This month is called Ches in Realmspace, Yu by the Shou, Coldeven in Greyspace, and Rethe in the ancient Halfling calender.

Horoscope: Those born under the sign of the Starbeast are destined for love that shakes the heavens this month.

News Items:

Rock of Bral:

Bianca Micharle, Secretary and Royal Representative to the Council of Captains has announced that Bralian Letters of Marque against pirates in Bralspace will be issued to privateers wishing them. The news has received mixed reactions from merchants. Many feel pirate attacks have become far too common, but most feel this ploy is simply another way for Prince Andru to line his coffers and that it will do little to halt piracy. Those interested in obtaining a Letter of Marque should present themselves to her on the 1st, 5th, 15th, 20th, or 25th day of each month with their ship's papers and the 1,000 gp fee.

The Medicine Talisman, an herbalist store on Windlass Court, in the Low City, exploded this month into flames. The fires were barely contained by local residents and the watch. The shop's owners, longtime Bralians who kept the savage customs of their home spheres, were consumed in the blast. This robbed the angry neighbors of their revenge against the horror of fire. Most people feel they must have been evil mages experimenting with foul magics in their shop.

The eelship BROWNSNAKE, running a standard route to Shipwrecker from Bral, has failed to arrive on time and is feared lost to pirates or accident.

A clan of Anadian halfling mercenaries have arrived on Bral. They call themselves the Blackfoot Clan and number approximately fifty warriors armed with daggers and arquebuses. One of their number is usually in the Rockrat, they are said to be looking for work. Anadian halflings are dark skinned but otherwise resemble normal halflings. Most seen on Bral have been shrewd merchants, but the Blackfoot clan seems cut from a different cloth and have already engaged in a number of brawls near the docks.

The Flow:

REORX'S BEARD, a galleon from Krynnspace reports a desperate battle between a scro Mantis and an Sindiath Line swanship in the Flow just outside the Dragon portal into Bralspace. The galleon's captain reported that the swanship was fully grappled by the mantis' arms, and that the swanship's head had broken off in the battle. Realizing his ship could do little against a mantis the captain fled with his vessel into the sphere as quickly as he could. The mantis did not give pursuit but seemed fully occupied with the swanship. The Sindiath Line has no comment on the battle, and has not released the name of the swanship, nor its home port.

Oerth, Greyspace:

King Belvor IV of Furyondy and the Canon of Veluna have declared a "Great Northern Crusade" against the forces of Iuz the Evil. This renewal of the Greyhawk Wars which have wracked Oerth for the past half-decade seems to be in reaction to the sudden disappearance of the demons that had been supporting Iuz's forces.