This month is called Mirtul in Realmspace, Kao II by the Shou, Flocktime in Greyspace, and Thrimidge in the ancient Halfling calender.

Horoscope: Those born under the sign of the Neogi should fear for their lives this month, as their neighbors and families seek to remove these cursed ones from their homes.

News Items:

Rock of Bral:

Many vessels have failed to turn up as expected or arrived damaged after being attacked in the last month, piracy seems to be on the rise and the Council of Captains is debating what to do.

The dragonfly FREEBOOTER, a system ship which carried light cargoes between the Grainfields and Bral is five days late returning from its last voyage.

The tradesman SCULPIN is ten days overdue, it was returning from a trip to Ironpiece and left that port on time, as vessels which left after her have already arrived on Bral.

The STARBRIGHT, a galleon expected from Anadia in Realmspace, was 10 days overdue but finally arrived intact and undamaged. It's said they had a navigational mishap in the Flow.

The INEVITABLE, a gnomish sidewheeler out of Ironpiece, arrived yesterday badly damaged after barely surviving a battle with what are assumed to be pirates, though the gnomes descriptions of their foe or foes are garbled and difficult to pin down.

The Red Masks and Yakuza guilds are rumored have taken a bath on the Olympic Festival Games. Running numbers on the various events, their "fixes" have all seemed to fail and those they've given the worst odds seem to keep winning. Some point to the smug faces of a sect of the Olympians devoted to a god called "Hermes" as the cause of this. Regardless, both guilds are certain to be looking for opportunities to refresh their depleted coffers in the near future.

A pair of Dragonships fresh from Toril have recently arrived, their captains are ensconced with the Shou ambassoder.

The Elven adventurer Elrohir Amroth and his vessel, HANALI'S SWORD arrived from Toril early this month. Amroth is a known member of the Seekers and is famous for his daring thefts of artwork.