Description of Kyla and Je'Leht

Summary: This description was read to the PC's, after two brown robed figures were given passage upon their new ship, an elven man-o-war named Trael'Tarn, at the request of the IEn. Kyla, who is, in reality, Enerithan's sister, polymorphed, is a (supposedly) half elf, half reigar scholar in the art of war. Je'leht is her seemingly half-elven Lakshu, but is truthfully a half kuras(elf)/human foxwoman lycanthrope. Kyla requested Je'leht become her kindred/pose as her Lakshu (although Lakshu have a standardised appearance, not many really know this), after meeting her brother before his abduction, and learning of his incredibly talented kindred, Blaine (PC). Blaine, of course, has since fallen for Je'Leht, as she has just revealed her foxwoman nature, as the PC's arrived upon Gamaro base (walking fox fitting in easier than a half elf).

Additional Note: My fiance, Katherine Franklin, is currently working on a picture of Kyla for me, and another friend, Reynard, who plays Blaine, is considering doing one of Je'Leht. Both are incredibly capable artists, and I look forward to the inspiration by picture :)

This elven woman, with slightly larger ears than normal, both pointing away from her head, stands just over five feet high. A shimmering coloured cloud seems to surround her, although it seems gone when looking directly at it, only when looking at her, or away, is it there. She wears body-length silver chainmail, delicately and intricately woven together, obviously of elven make. Small golden plates cover her knees, elbows, and crotch, those at the knees and elbows pointed away from her, in a similar fashion to the broad-gold shoulder pads, which stick out half a foot to either side. She wears soft brown leather boots. Twin bracers cover her wrists, brightly polished silver, or mithril, with three golden dragons on each, evenly spaced out, and all identical.

At her waist is a soft brown leather belt, with a clasp shaped like a silver dragon and a golden dragon rolling together in mid flight, either in play, mock battle, or perhaps intimately. Upon this belt is the scabbard for a beautiful elven longsword, carved so that the hilt looks like the forward section of a gold dragon, the arms spread to make the cross guard, the wings forming a concaved hilt cover, and with a dragon's mouth opening into a long, finely crafted, and heavily detailed, runic silver blade. Next to the beautiful sword is a long shaft, shaped like a silver dragon, its tail curled to fit around someone's arm, its mouth open, wings arched back. On the other side of the belt is a statue of a gold dragon, possibly a horn, its two-pointed tail at one end, the head wide open at the other, it's body curled into a handle in-between. Next to this, hangs a golden dragon's claw, made possibly of pure gold, with a silver, rune-carved bracelet around it's wrist, attatched to a chain on the belt.

Held in the claw is a glass orb, with a flowing, green mist inside, with traces of purple, blue, and what occasionally looks like a streak of lightning.

Upon her back is a long blue velvet cloak, blowing even though there is no breeze, and with an obvious golden dragon design stitched into it. Settled amongst the flowing light pink length upon her head is a silver circlet, shaped like a dragons talons, the three points of a claw meeting in the middle, with the rest of the "fingers" trailing off into her hair. Around her neck is a leather thong, with small, gilded golden dragon wings, around the mana crystal it holds dangling between her breasts. Next to it, fastened to the chainmail, is a golden dragons head and claw, the head raised in a road of rage, the claw ready to strike. Moving back down to her hands, more silver chain covers the sides of her hands, though not the palms, and part of her wrists before the bracers, with golden plates on the back of each hand, with silver dragons etched upon them.

Her fingers bare, she wears upon her right hand a curled, bronze dragon, nestled around her finger as though sleeping, and on her left hand, a pair of silver dragons swooping, each after the other, endlessly chasing each other's tail, nose to tip, around her finger.

Finally, in her hands rests a long, metallic staff, made either of one piece of silver intricately, incredibly delicately carved, to resemble possibly twenty to thirty silver dragons, all entwined. The lowest dragon's tail touches the ground beneath her feet, it's wings both spread out in one direction, however small they may be, but looking almost razor sharp, and the highest dragon has it's mouth opened, it's tongue sticking out. Each dragon has a different expression on it's face, and presented with it's body language, varying all the emotions you can understand - and possibly more.

Her eyes, however, and her beautiful elven face, captured the attention, apart from her almost perfect figure. Thin calves rise to only barely muscled thighs (at least noticeably), and a typical thin, elven waist. Her small, but "large for an elf's" buttocks are covered with silver mouldings, the rear of her crotch-plate, and shine with a well polished gleam. Her flat stomach is covered by her chain, but is obviously well-taut, although not concaved, still with a little decent, more human, shape to it. Her breasts are rather large for an elf's, although still only average, or slightly under, by human standards, and her delicate arms and neck are as well-toned as her legs and mid-section. Her soft, angular face, with those large, hypnotic green eyes, seems to take in all around her, with a beautiful smile, and a very content, peaceful expression, as though even if a horde of undead would swoop upon her at any moment, she would merely smile, while battling away.

And she would look almost god-like, likely dazing more of the enemies with her appearance, (and the reflections from her armour and equipment), than she would slay.

Next to the elven woman, standing only an inch short of six feet tall, this impressive warrioress holds herself with a vicious grace, and an amount of beauty only outshone by her apparent skill for the violent. A long, incredibly well made sword of a strange, sectioned design swings at her hip, and on the back of each of her hands is a trio of long, jagged blades, strapped and welded onto her gauntlets. Upon her back is a large, heavy, but somewhat similar to an elven-make bow, and slung opposite to her sword is a quiver, a flap covering obviously deadly, large tipped, pointed, and jagged arrows. A strange wavy bladed dagger, with four guards sweeping back up the hilt, and a couple down, similar to a parrying dagger, is strapped behind her belt next to the quiver, and she is garbed in simple street clothes, with only a pair of bandolier style belts crossing her chest, across her considerable bossom.

The clasps at her waist, and upon her shoulders, seem like dragons claws, and when she moves, you can see that obviously she has some sort of metallic construction upon her back, possibly completing the golden dragon, but concealed under her clothing. She wears plain boots, plain brown breches, and a tight brown leather top, bearing her mid-section, which ripples with muscle. Her whole is taught with muscle, and a sense of violence waiting to happen. Her eyes shine with a deadly sparkle, but a very alluring one, a well-spirited soul hiding in a frame equally as beautiful. Her smile is as charming as it is playful, a wry twist to her mouth, suggesting more than can be said with words.

Upon her skin, where it is bare at her wrists, mid-section, and face, can be seen faint, but easily discernable, light blue coloured tattoo-designs. They look very old, perhaps done when she was but a child, which could have been a long time, considering the tiny tint of a point upon her ears. Her dark hair is tied back, in a leather cord with similar designs to her tattoo's, and she stands incredibly confidently, amazingly sensually, and obviously forcefully.

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