Star of Enerithan - The Time of Change - Blade's Private Info

Summary: This is the information handed to Blade, after the reading of the main "Time of Change" oratory. It reveals much information, and hints to a lot more. This particular background, which only a small part of had been suggested by the player (not the last part, that's for sure), got me in a bit of trouble ;) Also note there is no Game Info.

Day-walker. Night-stalker. Kin-slayer. Blood-betrayer.

By these names are you know to the master vampires of most of the spheres. For the last 20 years you have been hunting the pieces of an artifact, known as the Grishnak, that would allow them to walk in sunlight as you can, and thus dominate the spheres. So far, all you have found, are two pieces of identical metal, each an inch high, 3 inches long, slightly curved, and about a quarter of an inch thick. Centered in the black steel of each, very reminiscent of Drow Adamantium, but much more intricately carved (if it is possible), is a pale green stone. When you first got a piece, the stone was much paler, but as soon as you placed the second near it, both grew a slight deeper. The gems are on the outside of the curve, leading you to believe it is either part of a helmet, piece of large jewellery, weapon of some strange design, or armour.

Whichever it is, the pieces have no connecting joints of any kind, but as soon as you placed them near each other, they flew together and melded their edges into one large piece.

As soon as a master vampire touches one of the pieces, it is classed "claimed". No detection spells of any kind will reveal its prescence, even the deepest divinations of sages and clerics alike. If a piece is not claimed, however, it instantly sends a pull to every master vampire in the sphere, whether they enter, or it does.

This is what brought you to space, and alerted you to the fact it even existed.

You companion, Azman, found you when you were 16. He trained you in fighting for several years, as the two of you slaughtered innocents by night, and trained in the depths of the mountain caves of your home planet by day. One day, however, you both began to feel an incredible pull towards the sky, as if something was calling you. Wrapping himself in a cloak, Azman and yourself purchased passage on a strange ship, after you heard rumours it flew, and took to the stars. Quickly slaying most of its crew, and turning them into Azman's servants (you were too young to do it yourself), you travelled in wildspace for some weeks, following the shrieking call of the item.

And then, you found it. Azman's ship boarded the small catamaran, containing a family of three children and husband and wife. All but the youngest child, a girl, were slaughtered. Seeing the item on a necklace around her neck, you chased her onto the deck, where she attempted to hid in the light, noticing the burn marks given the other vampires by the sun. As you bore down on her, she cried, dropping her wolf-cub teddy bear, and cried for her mommy to take the bad man away, and something broke within you, something slammed hard into your head, on this, you 19th birthday, you were about to slaughter an innocent four year old child, who had just watched her family slaughtered, dismembered, and eviscerated, and up until now, you had felt nothing.

Up until now.

Grabbing the girl, you turned on Azman, and said "I cannot do it". He screamed at you, and ran in fury, the light beginning to burn his flesh away, and you leapt off the ship. Floating in space, you cradled the young bawling child in your arms, covering her ears as best you could from Azman's agony filled screams. Luckily, after 5 or 6 seconds, you drifted out of the air envelope, and could hear him no longer.

The vampires did not pursue, probably figuring they could not bring you aboard anyway. You drifted for an hour and a half, with the young girl, who began slipping into unconsciousness as the precious air ran out. Just as you were sure she was on the brink of asphyxiation, you heard a shout behind you, and the sudden shifting of striking a gravity plane. A tradesman hauled you aboard, claiming it lucky you survived whatever disaster had befallen you, and offered to drop you and your daughter (although she was white and you are black, stranger things have happened) upon the closest planet, known as Spiral.

For a week you cared for the girl, bringing her out of her shocked state, and calming her. You felt incredibly different to be doing good, and the first time she smiled at you, you felt a great tearing at your heart. You swore to her to protect her, and keep the bad men away, and when you arrived on Spiral, took her to an orphanage where she was adopted by a lovely pair of people, who ran a farm on the outskirts of civilisation.

Did I mention she said her name was Amber? Or that someone in the party looks shockingly familiar to you? You haven't mentioned it though, and she seems not to recognise you.

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