Sarah's Star

Summary: The awesome tale of Sarah's Star, also known as the Felljammer, was written by Trampas Whiteman (Krillan to his mates), for the spelljammer mailing list villain contest. Striking me deeply, I have integrated it into the Star of Enerithan from step 1. Below is the hand-out given to the player of Lord Barling Tassadar, the last Knight of the Rose (as Krynn is silent in Enerithan). Having replaced certain names, and taken a lil info out, I also added a fair bit - leading to a possible collation of thoughts from myself and Trampas coming soon.

Miscellaneous Plots

Other names: Sarah's Star, Illjammer, Death of Heavens, the Fallen, the Felljammer
Used Primarily By: None
Tonnage: 20 Tons
Hull Points: 20
Crew: 1/20
Maneuverability Class: B
Landing-Land: Yes
Landing-Water: Yes
Standard Armament: None
Cargo Capacity: 15 Tons
Keel Length: 65'
Beam Width: 40'
Wingspan: 140'

Lord Barling Tassadar, Knight of the Rose, and his new bride, Sarah, were spending their honeymoon traveling their native Krynnspace. Sarah had always dreamed of touching the stars, ever since she was a little girl.

The galleon, the Venture, bumped into something along the way. They discovered the object to be a ship of some sort, black as the starlit skyline. They towed it in and examined it when they reached the nearest port.

Tassadar decided to give this prize to his newfound bride, claiming that its beauty was only surpassed by her own. Sarah, a priest of Mishakal, was overwhelmed by the endless bounds of her husband's love. She settled into the helm of the smalljammer, where she found that it was alive! She discovered that it was dying for some unknown reason. She attempted a cure light wounds spell, which seemed to help. She didn't realize, though, that it wasn't the spell, but the magical energy itself that was healing the smalljammer.

The two spirits bonded. The smalljammer saw Sarah as a mother figure. Pretty soon Sarah's Star, as it would be known, was infamous amongst spelljamming circles within Krynnspace. Lord Tassadar was proud of his new wife and the marvelous spelljamming vessel she commanded.

However, all was not bliss. For the little smalljammer was not sick, it was hungry. As time went on, the ship began to drain more and more of her magical energy. Lord Tassadar thought her to only be a little ill, and so commanded her to take a vacation aboard her ship. She agreed, thinking that the stars themselves would give her newfound strength. However, during this particularly long voyage, the smalljammer drained all of her magical energy, leaving her body a shell.

The smalljammer, for some reason, traveled back to Lord Tassadar with the body of his wife. The body was taken out of the ship by Tassadar's servants. Tassadar, after realizing what had happened, responded by drawing his sword and attacking the tiny ship. The smalljammer took off and sought escape to another crystal sphere. Tassadar would later rename his ship the Vendetta, and vowed that he would spend the rest of his days hunting down the little smalljammer, no matter where it hid.

The smalljammer made its way to Greyspace. There it hid from any prying eyes. However, the tiny ship hungered once more and needed to feed.

It soon learned that it could disguise its appearance, although that cost it precious magical energy. It disguised itself as the only other spelljamming vessel it knew, and went into the City of Greyhawk disguised as a galleon. The port authorities were astonished to see a galleon sail in to dock without a crew. They quickly deemed it to be some sort of magical vessel and contacted the Guild of Wizardry.

Talanias Dralcona, a fat and pompous dignitary within the guild, headed up the investigation. He studied the galleon by all means magical and mundane and could not divine the truth of the matter. Finally, he decided to be brave and sat upon the helm. The galleon began to move. The illusion was quickly dropped, and the smalljammer escaped before a pursuit could even be called.

The smalljammer did not particularly care for the cruel human, and soon after, his body was found floating dessicated and alone in the void.

As time went by, the smalljammer found new illusions and discovered new ways to lure someone in to be its helmsman. One person after another died at its hands, so that it may live another day. The ship hungered and would do anything to ease the pain. The smalljammer became numb to what it had to do to survive.

Soon, the ship became a legend, although one that no one truly believed. Save for Lord Tassadar. He believed it all too well. He has hunted the fell ship through half a dozen crystal spheres. He will never stop until either he or the smalljammer is destroyed.

"May the light of Sarah's Star never shine upon thee!"
>From the journal of Krillan, Wanderer of Celestian

Since the events described above, you, the Knight of the Rose Barling Tassadar has found much of the information above. Consulting the legendary libraries of both Palanthas and Heartspace, you also discovered several things additional about the birth of the felljammer. According to some speculation, Smalljammer's are baby Spelljammers, the legendary ship's children. The wanderer, as the spelljammer itself is also known, is reported to be a huge ship with a city on it's back, aswell as a living being. It is also reported to be a destroyer of worlds, and has heralded the destruction of a thousand empires across the spheres with its prescence. The inhabitants of many worlds worship it either as a god, a devil, or both. One thing is certain however - the smalljammers have been seen throughout the spheres, usually many reports at the same time, so obviously there are more than one of those.

The spelljammer itself, however, has only ever been reported to be in one place at a time - although it seems to travel across the spheres in almost random directions, at great speeds, and with no pre-determined pattern.

The felljammer has done a similar course throughout the five years you tracked it. The only difference is that in it's wake it left drained, lifeless bodies, heartache over lost friends, loves, children, mothers, fathers, hatred, and a legend that spread like wildfire. The ship is, to Tassadar, malicious, destructive, evil personified, and dangerous to all life. By hunting it he is seeking to remove it's taint from the stars, and from his life. Of course, his wish for vengeance is much more the driving force, to destroy what took his beautiful love from him.

You have travelled from Krynnspace, to Agraspace (where there were many dwarven mining and agricultural colonies), to Spiralspace (where there was a beautiful green planet inhabited by elves and humans), to Pirtelspace (where there was a neutral aligned outpost run by the Arcane, the tall blue giant-like beings who sell helms and ships), to Seldarspace (The home sphere of the Imperial Elven Navy, whom allowed you in only because of your ranking as a knight of solamnia, and the information you imparted onto them regarding the Felljammer), to Realmspace (where, on a planet known as Toril, you consulted with a mage known as Khelban (Blackstaff) Arunsun of waterdeep, whom was one of the few inhabitants of that world with knowledge, and interest in spelljamming).

Arunsun pointed you to heartspace, further away again from your homesphere, where, consulting with the gnomish-run great library, by sketching a diagram of the Felljammer into it's strange, psuedo magical/mechanical indexing system, you discovered most of the information.

After, you returned to realmspace, having tracked the Felljammer there originally, and retook it's course, following it to the center of the colonised spheres, known as Gardenspace. Here, among the plant-rich worlds, you almost had it, chasing it down, ballistae firing like the nine hells itself was upon you - but it escaped. The foul ship having captured an elven princess, and thus the certain attention of the IEN, you were given a letter of marque allowing you certain privileges while chasing Sarah's Star, and continued to chase it out of the sphere, and into the flow. It's black as a dog's guts skin, and blazing starlike spots causing it to stick out like a kender at a town fair, you chased it into a dead area of phlogiston, spoken of as cursed, known as the Vortex Sargasso. Here, among the spirits of the dead mariners of the flow, you slaughtered your way to the felljammer, loosing all of your crew in the end, and drifting through shadowy phlogiston, the ships helmsmen long dead.

In one last attempt to slay the beast ship, you strapped a barrel of smoke powder to yourself, tied a rope to your own ship, and flung yourself from the catapult. You almost landed on the felljammer, but the rope to your own ship was just too short, and you were rebounded back towards your own galleon as the rope pulled taught. You untied the rope from your ankle, unstrapping the barrel that was causing you to loose your zero-gravity skills, and tried to swim through the thick phlogiston, breathing it's gas in and attempting to claw your way to the smalljammer. As you began to loose consciousness, falling into sleep, you saw the ship turn and float away, slowly, through the dark shadowy clouds.

Game Notes

You still have your gear - your solamnic plate (full plate armour weighing as little as standard plate-mail), your shield, and your sword (detailed below). You also have pair of gauntlets of ogre power, and a pair of plate boots protecting you from electricity (50% magic res vs any lightning attack). Other than that - you'll hafta wait until you play to find out.

You can be a level 6 Knight of the Rose, worshipping paladine. You have no other magical items, but if you wish to have a double-barreled arquebus (two shots, separate thac0's but at the same target, each doing 1d10 damage) you may. Your letter of marque is still in your belt scroll case, as is your sphere map. You also have an account with the Wildspace Interspheric Bank, containing some 65,000gp (well, last you checked). Your character did have another wife before Sarah, and is, chronologically, 32 years old. The other wife was a palanthian noble, whom, due to injury during the war of the lance, lost her memory, and was classed as divorced from you. In truth, afterwards, you discovered (from a private conversation) that she had NOT lost her memory. She had been given half of your estate (under solamnic law), and was now, due to family tradition, engaged to another palanthian noble with a great deal of money.

She had no qualms admitting to you that her family arranged the marriage for your wealth, and that she was doing the same to her next husband. You never spoke to her again, and lacked the proof (as the healers were still relatively low powered at that stage).

DM notes

20 years ago, the events known as the cloakmaster cycle took place (6 novels, two of which were written by Nigel Findley). Unlike the novel presents, however, the uber Lich known as The Fool (Romar the Mad), did not "die". To a careful observer, this is in fact, quite obvious, as the glabrezu supposedly appearing to take his soul could not really have been there, as the spelljammer, and thus The Fool himself, were in the phlogiston - where no summoning or dimensional travel is possible. In fact, The Fool's mortal vessel (including phylactery) were destroyed, but a special contingency spell upon him created an illusion showing his final demise.

The Fool's soul, in truth, was transported to a magical item known as the Reincarnation Stone. This magical mana crystal, some two feet across, rested hidden in the body of a smalljammer being birthed from the gardens. This crystal has the power to protect a (specific, magically designated) soul, and then return it to a new body, re-creating it's original, in a form of reincarnation similar to Fistandantilus' Bloodstone.

While Teldin, the cloakmaster, drove the spelljammer to it's destruction/the rebirth of the Broken Sphere, the smalljammer containing the Reincarnation Stone fled, along with dozens of others birthed at the same time. It drifted in the phlogiston for several years, unsure of what to do, let alone who or what it was. It's mind began to be warped by the necromantic energy innately surrounding the soul of The Fool, and eventually it's skin turned as black as wildspace itself, with small dots similar to wildspace stars (in reality, this was more akin to a disease effect than anything).

The Fool found the smalljammer was unaware of his prescence, and took advantage. Whispering within it's mind, he urged it forward, towards wildspace where it would blend in, to attempt to find himself a new body, or at least an ally. He found one, in the form of a drow archmage, the first living being to step foot upon the ship. The Fool and the drow soon had a deal - the drow would bring a captured, human slave to the smalljammer for The Fool to possess, and in return would be provided with the Reincarnation Stone once The Fool's soul was free. This human slave was provided - a very terrified, very beaten, very regretful man, whom just happened to be the father of Amber Evergreen (DM's note - the Family plotline is currently being reconstructed).

Once free, The Fool left the smalljammer briefly in an attempt to find the ship that had become the new spelljammer, to take it over. He hoped to do this with an Ultimate Helm in the form of a ring, which allowed it's wearer to summon a two handed sword of blue (cold necromantic) flame. Meanwhile, the drow went off to better (or worse) things, and the smalljammer, alone and distraught at the sudden confusion (or lack of influence) within it's own mind, drifted through sphere after sphere.

At about the same time as all this began, 20 years before the present date, Lord Barling Tassadar was wedding his second wife - a beautiful young woman, a priest of mishakal, by the name of Sarah. The two madly in love, Sarah rekindling the heart broken by Tassadar's first wife some 5 years ago. His first wife, during the war of the lance, faked an injury, and thus sued for divorce (stating she did not know herself let alone this man). In truth, she was a polymorphed moon dragon, native to Nuitari (Krynn's black moon), and the reason the healers could not heal her "affliction" was her immense draconic magic resistance. The dragon (whom had been exiled on nuitari until the time during the war of the lance when dragons returned), ended with over half his estate, and quickly married yet another powerful knight for more power and riches. Little known to Tassadar, whom was devastated, she had fallen pregnant to him (a curse from paladine for ruining the name of such an honourable knight).

The moon dragon known as Targis was born shortly (quickly adapting to life, his immense intellect growing at a daily rate), while Tassadar continued to fight his way back to knightly respect in the battle of palanthas. Targis was a horrible sight to see, sending his mother's new husband mad at the birthing (the Knight of the Sword believing he had given seed to Takhisis herself), but learned as he grew to control his forms - one of which was decidedly half-elven in appearance, the other of which was an overly large for his age moon dragon. His power grew, and he discovered that as a magically created being, he had the powers of sorcery. Abandoning Targis (his draconic name being Aragorn) to his own fate, his mother fled Krynn all-together, taking her hugely oversized horde on a hammership she piloted, polymorphed, and flew to an un-known fate in space.

It was then that several related, but not well-known, things happened. Several of Ansalon's Aurak draconians found their own sorcerous ability, a young Targis convincing them to follow (and aid) him as he taught them. Targis himself discovered, at the age of only 5 years old, that he could draw the life energy out of other sorcerors, and use it to further his own power. Furthermore, because the soul of a dragon is so much bigger than the soul of a human, he could absorb fully the soul of another, unlike any other sorceror (at least any other sorceror using this DM's rules of Soulfire). This discovery, of course, lead to the speedy death of the two Aurak allies he had, but many more Aurak's remained on Ansalon, Targis needing but to find them, train them to where their souls were particularly powerful, and devour them.

Also at the same time, Tassadar met the beautiful young woman Sarah, a healer of Mishakal, on the fields of battle, and the two fell in love. Their marriage ceremony 6 months later marked the precise moment the necromantically twisted smalljammer that had entered krynnspace (6 months earlier) arrived at Krynn itself. Tassadar and his new wife left for the skies, beginning to trade among a few ports, and knock down those few draconians that made it into wildspace. It was on the way back to palanthas from the Rock of Bral, one fateful day, that they encountered the smalljammer floating around krynn. The young Sarah thought the ship beautiful, and Tassadar bequeathed it to his bride, looking at the brightly glowing stars on it's skin, and seeing only the beauty of his wife's eyes. Unfortunately, several months later, Sarah was found dead at the helm of the ship, and the tragic tale of Tassadar's hunt for vengeance began.

Young Targis, at about ten years old, fled Ansalon finally, realising there were likely many more sorcerors among tha stars than on the ground, due to the immense magical and inter-racial heritages in the skies above. He joined a thieves guild upon Bral, posing as a simple young fence (an art he had found intrigueing and thrilling back in Ansalon anyway), and made his way throughout the stars.

It is only now, some 20 years later from the beginning, that the circle comes full once more. Targis returned to infamy, only several years ago stealing not only the heart of but several magical artifacts from the druidess Amber and her crew when he charmed her, and charismatically wound the rest around his little talon. Targis' mother, the dragon known as Ghaela the She-Bitch, has also returned, seeking to gain more wealth and power for herself upon Bral. Lord Tassadar has been found floating in the phlogiston between Agraspace and Krynnspace, shocked to find not only his crew, but himself, and more shockingly his planet presumed doomed. The drow arch-mage, of House Arabani, has finally found the artifact known as the Hand of Darkness, the whereabouts of which he discovered from none other than Targis, trading the information for the Reincarnation Stone.

Romar, the necromantic lich known as The Fool, has been in possession of the felljammer for several years now, discovering everything he needed to know, and planning everything he had to plan, and seeking to kill the new spelljammer. A prophecy in the far off sphere of druidspace states that the spelljammer will be in the phlogiston there at the same time that the sphere dies (The Fool assuming this means the Scro invading, which is somewhat truthful). By killing the spelljammer, which is still relatively small in size, and has yet no population, The Fool hopes to cause the evolution of the felljammer into the new spelljammer, not only making himself captain, but also creating a spelljammer with dark necromantic powers. Having found himself vulnerable to demonic enemies in wildspace while not onboard the spelljammer or a smalljammer, The Fool then thinks he can dominate the entire universe.

He now travels completing his preparations, one of which was kidnapping the Gold Dragon Enerithan, to turn him into a dracolich slave. The penultimate result will be a large scro fleet outside druidspace, for an as yet unknown reason (to anyone but the DM that is), along with the pc's ship(s), the young spelljammer, the felljammer, and likely a small fleet of demihuman/human ships. Should everything go as planned (by me at least), the PC's will convince and help Enerithan, through Blaine's mental bond, to overcome the domination of The Fool, causing him to attack the made lich, and hopefully destroy him. How can one dracolich, however, destroy an immensely powerful Lich, let alone the felljammer which has gained power itself, at the same time aiding the allied fleets in turning back the scro?

Simple, really. One of the other prophecies of druidspace states that the sphere shall die for the good of all. The true reason the scro will be planning to invade druidspace will be the witchlight marauder key/construction items being hidden in the sphere. Yet another prophecy states that the druidess, Amber, whom will be grand druid one day, will awaken an unused power of ancient druids, using it to slay her enemies and destroy her true home. In game and layman's terms, this means she will use a psionic power on one willing recipient, other than herself, to ignite them into an psionic blaze, also igniting the phlogiston around them, destroy the half a thousand scro ships, The Fool, possibly the felljammer, but also the entire sphere and inhabitants of Druidspace. No chances left for the scro, should they regain the key/creation items, they could dominate the entire spheres, and all would be slain anyway.

The inhabitants of Druidspace are, truly, a little sparser than before. The psionic energy provided in their deaths (channeled by Amber) will hold the phlogiston in the area from igniting past a point, and also create more to refill the gap. The entire sphere has known of this coming for some thousand years since it's prophecy was spoken, and every inhabitant, at the age of 18, is given the choice to leave the sphere, psionic surgery removing any memory of the prophecy and druidspace itself (which is what happened to Amber's true parents). The only question remains is who will sacrifice themselves for the good of the spheres?

Will it be Enerithan, doomed to a terrible existence of dracolichdom and pain, giving that one last righto for the universe? Will it be Blaine, possibly heroically taking the fall, finding a higher meaning for his existence? Will it be Darius, the son of Enerithan and his first lover a drow, his faith shining him to a higher calling? Will it be Tassadar, his life culminating with the destruction of the beast that slew his wife? What of Jaal, whom may not live much longer regardless, his fast aging process possibly bringing his life to an early end? What of the scro, Tusk, member of the secret scro resistance, making the ultimate warriors sacrifice? What of the chaotic modron, Edael, will he do it without even understanding what it is, or will his count-down possibly hit zero at this precise moment? And finally, what of Haft, the dwarven sorceror slayer, who would throw himself in the path of a speeding whaleship if he thought he could grumble about it and get someone to listen?

Only time will tell.

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