The first month is called Hammer in Realmspace, Tsou by the Shou, Fireseek in Greyspace, and Afteryule in the ancient Halfling calender.

Horoscope: Those born under the sign of the Scavver are in for good luck this month, but should beware they become someone's figurative or literal lunch.

News Items:

Rock of Bral:

The Pantheon of the Olympians, a temple dedicated to a fairly widespread pantheon of deities, has announced that it plans to host a festival of games in the Arena of Frun. These games will be dedicated to the deities of the temple but are open to all. The festival will begin on the 1st of the 5th Month and will last two weeks. Those interested in competing (fencing, footraces, poetry contests and other events are expected) should contact that temple.

PTAH-HOTEP, a temple-ship dedicated to Ptah which cruises through the sphere tending to the spiritual needs of those on asteroid outposts, returned to Bral for several days this month, apparently hiring new mercenary guards and restocking supplies.

Another assassination attempt has been made upon the life of Aric Cozar. A band of four attempted to enter his villa by stealth, but were spotted by his bodyguards and slain. The story would have likely been swept under the carpet, but the four fled into the street, bleeding from multiple wounds, where they tried to initiate magic of some sort which back fired. All four fell to the ground with their heads disintegrated by their own magic.

Gods' Marbles:

The great Iron Dragon Gundishiburguulgoth "Lord of Stone in Shadow", known as "Blackclaw" by the pirates Bralspace, was recently spotted flying through the Gods' Marbles asteroid field. No one knows what his purpose there was, he was spotted by a hammership of the dwarven Deepdelve clan. How the massive beast spelljams is a mystery, most suspect he wears a Crown of the Stars helm and perhaps has an item which renews his air. Blackclaw is well known as a foe of pirates and illithids, having torn such vessels to bits in the past.


A patrol of Bralian soldiers reports they surprised and slaughtered a goblin warband raiding very near to the miner's camps of Wrighters. Some fear the goblins are preparing to renew their conflict with the Bralian colonists there.


According to reliable reports the scro have lost a powerful base within this desolate sphere. Scro naval activity in this area of the Flow and surrounding spheres has dropped dramatically, and several mercenaries of various races who had worked for the scro reported they fled a "creature of nightmare" which was let loose on their base (which seems to have resembled a gigantic turtle of some sort). The reports indicate the base was lost no more then a year ago.