This month is called Alturiak in Realmspace, Ju by the Shou, Readying in Greyspace, and Solmath in the ancient Halfling calender.

Horoscope: Those born under the sign of the Kraken are in for a rough patch this month, but should be alert for possibilities.

News Items:

Rock of Bral:

A young woman staying at the Man O' War in the High City reported seeing the infamous Juggler climbing out of Lake Bral. The sighting might have been ignored, if it hadn't occurred the same night as the theft of a mithril necklace belonging to the wife of the ambassador of Yendoril. The ambassador and his wife were staying at the Man O'War while he negotiated a trade agreement between Bral and Yendoril, a kingdom on the planet Ginsel in Greyspace. The theft has set negotiations back, and some believe that was the Juggler's goal in stealing the bauble.

The Royal Theatrical Company is alternating nightly showings of _The Fallen_ and _Starward Sail_. Merethian, the half-elven actor playing the lead role in _The Fallen_ is considered breathtakingly handsome. His recent dinner with the still beautiful Princess Ellana Calar (the wife of the deceased Prince Frun, brother of Prince Andru (who took the throne upon Frun' death)) is the current scandal of the city.

A Smith's Coster tradesman, ZAGIG'S LADY, traveling from their base in the Grinder asteroid field of Greyspace to the Rock of Bral is now a month overdue. The vessel was sighted reliably by a Royal Bralian navy squidship just after it entered the sphere on time, but never arrived at Bral.

Clanchief Worden Deepdelve expressed his anger over Prince Andru's peace treaty with Admiral Dushgoi of the scro during a recent trip to the Rock. He was seen roaring at the Prince for, "Kissin' with a bed full 'o scro harlots!" Clan Deepdelve runs a mining operation in the God's Marbles out of their citadel Blackdelve. Worden's own son was a warrior living on Spiral, and is presumed to have died in the fighting that took place there.


The House Kullek hammership RIBALD SCAVVER has returned empty handed from a trip to Bralspace's tiny waterworld of Barbuda. House Kullek sponsored a band of half-orcs who set up a fishing operation on one of the planet's tiny, floating coral islands two months ago. The SCAVVER was dispatched to bring the first catch from the new enterprise, but found very little when it arrived. The half-orc's nautical vessel was found aground but empty, and none of the half-orcs were found at all.

Barbuda is a beautiful planet, but aside from its fish has no resources of great value (the waters are salt, with fresh water coming only from the occasional storm). Rumors place sahuaghin, sea sprites, and coatl as inhabitants of the planet and all of these are suspected as the cause of the disappearance.


The Elven Imperial Fleet reports that the Man-o-War MYARIDRIM ("Emerald Hornet") has engaged and destroyed a neogi mindspider near this elven planet. The slaves on board were taken to Numliador, and a Sindiath line swanship has brought them on to Bral and freedom. The MYARIDRIM is famous as the sole surviving vessel of the campaign known as Cirathorn's Folly, in which the scro and elven fleets battled each other to near destruction while hunting for a legendary artifact.


The Spelljammer herself has supposedly been sighted in this Arcane controlled sphere. Few details are forth coming, some believe the Arcane are repairing the great vessel after a dreadful battle it recently engaged in.