This month is called Kythorn in Realmspace, Chu by the Shou, Wealsun in Greyspace, and Forelithe in the ancient Halfling calender.

Horoscope: Those born under the sign of the Dragon find their appetites unsatisfied. Those around them should fear, as these fierce folk teeter on the edge of insanity.

Local News:

The dragonfly FREEBOOTER and the tradesman SCULPIN still have not returned from their last voyages. Both vessels are believed lost.

The ANCLIMA ("Great Light"), a Sindiath Line swanship which makes a regular one year run along the Arcane Inner Flow, is now five days late. Though the Sindiath line hasn't said, many believe the ANCLIMA is the swanship seen embattled with a Scro Mantis earlier in the year.

Lamruil Skyflower, the famous elven bard better known as the Storyteller, arrived on Bral this month aboard a Sindiath Line man-o-war from Realmspace. The ancient elf has been trolling the taverns watching the odd characters found there.

Two more Dragonships have arrived from Shou Lung, docking alongside the two which arrived last month. Since their arrival, Lord Chan Fu Wi, the Shou ambassador, has met with Prince Andru nearly every day.

The DAMA ROSA, a frigate from the Talangran Empire, arrived at Bral at the end of this month. It's believed she is here to negotiate the opening of an embassy and trade station on Bral. The Elven Imperial Navy will likely oppose this, as the Talangrans have consistently sought elven slaves since their nation first entered the stars a decade ago.

The SPECTRAL HAND, a white squidship captain by the Ivory Knight, was seen earlier this month near the Beholder Flow portal. The ship which spotted her, a Royal Bralian Hammership, reported that she avoided contact and dodged into an unnamed asteroid field. The Ivory Knight is reputed to be a vicious pirate in Realmspace, but is not wanted by any authorities in Bralspace.

The Flow:

The PROVIDENT, a galleon out of Refuge, reported sighting a nautiloid adrift in the flow between Realmspace and Bralspace. The vessel showed signs of a recent battle, and her series helm was shattered, but no bodies were discovered on board. The nautiloid's name, the TRIK'IKI*IL^TIK ("Will of those Who bend Wills") was carved on the ram but no log or navigational papers were found. The Illithid Embassey has been very quiet about the find.