This month is called Tarsakh in Realmspace, Kao by the Shou, Planting in Greyspace, and Astron in the ancient Halfling calender.

Horoscope: Those born under the sign of the Kindori should bask in their wisdom this month, as their plans and hopes come to fruition.

News Items:

Rock of Bral:

VERGEDAIN'S HAMMER, a hammership owned and operated by the Smith's Coster pulled into Bral this month showing a great deal of damage. They were traveling from Greyspace to Bral with a cargo of smokepowder, wheellocks, and shortswords. Soon after entering Bralspace they were attacked by a Monarch-class Armada. The 'HAMMER suffered moderate damage, but was able to lose its attacker in a small asteroid field nearby. Doin Fireaxe, captain of the 'HAMMER, has said the attacking vessel was crewed by elves or humans, judging from their size.

Bianca Micharle, Secretary and Royal Representative to the Council of Captains has announced a crackdown on smuggling, and backed this up with the creation of a small fleet of Bureau of Customs' vessels (6 wreckships, each armed with a medium ballista). Under her new system no vessel will be able to dock on Bral without undergoing an inspection by a Customs' vessel first. Some openly speculate that the new crackdown is merely to give the Custom's agents more opportunities to receive bribes.

The House Moune tradesman FLOWFISH, captained by Post-Captain Wilhelmina, has returned today escorting a prize eelship. According to the report filed at the harbormaster's office the eelship was one of two such vessels in the flotilla of Laocoon, a mage-pirate. Laocoon has something of a reputation, he is a member of the Shipwrecker's Fellows, a loose pirate brotherhood with a secret base somewhere on that planet in Bralspace. The Captain's Council of Bral has placed a 5,000 gp bounty on his head, dead or alive (body required if dead).

The simmering II Unhuman War might be rekindling here in Bralspace. Tongues are wagging because both Valkan, the leader of Valkan's Legion, a famous merc company, and Celestia Silverfist, leader of the War-Drake privateering fleet, have been seen entering the Elven Forest. Others hint this has nothing to do with the war, but that instead the two are engaged in a romance.

The latest fad at Lord Hastain the Reigar's villa is painting elaborate designs on your body then diving into Lake Bral with acrobatic skill.

The Red Masks have recently escalated the conflict over control of the Greater Market by murdering a halfling thief. The halfling was left hanging from a noose in a back alley near the market. Shortly there after the Twisted Thumb saw a pair of bloody brawls involving magic. This escalating thieves' war is the subject of much whispered conversation in the city's taverns.


The _Chalice of Storms_ is an artifact recently created by priests of Ptah in their temple on the planet Shipwrecker. Aric Cozar (son of Prince Frun) commissioned the work as his intended offering in the upcoming Founding Day festivities (1st day, 6th month; the day the Temple of Ptah on Bral was founded). A Wasp ship was supposed to ferry the Chalice to a chartered Sindiath Line Man-o-war waiting in orbit, but never reached the rendezvous. It was later found smashed on the rocks near Wrighters. Piracy is suspected. A 5,000 gp reward for the return of the _Chalice_ has been posted by Aric.