It is a large leather-bound book. In large black letters the front cover says 'Log of THOR'S HAMMER, Hammership, Rory Barbarossa, Captain'. The leather is a dark brown, most likely from a scavver. There are about 300 interior pages, each a thick cream vellum. The entries are in common and most are made in the same strong, firm hand using the Thalian script of Greatspace. Each entry is dated in the Bralian Calendar and the Olven count of years from Greyhawk.

Title Page
THOR'S HAMMER Rock of Bral Titus Longbeard, Shipwright Rory Barbarossa, Owner and Captain Launched 4th/8th, 5029

4th/8th 5029
On this day I open the log of THOR'S HAMMER, a hammership home ported in the Rock of Bral. I, Rory Barbarossa am owner and captain. Most of my crew from the FAFNIR has followed me on board. I sold the FAFNIR to House Mosantas, providing me with sufficient funds to complete the payments on the HAMMER.

Hundred's of entries follow detailing Barbarossa's trading voyages. He seems to have dealt mostly in curios, fine woods, and spirits. Most often he traveled between Greyspace and Bralspace, buying whatever was available on Bral to ship to Ginsel, and bringing back products from Ginsel to sell on Bral. He occasionally made other trips, and visited most worlds in Greyspace or Bralspace. Here is a typical entry for this period:

7th/11th, 5035
46th day of voyage to Ginsel, 16th day since entering Greyspace. Star sightings confirm course and heading. Had salted scavver for dinner, cook made it into a stew.

The entries become more interesting about six years ago. The HAMMER was returning from a trip to Krynnspace where Rory had lost a small fortune trying the proverbial Steel Run to Krynn.

3rd/6th, 5043
55th day of voyage to Bral. This voyage may not be a complete loss after all. We collected a cutlass from the Flow today, an obvious mystical weapon. Some spirit has been ensorcelled into the blade, so that it speaks. It is very happy to have been rescued from the Flow, and must have feared it would spend all eternity drifted in that lonely, multi-colored sea. It is a pleasant to speak with the sword; it is quite cheerful and witty. It's singing would make a harlot blush, though! It seems to only know bawdy seamen's shanties.

Rory and the cutlass become close friends, often talking long into the night. Rory relates that the sword is very sympathetic with his losses on the trading voyage.

13th/6th, 5043
65th day of voyage to Bral. Today we sighted Bralspace, and entered the sphere at the Dragon portal. Cutlass beat me again at chess tonight. He is quite skilled. I come more and more to believe he is correct, honest merchants have no chance of getting ahead. Corruption defeats all efforts to advance oneself, you have to bribe customs officers, pay off thieves and pirates. The only way to get ahead seems to be becoming a pirate oneself.

20th/6th, 5043
72nd day of voyage to Bral. Cutlass has made me a very intriguing offer. He knows where Blackjammer buried his last treasure haul, his 'rainy seas hoard' as he called it. It fits with the tavern tales of the black-hearted villain, which claim he left several caches of treasure in case his ship was lost and he needed to start over. Cutlass has agreed to show me how to get there, provided I agree to use me share for me own good and advancement. Though he wouldn't mind a finely tooled leather sheath!

25th/6th, 5043
Arrival at the Rock. I have given noticed to those crewmembers unsuited to our next voyage. It should be easy to replace them with appropriate hands.

30th/6th, 5043
We sail today to find Blackjammer's gold.

15th/7th, 5043
15th day of voyage. We left Bralspace today.

5th/8th, 5043
35th day of voyage. The Flow continues to amaze me. I would never have guessed how close this little sphere was to the Triad, yet it is not on any of the charts. We could not find a naturally occurring portal, but had no problem conjuring one. The sphere is quite large, at least 90 days across I should say, but it also appears to be somewhat empty. At least there seem to be no asteroid fields and only a few large planets. It has three small suns that rotate around the center of the sphere, but there seems to be no primary.

7th/9th, 5043
67th day of voyage. We have finally arrived at the Isle of Dread, where Cutlass assures us Blackjammer has hidden his treasure. It's a small, oddly shaped planet. It's rectangular and rather flat, perhaps 300 miles long and 200 or so miles across. It's about 20 miles thick; the bottom half is completely covered in water but the topside has several islands including one that is quite large. The climate is tropical, or so Cutlass assures me. We will land on the morrow.

8th/9th, 5043
68th day of voyage. The Isle is quite beautiful, with a very pleasing climate. Though we are anxious to search for the hoard, after that long voyage we have more pressing need for food. The large island has a small peninsula cut off from the rest of island by a large stone wall. Several villages dot this peninsula, and we have landed in a bay by the largest of these villages that lies alongside the wall. The village is called Tanoroa and the villagers have been very friendly. We have managed to restore our supplies with little cost to ourselves. The villagers are somewhat primitive, and seem to think we are gods of some sort. Their chief keeps asking when we will fly to the City of the Gods and view the Great Pearl. Cutlass finds this all very amusing, and has begun ordering the people about for amusement.

10th/9th, 5043
70th day of voyage. Through careful questioning I've discovered that the 'City of the Gods' that the natives speak of is on the same volcanic plateau where Blackjammer hid his treasure. The wily pirate must have counted on the native's taboos to keep it safe. Hints from their stories indicate his crew's actions are one reason the natives expect us to fly away soon. I wonder if this 'Great Pearl' might be there still. If this large, black pearl matches their descriptions it alone must be worth a small fortune. We shall soon find out. We are leaving in the morning.

11th/9th, 5043
71st day of voyage. We have arrived as planned. The central plateau has a lake filling most of the volcanic crater at its center. A rocky island lies at the center of this lake. We landed in the lake and circled the island, which was dotted with stone ruins. In construction these reminded me of the great wall by Tanoroa, and the many huge, life-like statues of stone and bronze that dotted the villages. These were obviously beyond the skill of the natives to construct; I suspect they were once more advanced. We discovered the ruined temple where Blackjammer buried his treasure easily enough, it opened directly onto the lake so only small boats could approach and was dominated by two massive statuary feet, all which remained of a once much larger statue.

[The following entries are in another hand.]

This morning Captain Barbarossa led a dozen of the crew into the temple to claim the treasure. While they have been gone disaster as struck. A pair of large creatures, sea monsters of some type have attacked and destroyed the HAMMER. They were massive and scaled, with a long serpentine neck and razor sharp teeth. They could not fly but they knocked the ship onto the rocky shore so powerfully that she broke her spine upon the rocks. We did manage to slay one of the creatures but all of the crew save myself and two others were killed. We have managed to save the lifeboat with its small helm, at least. We await the Captain's return. Astaldo Bluecloak, Helmsman

12th/9th, 5043
72nd day of voyage. The captain and others who went with him have not returned. We fear the worse. Large winged shapes can be seen circling overhead, though nothing has yet bothered us.

13th/9th, 5043
We found Hrengist, the boson's body today. He must have floated out from the temple, as he was one of those who were with the captain. He was badly burned, as if by steam. We fear the worse, the others should have returned by now. They may have all fallen pray to some minor tremor that opened a lava flow to the waters of the lake. None of us dares to enter the temple to search for them.

14th/9th, 5043
Two more bodies have washed out from the temple. Their death seems assured. We dared to approach the temple mouth and call inside but there was no answer. We are leaving, returning to Bral.

[No more entries until...]

20th/11th, 5043
Tomorrow, if my calculations are correct we shall arrive in Bralspace. We will make for Bucca's Deep, it is smaller then Bral, and our arrival will cause less stir if we present ourselves there as scavver hunters down on their luck. We do not wish our adventures to become common knowledge, as the treasure is still there. So, we have decided to split the three things need to find the treasure between the three of us. Then, we will separate and attempt to raise the funds needed for a return expedition, agreeing to meet on Bral in one year's time. I shall take the log, Anson shall take the chart of the flow leading to the sphere, and Dodinas shall have the chart of the mysterious sphere itself.

That is the last entry. A check of the ship's crew roster indicates that Anson hailed originally from Pirtel, and that Dodinas was from Greatspace. Astaldo was a native of Bral. Anson is indicated as a sailor on the roster, Dodinas was hired as cook.