the Silent Star at 11:21 pm 2nd day of the 5th Month, 5049 OC fighting the pirates of the ship Flow Ghost. {Chapter 2, Turn 24}

Jamila bint Setara was played by Andrew J. Stott.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Eugene Shumulinsky.)


Jax Jax doesn't like to talk about his past much, especially details, but this much can be gleaned from conversations with him over time: Jax grew up alone on the streets and in the back alleys of Bral. He has never known a family or education and has been fending for himself since birth. He has picked up the skills of the gutter and the street. He is anxious to learn new things and not afraid of hard work. He hopes to some day have others working for him and dreams of moving up in the world, to a place where power and wealth will be his and he'll be respected rather than spit upon. Jax is always looking for opportunity.

Jax has a long time yet to achieve these goals, as he has not lived a score of years. His exact age is unknown to him and hard to pinpoint for others though he's probably in his mid to late teens. Since he's human this means he's barely an adult. H is about 5 and one half feet tall. He seems to be continually dirty, no matter how much he tries to clean up. His hair is greasy and sparse, possibly due to premature balding setting in or some childhood malady. He seems to be free of vermin, however, and maintains an interesting level and method of sanitation for himself that keeps him in good health. His teeth, however, are crooked and rotten and keep his breath a continually foul odor. His beard and mustache are irregularly shaved or grown but never get very long or full, instead being patchy, scraggly, and thin.

Like must young guttersnipes, Jax has learned to be quick with his hands and his feet and is continuously loose, ready to spring away or snatch at the first opportunity. This makes him an ideal person for scrambling through the rigging and he has developed an affinity for this quite quickly since joining the Company of the Silent Star in Book 4, Chapter 21.

Jax betrayed the Company and died from a gunshot wound inflicted by Seguld on the 11th day of the 7th Month, 5049 OC {Chapter 5, Chapter 46}.

Jax was played by SJGamer.
(Click on image to see a larger version. No credits are available for the art.)

Radick "The Axe"

Radick "The Axe" Radick was raised in Dragon Rock, a minor spelljamming port in the Realmspace. It is a port in the Tears of Selune and hosts the headquarters of Gaspar Reclamations.

He does not comment on his parents in any way, and when questioned he changes the subject or leaves the discussion. He obviously does not enjoy the topic. Radick will speak fondly though of his days at the docks, watching the crews work the spelljamming ships. He quickly became popular with the crews of various ships, and would speak with many of the captains regarding their trades. A dear friend whom he refers to in many tales of his travels is Narces, a half-elf navigator in the employ of Gaspar Reclamations. Radick hints that he performed some tasks for Gaspar himself.

Other than his parentage, Radick is hesitant to discuss two other subjects, Krynnspace—a harbor for the slime of existence, and aperusans—a race which Radick does not seem overly fond of. Radick often refers to himself as "the Axe" as he tells his tale, using third person language to refer to himself.

Radick is 22 years old. His hair is dark, and worn loose over his shoulders. He wears leather armor made from leather straps stitched together. His eyes are gray-blue and his face is prominent and has grown to be handsome and strong. His body is not overly strong, but it is agile, and his sense of balance make him a natural in the ropes of most sailing vessels. He smiles seldom, but when he does many women are easily won over, and most men respect him at sight, even at such a young age. On his back he bears the large battle axe which has become one of his calling cards, and at his belt are three throwing axes which he have won him fame.

Radick left the Company of the Silent Star on the 18th day of the 4th Month, 5049 OC {Chapter 2, Turn 1}

Radick was played by Thom Jones.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by David Cummings.)

Seguld Guilderholme

Seguld Guilderholme This Tinker Gnome stands not even 3 feet in height and weighs only 70 odd pounds. His face would appear clean shaven if it were not for the thin reddish-brown hairline which highlights his jawline. His nose although small still retains its bulbous shape indicative of his heritage. Seguld wears an insignia on his light green top, showing a lump of coal which closes resembles the head of his mace. Across his back rests a large arquebus which he wields with ease, suggesting that truly his strength may not be proportionate to his size. Seguld generally lives a happy life, and enjoys pranks and practical jokes. However, there are two things which never fail to bring out his serious side - death and taxes (business). Seguld likes to make use of his race's poor reputation in business to talk his customers and suppliers into extremely profitable dealings. His outlook on death is quite different. He prefers not to talk of it at all and chooses to keep his feelings inside. Pretty much what you would expect from someone whose parents were killed, whose mentors were killed, and whose companions were killed. Of these deaths only his parents did not die on Shipwrecker.

Seguld accepted a position as Inventory and Acquisitions Manager for the Keep of Gond on Bral on the 9th day of the 8th Month, 5049 OC {Chapter 5, Turn 25}.

Seguld Guilderholme was played by Thom Jones.
(No credits available for the image.)

Robert Twofeather

Robert Twofeather is an extremely short 1/2 elf, of unknown stock. He has dark skin and features, and from just below his left ear, down to his shoulder, is an odd, grey patch of skin. He has long, reddish black hair that appears to be always coming loose from where he ties it back in a pony tail. A small red songbird sits on his shoulder. Robert joined the company in Book 3, Chapter 9.

Robert was killed guarding the traitor Jax on the 11th day of the 7th Month, 5049 OC {Chapter 5, Turn 44}.

Robert was played by Andrew J. Stott.