Star of Enerithan - The Time of Change - Amber's Private Info

Summary: This is the information handed to Amber, after the reading of the main "Time of Change" oratory. It reveals much information, and hints to a lot more. Note that the reason Amber's is so long is her relationship with Enerithan.

Additional Material

On you, it has been particularly hard. Having finally requited your love with Giles in a night of passion only a month before his kidnapping, and having had many repeats in-between, you were finally content in the true knowledge of his feelings. He explained to you his draconic heritage, likely long life, and some of the things that made it hard for him to have relationships with micronians. His first love left him, some 30 years ago (he apologised for not telling you his true age, but it never occurred to him once he remembered it), for no reason, after a relationship of some 3 years. His next one, over 15 years later, betrayed him, and slayed his mentor, possibly causing his memory loss, and sending him into a strange emotional state.

His third love, you, however, seemed to be going well. He would not talk of any deeper relationship stuff yet, but made love with you often, and expressed his feelings privately, though never in front of the crew. One must retain a certain sense of authority, he explained, and showing an infatuation of sorts with another crew-member tends to disrupt this.

It has been hard, your room next to his, feeling his "presence" even this long after he is gone. You hope that, one day, you will find him again, and surely as soon as Blaine feels him close-by, you will have the opportunity, but for now, you must wait, and keep your feelings as your comfort. Several times you have wanted to go into his room, to at least get a little keepsake to remind you of him, but you find he himself, and his memory, are much more of a keepsake than anything else could be. Still, you of all people have gotten close enough to almost touch the door handle, but as stated before, in fear of magical protections - especially considering you realise Giles' always came to YOUR quarters, and not once has anyone seen his quarters, let alone even knock on them.

One day, when the time is right, someone will open his quarters. It may be you, it may be Blaine, it may be Giles' himself upon his eventual rescue. The only thing you know for certain is that he IS alive, Blaine would know if he wasn't, and that somewhere, he's probably looking at the stars, the same as you do most nights, and wondering about you, as you do of him.

Game stuff:

During your time, you have managed to research some of your spells - with the changes I have made (re-read them below). It has not been easy, especially without another druid, let alone one in wildspace. Also, you seem to have lost you shape-shifting ability, and still have found no trace of another wildspace-based druid.

Upon the rock of bral, only a week ago, an old, crotchety man grabbed you by the arm as you and your companions walked the promenade, and offered to tell you a prophecy for a gold piece. Seeing the dirty, unwashed state he was in, you took great pity, and gave him the gold piece, attempting to leave. His hand, still having your arm in a tight grip, pulled you back, close to his face, and he whispered the following in your ear.

Shining the light of the witch, shall disaster come,

      The marauders of dust, the bringers of time's mournful cry.
      Sent by those with a hate - tentacled death, the light of ritual, hidden within
      They shall rend the earth barren, and banish the heavens for a thousand years. Wings no more, leaves fallen.
      The silent planet shall for a year be, as ye continue, the burden heavy.
      And all that will come to pass then has come to pass now, and all that will come to pass then, has come to pass now.
      And.. Through it all.. shall.. ye.. be.
      But a billion stars shall not.

With that, and a mad giggle, he fled into the warrens known as Bral's alley's, and you left, puzzled by his obviously mad rantings. Just incase, however, you have written down the "prophecy", and keep it close to you at all times, sometimes pondering its meaning. You have not shared it with anyone, as they all laughed and called him the mad prophet, but you still think of it occasionally. You simply told them he mumbled it drunkenly and that you couldn't understand it.

And yes, your stupid lil wolf still lives, and is now a full grown psycho, having spent far too much time around Blaine. In fact, of late, it seems to be spending much more time with him than you, and when you speak with it, it implies you don't understand it enough anymore, and have no time to be a wolf. It knows nothing of anything else, and does not care.

Lastly, while Shiela was dying, she asked you to take her bracelet off. No one knows this, but you had to cut off her hand to do this - as it was magically held on. She seemed relieved, but had used it several times, that you had seen, to do some very funky magical stuff that saved more than one party members ass. She told you to keep it, and be wary of it. She said it doesn't like men, and nor does it like elves, but you're a good sort, and it'll like you very much. She said to be careful though, power comes at a price, but sometimes, its worth it, and you need something to help. You have not yet put it on, and she also cautioned you not to show it to anyone else, apart from if they see it on you, and just to say it's a piece of jewellery if you wear it - and that it's a keepsake of a woman you have admiration for (she laughed, coughing a fair bit of blood at that part).

Just before she died, she smiled at you, and said "it's been a pleasure... babe, I hope... you find your man. Under different circumstances, maybe you could have learned to... or I could have been... (here she simply smiled and continued) but it doesn't matter... It's good to know I died for... for a... (and with her last, dying breath, she said) honourable reason".

She also had a ring on her hand, which you had identified as a ring protecting the wearing from venom's of any sort. It has 19 charges, and each time it protects you it uses a charge.

One last thing (although I may have said last thing above). In between your characters dreams of Giles (both pleasureable and pure; horrid and savage), you have dreamed of stars, of the phlogiston, and of a large planet, covered in dust storms. You have never seen this planet, and it reminds you of nothing. You cannot see any details around it, not even the stars or it's satellites, just it, hanging in the void. Sometimes, in this dream, you feel a prescence on the planet, something akin to demonic, but so alien you cannot understand it. It moves. Nothing else lives on the planet. The beast is gigantic, sluglike, with a mouth containing row upon row or horrible, flesh-rending teeth. Each time, as you first see it you are in orbit, then your perspective floats down to the planet, and the beast turns to you, and belches a green cloud of something that peels your skin away from your flesh like an illithid going at a brain. You always, always, wake up screaming.

You have told no one of this dream.

Again, lastly, you have recently beent hinking of your parents, having not visited them since you left your world - having been so busy. Possibly, next time you are in Spiralspace (your home sphere, Spiral being your home planet), you will stop by, just to say hello, incase anything should happen during this war. You feel a strong pull to home occasionally, although you could not leave this life, or the quest to find Giles. Finally, you want to ask them about something that happened when you were a child, as you have had flashes of memory of a young man, possibly only of 18 years of age, telling you he would protect you, and swearing to keep the bad men away. It is very vague, something from when you were a tiny toddler, but it sticks in your memory lately for some reason. Your parent's, on their beautiful farm on the outskirts of civilisation, might hold the answer, and you would like to take one last look, while you are there, at the druid grove you lived in from your early teens.

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