Star of Enerithan - The Time of Change - Blaine's Private Info

Summary: This is the information handed to Blaine, after the reading of the main "Time of Change" oratory. It reveals much information, and hints to a lot more. Some of it, however, is pure coinidental, like the bloke bumping into him being scared by the simple fact Blaine is a werewolf, and the two arcane looking at him were merely admiring his fur, and wondering if they could make a coat out of him.

Additional Material on Blaine

Buff - what you are, and always shall be. Thus it came very hard for you when Giles' was kidnapped, a swarm of undead pouring over your ship. What only you know, and no-one else noticed, was that you fled inside the protection (as much as it gave) of the cargo deck, cringing from the deadites, in fear of being drained of your life. You watched horribly, and could almost feel the hits as Giles's was brought down, and felt the incredible panic when you realised the undead were there to kidnap him, and not just kill everyone. You pretended to be fine, stoically shrugging everything off, but deep inside, you are full of regret, and anger. Anger at the undead, and yourself, and regret that you failed your friend.

Something keeps trying to tell you it couldn't be helped, and that maybe you would have been taken along with him (being his kindred after all), and that nothing you could have done would have stopped them - but all the same, something itches at the back of your neck, like a flea that wont go away, and gives you many sleepless nights.

In frustration, anger, and all the other emotions you have been feeling, you have been practicing your fighting skills much more. A series of slightly mechanical logs and pulleys you purchased from a gnome, you deploy often upon the sally deck giving you adequate training, and you find yourself becoming faster all the time. Often, you see your friends watching you, madly slamming away at the pieces of wood, letting out your built-up anger (and quite often having to replace the logs), and you know they know you are angry, and frustrated, but only that it's because Giles was kidnapped, not that you fled the fight and cowered in a corner. Amber's wolf cub, now fully grown, often sits with you, leaping also through your training machine, itself getting faster, more aggressive, more bloodthirsty. It eats only raw meat now, and only given by you, and occasionally you give it a lil Ale aswell.

You keep feeling a rage burning inside you, as you become able to much more easily tap your true animalistic emotions. Constantly spending your time in were-wolf form, you feel your human-side slipping away - but not your awareness, or your mind. You still feel the same, just less, human. If anything, you feel much more like what a bi-pedal wolf should, and feel the intense power of adrenalin, instinct, and rage. Sometimes, you feel the power so hard, so tight, light a huge tree bending in a storm, about to break and unleash whatever might be inside, but it too often fades away, as you come back to your senses, grasping at the pure form of thought you have attained, but keeps slipping away. None of this have you talked of anyone to, for you know they would not understand. Maybe Halam, your old friend, would have understood - you saw a very familiar look in his eyes several times, or possibly the minotaur, who was almost as buff as you yourself - but none of your current friends.

Often you feel a tug at your link with Giles, as thought something, or someone, may be testing it, or trying to reach out to you through it. As soon as the undead swarmed him, you saw them lock manacles on his wrists, and knew you could not communicate with him telepathically, and had a strange feeling he could not shape-change. You try, sometimes so desperately that your fangs dig hols in you lips and gums, to contact him, to feel anything but a very distant pressure, but all to no avail. You swore non-stop as you felt the Lich's ship pulling away, knowing you could not catch them, and could not help your friend. Occasionally, you get the sense also that Giles is in great pain, but have not spoken of this to anyone, not wanting to cause them fear, panic, or remind yourself in front of others of what you consider a very, very nasty failure.

But you will find him. Perhaps, if you attain this pure rage, this form of thought, this, this rhythm, you will be able to do something to this Lich, instead of what that little itch keeps telling you is running like a dog.

And then, for all he has done, to you, to your crew (who, with Giles' gone, you are feeling very responsible for), your slain companions, and whatever he is DOING to Giles, you will make him pay.

Game stuff:

About 5 and a half months ago you noticed a patch of fur on your arm missing, as though it had been ripped off - but you dismissed it as either being something in a fight (you have had many bar brawls, especially around that time), something that happened in one of your many nightmares, a particularly nasty flea that you bit out during the night, or wolf-pattern baldness - and if you laugh at this last bit I WILL do it to you ;).

You now have an extra -1 to your initiative, and a +1 to your thac0 from the constant training. Think of it as your grand master training done a bit more interestingly, with a few bonuses ;) Whats all this about rhythm of the rage u may ask? Ha ha, you'll find out, IF, you are lucky ;) Sorry if it seems kate's page is a lot longer than yours, at the point when I'm writing this I haven't done anyone else's yet, but it's due to spells mainly (she has done a lil research teehee).

At one stage, on refuge, you noticed a few Arcane (big 9ft blue giants who sell helms) looking at your strangely, and discussing something between themselves. You gave them a very toothy grin, which seemed not to bother them in the slightest (after all, fighting is forbidden on refuge). You also had a bar brawl with a big broad man on Bral, who muttered something sounding vaguely familiar to you under his breath, and left, after managing to put enough distance between the two of you. Lastly, yes, you did slightly torture those goblins, I figured that would be in character. Sorry if its not, but I didn't have time to check, and needed it in there for plot reasons. Similarly, if anything else here is out of character slightly, take it as roleplaying stuff done by the DM. It happens a LOT in alternity, and I'm picking up a DM'ing style much closer to that at the moment.

One last thing, 6 months ago, in a small port in a city on a world you had not been to before, known as Toril, a small, weasily man bumped into you, and got a very shocked look on his face when he looked up. He said "beg my pardon lord, excuse me lord, forgive me lord" as he backed away, and only because there were quite a few guards close-by did you not give him a good kick in the rear as he went.


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