Pennant of the Company of the Silent Star

Allagan Bohan

Allagan Bohan Allagan is a devastatingly handsome man with curly brown hair that frames his bright piercing green eyes. His very muscular and extremely defined 6'3" frame adds to his comeliness. Allagan normally is dressed in a simple blue, gold-trimmed robe with a holy symbol (fist filled with lightning) hanging free, and carries a long spear. When necessary Allagan wears splint-mail and a black helm.

Allagan is open and friendly to all, unless they insult him or his beliefs, then he turns deadly serious. Allagan is an orphan who was raised by the Greek Pantheon on Bral. When he was of age Allagan took vows as a priest of Zeus. Free from his priestly obligations for a time, Allagan has decided to take up the adventuring life-style. Allagan joined the company in Book 4, Chapter 21.

Allagan is played by Chris Dunn.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Nancy E. Henry.)

Dhebun, son of Ghim

Although Dhebun has yet to reveal much of his past, he was evidently born somewhere in Bralspace. Having left his home for reasons known only to himself he booked passage on a free trader's ship headed for Bral. The ship was ambushed by a pirate band, led by Captain Milken, and its crew sold as slaves. Dhebun managed to escape a like fate only because the pirates required a galley slave of their own.

Dhebun endured much cruelty at the pirates hands, although is reluctant to discuss this. The Company of the Silent Star, who took over the pirates' galley in a daring raid, finally answered grateful dwarf's prayers for freedom.

Secretive and taciturn like most dwarves, he is nonetheless, more sociable than most of his kind. He has a natural curiosity about other peoples and places, although experience has taught him the meaning of caution. Dhebun is certainly not above climbing into a sealed barrow or abandoned craft if he believes there may be forgotten lore therein which might prove useful.

Dhebun can be somewhat conservative in his judgments, and his bitterness towards the elven peoples is typical of most dwarves. He has, however, a much more open mind than many and is quite a good listener. Having learned early to love the stories and lore of his people, he enjoys a good tale immensely. When he feels alone or particularly thoughtful, he plays on a flute or smokes his pipe in quiet contemplation.

Evidently a young dwarf (49 years of age) Dhebun is small for his race, a mere three foot seven, although his oft- stooped posture makes this hard to be certain of. His close set eyes are a hazel hue, and his curly red-brown hair is almost shoulder length; kept bound by a simple leather thong in a loose ponytail. A wiry copper hued beard hangs to just above his chest. Like most of his people he wears a knee length brown tabard over a short green tunic (to mid thigh), woolen leggings and suede boots embroidered with goat's hair and beaded with bits of flint. A dark green hood completes his attire.

Dhebun is played by Dan Fitzpatrick.

Ferric Gundson

A fairly handsome 19 year old man who looks to be human but with ash-grey skin. Hearty and well muscled Ferric towers over most humans at 6'6". His movements are smooth and flowing as he walks and bespeak of impressive grace despite his size. Lightly armed and armored Ferric wields a rapier and depends on speed and agility to prevent himself from being hit. He works for the Lady Moune who adopted him when he was left on her doorstep as a baby. Ferric now travels with the Company of the Silent Star as Lady Moune's representative so he can learn more about people and the worlds around him and become more useful to her in the future.

Ferric is played by Chad Steinhausser.

Freneth Icestalker

Freneth is a medium height halfling, standing at just under 3 and a half feet tall. He has dusty blonde hair, and a slightly darker beard. His beard is normally worn full and loose, but in warmer temperatures, he wears both hair and beard tied into twin braids (warmer temperatures being anything warmer than glacial). His dark brown eyes give him a look of sympathetic empathy. Dark tattoos cover much of his light skin, stretching from his upper left arm, across his shoulders, and down along his upper right arm. (Those with intimate knowledge of the Neogi might recognize the tattoos as marks of ownership). Freneth prefers to wear as little as possible in warm climates. It is not uncommon for him to be seen wearing merely a loincloth, but his normal attire is a pair of dark brown breeches, which have been cut so that they don't fall below the knees. He also wears a sleeveless jerkin, made of brown Maztican cotton. Like most halflings, he prefers to go without footwear. He always carries a set of javelins in a quiver on his back, as well as a well-crafted bone atatl upon his left hip. If he thinks there may be danger, he wears a hard-boiled leather breastplate, with leather leggings and sleeves. He will also carry a solid looking hand axe belted to his waist.

Freneth was born on Falakyr (which means literally "the world" in his native tongue), among a normal family. His people followed along, after the herds of beasts that sustained them. Freneth learned to hunt, as did the others of his family, at a young age. His quickness and stamina soon earned him the name Icestalker, as well as a place among the trackers of the group, and he frequently left the clan for days at a time, to find good places for ambushes during hunting. During these forays, he developed a great appreciation for, and ability to draw, the natural land formations, so that others of his clan could understand better his verbal descriptions.

As he was returning from one of his scouting missions, he returned to his family's camp, and found a huge flying object in the sky nearby. Running back as quickly as possible, he arrived to watch his tribe being attacked by strange insect-like beasts, and huge monsters. Though he attempted to help, his strong bone weapons were unable to do anything to the strong shells protecting the beasts. His family was quickly captured and all were taken to the flying thing. They soon found themselves to be slaves to a horrid race calling itself Neogi. After years of travel, Freneth was the only surviving Furchin, though the Neogi had stopped to capture more slaves along the way. He was without hope.

One fateful day, the mindspider that he was on was attacked by another ship, and the neogi and their umberhulk slaves were destroyed. The group of hadozee and elves looted the mindspider, and released the slaves. After more travel on a different ship, Freneth found himself deposited in a strange new place. Surrounded by strange tall beings, and left to his own, with but a few pieces of gold, which he did not understand the use of, Freneth was forced to learn to survive on the Rock of Bral. Since then, he has done odd jobs, and slowly saved enough of the yellow and silver metals to trade for supplies, and now he is beginning to get serious about finding his way home.

Freneth is an easygoing soul, who loves good company and other comforts. He spends a lot of time either in the galley of the ship, or at the high spots on the ship, where he can get a good look at whatever is around. He is open, and is easy to get to speak of his life. He especially loves to talk of his family, but when he does, it is obvious that he misses them. He uses very formal and submissive form of common when he is nervous or not comfortable, but once he becomes friendly toward a person, he falls into the more comfortable forms. Freneth joined the Company in Book 4, Chapter 21.

Freneth is played by Brian Ransom.


Grigree Grigree was born on a merchant tradesman traveling somewhere in the Arcane Inner Flow. His parents settled down shortly afterward on the hadozee home world—in Grommspace—to take care of the baby. When Grigree was all grown up, he got hired on as crew with a ship from the Sindiath Line, which was traveling towards the Known Spheres. It was during this time that he picked up his knowledge of spelljamming.

It was also at this time that he first heard of the Rock of Bral. The other crewmen told stories about it, and Grigree wanted more and more to see the asteroid city. He tried to hire on to a ship that was going there, but could never find one when he was looking for work. They'd always either just left, or weren't leaving for several months.

After traveling around among the three spheres, he found a ship that was leaving for Bral. He tried to hire on, but they already had a full crew. After thinking about it some, he realized that he had enough money to travel as a passenger. Luckily, the captain—a human from Krynnspace—was accepting passengers on this trip.

During the trip to the Rock, Grigree started to get bored very quickly. He annoyed the crew with his constant chattering about how they should be doing their jobs. As he was about to go crazy from having nothing to do, the shipped was boarded by pirates. This was a blessing in disguise for Grigree. During the battle, as other passengers ran for cover, the hadozee pulled out his swords and helped the crew to repel the boarders. He would hang from the rigging with his hands and use his two swords with his feet. Then he would flip and hang upside-down; still attacking anybody who got near.

When the battle was over, several of the crew had died. The captain—who was quite impressed with his fighting prowess and his knowledge of the ship's rigging—offered Grigree a job in exchange for his money back and additional payment. Grigree obviously jumped at the offer. When the ship arrived at Bral, the captain gave Grigree a small golden medallion as payment.

After his arrival on Bral, Grigree was quick to find out how short his money lasted. He soon hired on as a deckhand on the Flowfish to help pay the bills.

His fur is a dull orange color, but the beard-like patch under his chin is dyed russet. He doesn't wear any armor or clothes, but has an oddly shaped backpack—with two sword hilts sticking out of it. Grigree is one of the founding members of the CoSS.

Grigree is played by Static.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Static.)

Holland Wellhouse

Holland Wellhouse Holland Wellhouse Holland Wellhouse is the second son of a middle-class merchant family in the city of Selgaunt in Realmspace. He always was a smart boy and through a chance encounter learned that he had magical potential. Holland studied for many years and eventually completed his apprenticeship and immediately joined in the forming of an adventuring group called the Red Hands. The Red Hands had a map that Holland helped translate that led them to unknown treasures in some nearby mountains. It is clear that Holland was in some position of authority within this adventuring group but he changes the subject when questions are asked about it. Holland is sketchy about what happened, but with the few details that he does talk about it is seems that several, if not all, of the other members of the Red Hands were slain by treachery and Holland received a wound that turned his hair, in a thin stripe, to an aged silver. Shortly after recovering, Holland joined a spelljamming vessel as an apprentice helmsman. He has been traveling the stars for several years looking for a man named Milken. During his time aboard spelljamming ships he has become quite proficient in the use of a Helm as well as in navigation. Additionally he has had the time to dabble in culinary pursuits, something that he has enjoyed as something of a hobby since childhood. Holland has been on Bral for the past several months working periodically until he landed his recent job as a helmsman on the Flowfish.

Holland is a few inches shy of six feet tall. He has raven black hair with a thin silver streak running through the center starting at his forehead and traveling back. The streak, rather than detracting, gives him more of a distinguished look. His eyes are a piercing gray. He is considered handsome by some and quite handsome by others. He himself doesn't realize the impression that his smile has upon females and tends to blush quite easily. He only wears black clothing for reasons that he doesn't discuss. A founding member of the Company, Holland has found himself more and more slipping into the role of Captain and Spokesman, something he is visibly uncomfortable with. Holland has a deep hatred of oath breakers and turncoats in general and pirates in specific. Holland was kidnapped by Herminard, an assassin working for an old foe of his called Milken, in Book 5, Chapter 5.

More on Holland Wellhouse.

Holland is played by Alex Corbin.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Adam Miller.)


Italapate Italapate Italapate is the child of natives of the Poscadar Plains, tribesmen that live along the West Coast of that area of Maztica, Toril. His grandparents were captured as slaves from those tribes, rescued by a loose organization called Pragmatic Order of Thought. His father was born on the Rock, his mother captured from the Atruaghin Plateau on Mystara. His father, of the POTs himself, helped in her rescue. Italapate was born on the Rock, grew up on the Rock, and claims to know it, backward, forward, and "underground". His parents were killed by slavers who discovered they were running an escape route for slaves held on the Rock. Italapate frequently cracks wise, and has often put on roles and personalities as most people put on clothes. He is a shaman of Coyote, the Trickster, and claims to be the highest ranking priest of his order on the Rock of Bral. The only thing for certain about him is that he is irreverent and has little to no regard for authority. He thinks of himself as the man in charge of morale and spiritual-wellness for the Company of the Star, a task he approaches with humor and an endless supply of legends about the Trickster (some of which were handed down for generations innumerable...and some of which he makes up on the spot).

Italapate is 5' 10", is lean and dark. He is a 17 year old, and still acts immature. Currently, he is bald, with only a black topknot, braided to reach the back of his collar.

Italapate left the Company of the Silent Star to search for deeper wisdom on the 2nd day of the 7th Month, 5049 OC {Book 4, Chapter 21}.

Italapate rejoined the Company of the Silent Star on the 5th day of the 7th Month, 5049 OC {Book 5, Chapter 11}.

Italapate is played by David Cummings.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by David Cummings.)

Ives Opomba

Ives Opomba Ives is a strapping young specimen of Giffhood, nearly 9 feet tall, wearing the standard Giff naval work uniform, with the pair of small silver circles pinned to his collar designating his rank. His hippo head has a light dusting of short black hairs that have been cut to conform to the shape of the regulation Giff haircut. The large liquid brown eyes sparkle with more intelligence than the average giff, but the grips of two holstered pistols, regulation issue, confirm that this Giff loves smokepowder weapons. His thick leathery grey skin has a colour reminiscent of the auburn autumn leaves.

Ives Opomba, Midshipman 2nd Class, was born on the Great Bombard "Lion's Thunder", to Sergeant Ivanava and Lieutenant Commander Mikael Opomba. The "Lion's Thunder" was captained by Flag Captain Wilhiem Boompada, and for the first 14 years of his life, Ives trained under his parents and Flag Captain Wilhiem, traveling from sphere to sphere with them, and helping run the ship. Last year his parents transferred to the Clipper "Rookes Drift", and Ives stayed with Flag Captain Wilhiem on the "Lion's Thunder" as a Midshipman 3rd Class. Flag Captain Wilhiem sailed for six months, and stopped in Bralspace 2 months ago, where Flag Captain Wilhiem disembarked his crew, and took on a crew of older Giff for "one last tour of duty", Ives was promoted to Midshipman 2nd Class as a send-off gift from Flag Captain Wilhiem.

For the past two month's on Bral, Ives has been looking for a new ship to sail out on, without any luck, he has received several day jobs to help fill up his powder horn, while occasionally enjoying the sights and bar fights of Bral. But, unfortunately no Giff ships have had a requirement for a Midshipman, 2nd Class, so Ives is starting to look for adventuring ships to travel on. Ives is learning to watch his step aboard to avoid harming many of the small ones aboard. Ives joined the company in Book 4, Chapter 21.

Ives is 8' 11" and 15 year old.

Ives is played by Eric Howe (originally played by David Hart until 2007/07).
(Click on image to see a larger version. No credits are available for the art.)


Kain Kain will admit to being born in the free city of Westgate, on Toril. The only child of a fairly well-off merchant, much of Kain's education took place with his father on one of his family's ships. When at home, his mother looked to his actual education with tutors and private instruction. Kain says little about his reasons for leaving Westgate, Toril, and all of Realmspace, and when speaking of the past, emphasizes how great a sailor, warrior, and bargainer his father was, and how beautiful, learned, and 'ladylike' his mother is. From what he does say, it's been nearly four years since his father's death, and a little more than three years since he's seen his mother. He stresses how much Talus has done for him and his family, helping Kain hide himself in Westgate while looking for information, get into places Kain would never be able to enter otherwise, and just, 'being a good friend.' Kain's generally quiet, watching and listening. He tends to be a reluctant speaker; Kain gets nervous easily, and he's a terrible liar.

Kain is a young man, seventeen but nearly eighteen, and he stands about 5'7". Somewhat lean, he's about 135 pounds, though he isn't devoid of strength. Perfectly unremarkable would be the best way to describe Kain physically. He is neither handsome nor unhandsome. His curly blonde hair and gray eyes blend with his suntanned skin. Kain's clothes are a mixture of greens and browns, save his white linen shirt. While on board the ship, he wears only his brown braes and his green vest, except in combat, where he puts on his boots and removes his vest. Kain always wears a simple steel band upon his left ring finger. Kain's nervousness can be detected easily enough, the more nervous he gets, the more pauses and filler his speech acquires. He tries to keep the company's books in order, though he much prefers going through the everyday routines needed to keep the STAR in shape and spending his free time adding new sketches to his tome. Kain is one of the founding members of the CoSS.

Kain is played by Robert Gordon Aickin (formerly played by Shawn Lewandowski).
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Adam Miller.)

Leera Lightbender

Leera Lightbender Leera hails from the village of Derron in central Sembia. She is the only child of Marcus Orcbane (a lieutenant in the Derronese guards) and Nuala Lightbender (a pampered debutante who lived above her means). Leera reveals that it was her mother who taught her the art of illusions. Her mother died (was killed in an orc-led raid by brigands) when Leera was 16. Her father was killed in battle two years later, and Leera set off to find herself a place in the world. She confides that she traveled with several adventuring groups, but doesn't comment on her activities while a member of these groups. Occasionally she mentions Garth, a human fighter-type whom she adventured with until his death.

Leera's main character flaw (as anyone whose has been around her for more than a couple of days can attest) is that she is impatient and quick to lose her temper, especially when those around her are 'being stupid'. She can be very defensive when she feels that she is being slighted. She does not hesitate to resort to magic to rectify these perceived slights.

Leera is twenty years of age. She is of slight build and medium height (Weight: 114 lbs Height: 5'6"). She has very little physical strength. Leera has a fair, unblemished complexion. Her light brown hair is shoulder length and straight. She customarily wears vibrant red robes. These robes are close fitting, and flatter her figure. She wears a necklace and earrings most of the time. On occasion these look positively striking and priceless. Most often, they appear cheap. Leera always wears an emerald ring. She explains that it belonged to her mother. Leera is one of the founding members of the CoSS.

Leera is played by Tom Cullen.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by David Cummings.)


Nilaroo Nilaroo stands almost five feet tall, although his long arm span looks to easily reach far beyond his height. The deck creaks beneath his weight at times; despite this, he is quite nimble climbing amongst the rigging while making repairs to the ship. In times of battle, Nilaroo carries a massive two handed sword and fires a long bow that looks almost too thick to bend. At all times, Nilaroo carries a small knife in his belt, more a thing of utility than a weapon. Nilaroo's thick fur is a light auburn, his eyes are brown. Prominent canines can be seen when he talks, recalling primitive ancestry that is not perhaps so far removed.

Only once has Nilaroo spoken of his family and the reason he is a wanderer among the stars. "On this night is a holiday among my people, the
day we celebrate the creation of our world and our people," he rumbles softly. "It is hard for me not to think of my parents this night. My mother, she was the priestess for our clan-village, one of the larger ones on the green slopes of Shilaunwee. My father was a great warrior, leading the clan males against threats from the jungles, or rarely against the Neogi. I was their first child, and my siblings were growing healthy and well, a sure sign of Kong's favor.

"A vision was granted to my mother of the Neogi ships coming again, and she dutifully warned my father and the clan warriors. I was yet too young to be counted among the men, and so I was not present at that night's ceremony, but I have heard...much. By demanding Kong's support, instead of supplicating, my father and the warriors angered Kong, and he struck.

"The light that fell from the sky was seen throughout the mountains, and the thunder as it struck the meeting house brought rockslides down the highest slopes of Shilauwee. All in the house were killed, of course, but that was not all. Plague spread, first affecting those who rushed to the meeting house, and then through the rest of the village. I and my siblings were immune. Seeing that, the ailing elders turned on us. We ran to the river and hid until the next spelljammers landed. We were separated at that point, and I have not heard from my brothers and sister in years, as we signed on different ships.

"I worked my way to Bral, and found a spot with the Shipwright's guild. And thus, I met your illustrious crew."

Nilaroo is one of the founding members of the CoSS.

Nilaroo is played by Brian Hiestand.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Brian Hiestand.)


Oquid's brother was Oit, both were teenage apprentice wizards barely better then slaves aboard the Shipwrecker vessels, though Oit had taken a liking to the life and was becoming more like the pirates every day. They first served Milken on the NIGHTWIND but after that was captured they were transferred to the Ares priest Froa and the STIRGE. Froa had taken Oquid as his lover, though this was a purely pragmatic relationship on his part.

Oquid thinks of Dhebun as her savior, and wants to repay him for saving her somehow. She's a bit in awe of Allagan. She's a little nervous around some of the crew, particularly Holland, Ferric, Nilaroo, and Deigatt. She laughs at and seems to enjoy most of Italapate's antics and stories.

Oquid's favorite spell is ventriloquism. She, very shyly, asked Leera if she would be willing to take her on as an apprentice illusionist. She offered her services as a maid in return. Leera accepted the offer and took her as an apprentice on the 23rd day of the 7th Month, 5049 OC.

Oquid is played by Tom Cullen.


Raken Little can be learned about Raken's history, as he is tight lipped about his past, especially his childhood. Apparently, he grew up in Greyspace, and is from one of the major spaceports. He claims to be raised by a one of the most prominent celestial druids of the sphere, and has more than one elven friends. Eventually, wanderlust got the best of him, and he left for the Rock of Bral, looking for a job on a ship that would be traveling throughout Known Space. He spent about a month on the Rock before signing up with the Flowfish.

Raken is young and handsome. He face lacks scars, but does sport a goatee. His hair is blonde, his eyes an emerald green. He stands at 5'6" tall, placing him at average height for most humans. A dusty black leather jacket, brown sail-cloth slacks, a pair of rothe-hide boots, and a deep blue cloak are his normal attire. In battle, he dons a suit of leather armor and wields a deadly scimitar. Raken is one of the founding members of the CoSS.

Raken is played by Adam Miller.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Adam Miller.)

Sekeht Dan

Sekeht Dan Standing a little over six feet tall, Sekeht Dan is a ruddy-skinned human with brown eyes and a thin black moustache. He wears an ankle-length brown robe (that he calls an "aba") and a tan hood ("keffiyah") over his head. A polished scimitar rests in the scabbard on his hip.

Not quite 20 years old, Sekeht wears a confident air, particularly when he's enjoying his favorite pasttimes, singing and playing his lyre. He doesn't have much to say about his past other than that he was born Zakharan and that he's lived on spelljamming ships for most of his life, the most recent being the Maiden's Heart.

Sekeht Dan is played by Bil Boozer.
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by David Cummings.)


Talus Talus was born and raised in Westgate on Toril. He is very vague about his past, but does mention a life spent mainly on the street. You get the idea he is not to proud about what his parents did for a living or what he did as a child. He does mention his elven father who taught him the art of magic.

Talus does mention doing work for Kain, acquiring information from family enemies. Kain left Westgate for a time after his fathers death, but when he returned he sought out the young half-elf's help against the enemies of his family.

While gathering information on the Aekhas family, Talus discovered a plot to kill Kain. He managed to help Kain ward of the attack and they became good friends.

The pair went on a raid in the Aekhas compound, but Talus tripped a magical alarm when they were close to their goal. You can hear a trace of guilt, or maybe anger at himself over this lapse. With the alarm sounded the pair ran for their lives. They boarded the spelljammer Skydancer where they had arranged passage for just this eventuality.

The Skydancer is an old galleon were Talus spent the voyage to the Rock as a deckhand. Even with his magical talents the ship had no need for another helmsman, but the ships helmsman gave Talus a brief chance late one night to experience the glorious experience of being a spelljamming vessel. The rest of the time he spent thanking all the gods he know that a spelljammer does not have bilge filled with murky water like ocean going ships. As it was the ship was noticeably cleaner by the time the ship reached port in the Rock of Bral.

Once berthed at the Rock, the captain of the Skydancer offered the pair positions on the crew, but they declined, planning to stay on the Rock for a while to build up some power and resources before going back to confront the enemies of the Aekhas family. These plans started as they signed onto the Flowfish.

Talus's pointed ears reveal the elven blood in his veins, but the coarseness of his features show him to be a half-elf. He is otherwise unremarkable in appearance with brown hair and green eyes. Talus stands about 5'6" weighing around 101lbs.

Talus has a cheap shortsword sheathed at his waist, but all know he is not very proficient as he embarrassed himself whenever he practices with the blade. The half-elf also has finely crafted dagger with a ruby mounted on the pommel. Talus can wield that weapon with more skill and prefers the use it in combat. Actually he his never far for the weapon, wearing it always, even stowing it under his pillow as he sleeps. Talus is one of the founding members of the CoSS.

Talus is played by Mike Sheehan (formerly played by Ian Bowley).
(Click on image to see a larger version. Art by Ian Bowley.)

Vais [NPC]

VAIS Vais is actually an acronym for his true name: Veneficus Aenus Imago Struo. Vais resembles a coppery, metal human but with bland, neutral facial features. He's about 5' tall, of proportional in girth, and non-sexed. Vais shows no sign of clothing either actual or carved. His chest is marked with an owl. He was inert when discovered, but Holland's electrical spells have revived him. Vais is sarcastic and sardonic, but seems competent otherwise. Vais was created in Greatspace by the wizard Tremigistus 200 years ago. He has joined the company as back-up helmsman and medic. Vais has revealed that his purpose is to gather as much knowledge as possible, and to write a history of the Spheres. Vais was "found" Book 3, Chapter 2. He was activated by Holland in Book 3, Chapter 8 and has been with the CoSS ever since.

Vais is an NPC played by Paul Westermeyer.