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Started September 25th, 1997!

These pages are dedicated to the Jammers Play-By-eMail campaign played under Advanced Dungeons&Dragons 2nd Edition rules in Wizards of the Coast's Spelljammer campaign setting.

The game is run via a Yahoo Groups mailing list. The list is invite-only, so if please email Paul Westermeyer, the Game Master, if you'd like an invitation to join. (It's invite-only to keep spammers out, not to make it exclusive.)

Sorry to those who would like to join as players, but the game is currently full. If you want to join a PBeM, try the Irony Games web site. They have a page dedicated to advertising new campaigns.

Many of the links on this page point to content on Beyond the Moons, and are marked with a *.

Turn Summaries

Jammers Campaign Turn Summaries
The entire journey of the Company of the Silent Star.
Jammers Campaign Timeline
A timeline of events in the Jammers Campaign.

Campaign World

The following material contains many links to the "Bralspace" and "Rock of Bral" pages, as well as other pages found on Beyond the Moons. Whereas those sections collect all relavent information regarding their respective locations, what follows is the subset of that material as it relates to the world of the Jammers campaign.

Material below supercedes conflicting official material in regards to the Jammers campaign.

Miscellaneous Campaign Material

Here are some additioinal bits of info from the campaign.

* This is a link to material found on Beyond the Moons.