Star of Enerithan - The Time of Change - Darius's Private Info

Summary: This is the information handed to Darius, before he joined the party (he was our old DM, and thus, had no character). It reveals much information, and hints to a lot more.

Yrinnasha was the name of your mother - a drow priestess of Ellistrae. She was a wonderful person, so you are told, very loving, very caring, very thoughtful. Why she left your father you will never know, the only speculation you have is that it had something to do with a mixture of drow and draconic bloodlines.

Hensbane was his name, and yes, he was draconic, and she knew that. She had prayed to Ellistrae not to get pregnant, and believed she could not, but, alas, she did, and in fear she fled to a monastery upon a very far planet. Only weeks after she arrived you were born, and she died shortly thereafter, peacefully, in her sleep. What of, could not be said, and no divinations would reveal any truths.

Knowing only your fathers last name (the one he gave in human form), you searched the spheres, knowing he was far away. A powerful favour from a dwarven oracle told you his draconic (but not true) name - Enerithan, and also told you he did not know of your existence. It gave you, lastly, a rough direction, but nothing more.

Having missed him several times, once by only a few weeks when you found he had been picked up from Spiral by a galleon known as the Skyrunner, you returned to the Rock of Bral to attempt to find him. As you left almost a month later, unbeknownst to you, he pulled into port, and you unfortunately continued your search in all the wrong places. Frequenting port after port, you finally heard a rumour of a ship, a nautiloid, with a crew sounding familiar to your father's (this you had gained from rumours also). It had been making trading runs out of several ports in different spheres, and as the rock made it's way through Krynnspace, you finally decided to stay there, in the hopes they would return (after all, he and you would both live for a very long time, a month or so would not hurt). You spent much time in the elven forests, given permission to enter only because they were misled by your light-coloured skin into believing you a gold elf, and spent much time meditating within.

A few times you saw someone known as Ambassador Ellerian, a winged elf with a pair of gracefully made broadswords at his belt, also meditating in the forest, but often floating several feet in the air. Once, you saw him in the same position for over a week, not even opening his eyes, merely clutching something on a chain around his neck. Whatever it is, it is now gone, as when you have seen him, due to the light armour he wears, you can clearly see the chain is gone.

You have not spoken to him, nor any of the other elves. Not once has he appeared to even see you, not as if he is ignoring you, but as if he is almost in another place all-together. You have noticed the holy symbol of your religion on his arm, combined with that of Aerdrie Faenya and Hanali Celanil, forming the symbol of Angarradh, the triumvirate goddess of the elves. The symbol of Corellon Larethian sits on his other upper arm, either in the mixed-religion ways of elves, or simply in tribute to the lord of elves.

Of late you have been feeling an unrest on the rock, especially with all the talk of war. Something is coming, a storm on the horizon. Likely, it will not stop, but pass over destroying everything it can. You are wary, thus, as you see this feeling reflected in many.

The only calm person, in fact, has been this Ellerian (apart from all the elven military types, who believe this war threat is nothing). He simply meditates in the elven forest, as if he is contented wholly, either in commune with himself, nature, or the spirit that is Angarradh. At any case, he seems very blissful, as if he knows the outcome of everything, and has not a worry in the universe.

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