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	The arcane are considered the ultimate in merchants in space.  For those who indulge 
in Star Trek, they are comparable to the Ferengi.  They can be found almost anywhere that 
a spaceborne civilization is found.  Their appearance can be described as tall, lanky blue 
giants with elongated faces and thin fingers with one more joint that is common in most 
humanoid life.  They prefer to dress in robes, though one will be found occasionally wearing 
	The arcane are found in locations where an awareness and interest in spelljamming 
equipment exists.  This is where their primary trade interest lies.  They speak the common 
language and are believed to speak a language of their own.
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	A beholder appears as a large sphere dominated by a central eye and a huge, toothy 
mouth, with ten smaller eyes on stalks growing from the top of the sphere.  Planetside, one of 
these creatures is considered very dangerous.  However, these beings have their own specially 
designed space vessels and travel on them in large numbers!
	The planetside version of the beholder is but one of three types found in space.  The 
other two types are found primarily within their ships.  The second type, called an orbus, is 
a smaller and appears to be an immature version of the standard beholder.  The orbi power the 
ships they fly in.  The third type, called a hive mother, is twice the size of the typical 
beholder and appears differently, too.  This one has a larger mouth and no eyestalks.  The hive 
mother commands the other two types found on the vessel.  
	Beholders can levitate and need to in order to move around.  However, in a null gravity 
setting, they can use their levitate ability to fly as well.  They speak their own language and 
a variety of others, including the common tongue.
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	Centaurs are a combination of humans and horses, human above the waist and equine 
below it.  They do not have any inherent spacefaring interests or ships of their own design. 
They primarily travel into space as adventurers.  
	However, the dracons have taken an interest in developing relations with them, probably 
because they are seen as distant cousins.  The centaurs relate to dracons as much as elves to 
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	Dracons are dragon-centaurs that are fairly new to space.  They are roughly humanoid 
above the waist with the exception of a draconic head and six-fingered clawed hands.  Their 
bodies below the waist resemble a gray brachiosaurus.
	Dracons prefer to stay in groups, or herds.  One found by itself is usually considered 
a freak.  Most cannot survive outside the family unit.  
	Dracons view humanoids as deformed, because they only have two legs instead of four.  
Also, they are not good at distinguishing between the various humanoid races, instead viewing 
them all as one race.  However, they are polite and seem to be interested in nondracon society.
	Dracons do not have ships of their own, but they have an interest in designing and 
building some if they can assemble everything they need. 
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	The dwarves have communities in space that are, for the most part, separate from each 
other.  Each community considers itself a whole nation.  The smallest of these nations can 
be found within a citadel ship, usually constructed of stone.  The largest can be found on 
asteroids or small planetoids.  Groups of dwarves not within a nation actively seek out earth-
type planetoids to establish their nation.  
	Dwarves still feel a connection between themselves and their groundling cousins.  They 
are cordial with them whenever encountered.  In fact, spacefaring dwarves' lives are much the 
same as their groundling counterparts.
	The dwarven population in space has been gradually declining recently, and some 
abandoned citadels and bases have been found.  However, the nations that currently exist 
are strong and appear to be remaining steady.  
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	The elves found in space consider themselves the link between scattered elven 
communities throughout the spheres.  They work actively with larger nations and take a 
paternal attitude with smaller elven nations.  
	The spacefaring elves have an extensive fleet they have named the Elven Imperial Navy.  
They regularly make contact with Evermeet on Toril and did communicate with Silvanesti on 
Krynn before its destruction.  The Imperial Navy is controlled by a Council of Admirals, led 
by a Grand Admiral, which is located on a secret base called Lionheart.  Most known spheres 
have a local elven fleet, space bases and an embassy (in some systems) found somewhere 
within it to help maintain the "elven presence" in the system.    
	The elves were one of the primary players in what has become known as the Unhuman Wars.  
They were the victors in the First Unhuman War against the orcs and other nonhumans.  The 
Second Unhuman War is currently being fought against the scro and their nonhuman allies.  
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	Giants are not very common in space, mainly due to the fact that they can be considered 
a hindrance to a ship.  They breathe more air than a typical humanoid and are easier to target 
by enemy fire.  However, some captains enlist giants to use as secondary ship-to-ship weaponry, 
i.e.: throwing catapult stones, etc.
	Despite all this, giants do not to have any ships of their own design in space.  
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	Giff are best described as 9'-tall, very strong creatures whose heads resemble those of 
hippopotami with black, gray or gold skin.  The giff lead very structured lives modeled much 
like a military organization.  They are proud of their warrior skills and pursue honor and 
glory in battle over all other things.  Hence, they enjoy fighting and will sometimes fight 
for the fun of it.  
	Giff platoons, the closest they come to families, travel from sphere to sphere hiring 
themselves out as mercenaries to most anyone willing to hire them.  The only ones they will not 
work for are neogi and beholders. 
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	Most gnomes are linked to the earth or soil.  Hence, gnomes are not a commonly found 
race in space.  However, one breed of gnome travels in space on a more regular basis:  the 
Krynnish gnome or tinker gnome.  The only difference between the standard gnome and the tinker 
gnome is that the tinker gnomes LOVE to invent, almost to the point of excess.  Anyone who is 
at all familiar with these gnomes tend to avoid them due to the fact that their inventions tend 
to not work and cause some major damage when the inventions break down.  
	The spacefaring gnomes do not consider groundling gnomes as backwater.  In fact, the 
tinker gnomes will often ask their planetbound cousins for technical advice.  This only makes 
things worse due to the groundling gnomes' general lack of technical knowledge.  
	Gnomes do have ships of their own, but they seem to be nothing more than flying piles 
of junk.  But, the gnomes claim that every part of the ship has a purpose.  What the purpose is 
should probably stay a mystery to the rest of the universe.
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	Grommams are gorilla-like beings with long arms (9' span!), short legs and padded 
grasping feet.  They have chocolate-brown skin and copper fur that covers most of their bodies 
except their faces, the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet.
	Grommams are highly religious, peaceful creatures.  However, they do have a small 
military composed of mostly unmarried males.  Most of the adventuring grommams come from the 
	Grommams communicate using gestures and a form of finger-sign language.  Other assorted 
body language and vocal sounds add to what is known as their native language, "grommam".  
	Grommams do not have ship designs of their own and usually hire on to other ships to 
travel in space.  
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	The hadozee, also known as "deck apes", are tall, slender tailless apelike humanoids 
that are covered with brown hair, including a shaggy mane surrounding their face.  Their mouths 
protrude like a muzzle with several long fangs.  They also have a broad flap of skin running 
from their arms to their legs which, when drawn tight by raising their arms, grant them a 
limited gliding ability.
	Hadozee have been known to be very rude and only hold back their comments in the 
presence of elves and their employers.  Despite this aspect, they are excellent workers and 
combatants.  It is not surprising to find them hired on ships as crewmen and mercenaries.  They 
prefer to join onto ships of other nations, particularly ships manned by elves.  
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	Halflings, also known as hobbits, tend to live either in fields and gardens or in urban 
centers with humans.  Thus, halflings entered space only when humans did and can be found 
almost anywhere humans are.
	Halflings are quite popular as crewmen, because they do much the same light work as 
humans and only take up half the air as their taller counterparts.  Unfortunately, they take up 
the same amount of food.  
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	As with most worlds in the AD&D multiverse, humans are the most numerous race in space.  
Some believe that this is due to their rapid reproductive rate, some think it is because of 
their superior intelligence, others believe that it is because of their adaptibility, and 
still others think that this is because of the larger amount of gods supporting their 
	Approximately 90% of the humans found in space are free agents, working for themselves 
or whomever will hire them for a temporary job.  In fact, many humans in space are seasoned 
adventurers or their descendants.  There are exceptions, however.  Sometimes, a ship will 
crash on a planet and be found later by young adventurers who attempt to travel into space with 
it.  Other times, some poor hapless groundling human will be captured to be enslaved.  These 
instances are rare and far between but have been known to happen.
	Humans have their own ship designs, fleets in some instances, and can be found in 
virtually any environment that can support them.  
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	The hurwaeti, also called wiggles, are reptilian creatures with a long history.  They 
are roughly humanoid with small olive-green scales, long froglike legs and webbed fingers and 
toes.  Their faces have large ears, pointed noses and sharp bearded chins.  They stand between 
six and seven feet tall.  
	Hurwaeti tend to be greedy but nonaggressive.  
	Hurwaeti don’t have ships of their own design, preferring to crew other races’ ships or 
salvage derelicts or unwanted ships from other races.  Since they do not have mages or clerics, 
the helm of preference for the hurwaeti is the series helm.  
	The hurwaeti people were once a powerful spacefaring race throughout the spheres at one 
point in time, so they know about the illithids, beholders and neogi.  Thus, they do not 
surrender to ships or crews having any of these races aboard.
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Illithids/Mind Flayers

	Illithids, a.k.a. mind flayers, stand around six feet tall with mauve-colored skin 
glistening with slime.  The head resembles an octopus, with white eyes without pupils and four 
tentacles extending where the mouth is usually found.  They can communicate with all creatures 
through telepathy.  
	Illithids tend to be either neutral or chaotic in behavior in space.  They engage in 
what is known as a brain-trade with other races, since the mainstay of their diet is the brain.  
Usually, they dine on the brain of either non-sentient creatures or those of the enemies of who 
they are dealing with at the time. This aspect of the race causes the illithids to keep mind-
dead personal slaves for food and servitude.  Although this activity is practiced by the neogi 
as well, the illithids do not share the neogi’s overwhelming drive for dominance.  
	The illithids are a major race in space, having their own ships, colonies and worlds.  
They trade with most every race, including the neogi.  In fact, the illithids will act as 
intermediaries between the arcane and the neogi.  This setup not only allows the neogi to 
obtain much-wanted arcane items but also allows the illithids to gain items from both the 
arcane and the neogi.
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	The k’r’r’r is a race of sentient spiders that developed in space.  They look like 
thin spiders resting on stiltlike legs.  Unlike most spiders, they are upright rather than 
horizontal with their torsos held two feet off the ground.  Their forward legs are smaller 
than the other six and have delicate claws used in the same manner as hands.  Their colors 
are usually black or dark blue.  Light blue k’r’r’r are considered touched by the gods.  
	They have no dependency on gravity and thus do not think “two-dimensionally”.  Their 
ship designs reflect this, having three, four or five sides to suit their needs.  Their ships 
are extremely efficient, traveling quickly and precisely through space.
	K’r’r’r believe that they are the only race that should be in space, since they were 
“born” there.  All the other known races have come from a planet-based society somewhere and 
have no business being in space.  Thus far, they have posed no great military threat to any 
race.  However, they are expanding their presence in many spheres with their fleets of ships.
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	Kender, being only from the world of Krynn, are rare indeed in space.  Although they 
have an insatiable need to wander and explore, most never leave the surface of their homeworld.  
However, a few have ventured into space and can be found.  Those that do travel the spaceways 
run the risk of being mistaken for halflings.
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Lizard Men

	Lizard men are humanoid lizards with brownish-green skin and stand between five and 
seven feet in height.  They have four-fingered hands and thick, heavy tails.
	The lizard-men tend to have short tempers and be quite emotional about a number of 
things.  Also, they usually aren’t very bright with short attention spans.   
	It is believed that the first lizard men were brought into space to be used as slaves 
by humans or illithids.  Whether this is true or not has not been proven.  Modern lizard men 
in space live only to propagate more intelligent individuals of their species.  It is believed, 
with some evidence, that lizard men born closer to a sun are more intelligent than their 
brethren born further away are.  (Neogi have taken advantage of this and captured some of these 
“breeder” ships and taken the crews as slaves.)  Although these new lizard men are more 
intelligent than their predecessors, they still tend to be short-tempered and emotional.  
	Lizard men have created a few ships of their own design, but they usually modify ships 
of human design for their own purposes.  Many others sign on to human ships as members of the 
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	Neogi are best described as a cross between a wolf spider and a moray eel.  They stand 
at three feet in height with a short, furry, eight-legged body topped by a bare, fleshy neck.  
Each leg is tipped with small claws.  
	Neogi are hated throughout space, and their ships are often attacked without provo- 
cation.  Why?  Neogi are known as ruthless killers, plunderers and slavers.  They think nothing 
of eating their enemies, slaves or comrades.  Neogi are probably the most hated race in the 
entire universe.
	Since they are so hated, neogi have taken to enslaving umber hulks to be used as 
personal bodyguards and workers.  
	Neogi have ships of their own design, mostly having some resemblance or connection to 
spiders in some fashion. 
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Orcs and other goblinoids

	Orcs are roughly man-sized humanoids that belong to the goblinoid race group.  Other 
races included in this group are goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds and ogres.  
	The orcs and other goblinoids were greatly involved in  both the first and second
Unhuman Wars against the elves.  After their defeat by the Elven Imperial Navy in the first 
war, the presence of the goblinoids retreated for a number of years.  Now, however, they 
have returned under the rulership of the scro.  
	The goblinoids have a number of ship designs to their credit.  Most of the ships 
designed by one race were originally intended to be used by that race, but the ships were 
quickly spread out through the navies of the other races. 
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	Rastipedes are insectoid creatures with eight walking legs, two arms and a rough 
resemblance to a humanoid torso.  Like most other insects, they have a hard outer chitinous 
exoskeleton, two large compound eyes, mandibles and two long, whip-like antennae.  
	Rastipedes are known to be notorious traders, almost rivaling the Arcane. But, some 
arcane adopt rastipedes as assistants or apprentices.  Unlike the Arcane, rastipedes do not 
exercise regulations such as uniform pricing and fair dealing.  They are not dishonest, though.  
They are inherently peaceful and avoid combat when they can.  However, they are not cowardly.  
Rastipedes will fight if necessary.

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	Scro were formerly spacefaring orcs that have evolved past their more widespread 
brethren and gathered the humanoids together as a massive fleet to start what is known as the 
Second Unhuman War.  Although they resemble orcs in many ways, scro are larger, stronger and 
more intelligent.  Their skin color ranges from a dark, burnt orange to jet-black with shades 
of gray, tan and green in between.  Their eyes dimly give an almost phosphorescent glow.
	Scro are highly militaristic, much like the giff.  They follow a strict code of rules 
and customs originally set down by their first leader, Dukagsh.  The code’s primary objective 
is to improve the individual to achieve victory in all things.  
	The ships used by the scro are designed for war.  Although they carry ranged weapons 
for ship-to-ship combat, they prefer to grapple their enemies’ ships and board them for melee 
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	Thri-kreen are insectoids greatly resembling large mantises.  They stand roughly 6 to 
7 feet in height and typically range from tan to green in color with shades of lighter brown 
in between.  Although they have six limbs, they stand on only two of them and use the other 
four as arms with three-digited manipulating hands on the end of each.  
	The kreen, as they are also known, are not as populous in space as they once were but 
still maintain a presence.  History records that they once held a large empire for a long 
period of time, but it fell soon after the rise of the illithids.  
	Kreen ships do exist, which resemble various insects in shape.  
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	Xixchil are another insectoid race that resembles praying mantises.  However, unlike 
the thri-kreen, their forward limbs end in long hooks that look like blades and their center 
limbs are smaller, often fitted with delicate mechanical manipulators.  
	Xixchil decorate themselves using a skill known as body manipulation.  It is not 
uncommon for a xixchil to adorn oneself with gems and jewels in intricate patterns on its 
exoskeleton.  One might say that it is a xixchil’s version of a tattoo.  
	The xixchil follow the “survival of the fittest” philosophy.  The race expects each 
individual to improve oneself through study and surgical modification.  This line of thinking 
extends into the race’s general morality as well.  A xixchil typically puts the self at 
highest priority, then family and then society.  
	Xixchil do not have ships of their own and will travel with the crews of other ships.  
They do not care which race operates the ship as long as they can get safe passage.  
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