Star of Enerithan Calendar

Each week in the campaign is 7 days.
Each month has 30 days.
There are 51 weeks in a year, with a little extra.
3 of the days in a year are not weekdays at all, but have their own special name.

Days of the week.

Krynnsday (Silentday)
Tradesday (Buggerday)
Oerthday (Flatday)
Bralday (Rockday)
Flayersday (Tentacleday)
Peaceday (Homeday)
Orcsday (Realmsday, Flowday)

The week begins with Krynnsday, commonly known now as Silentday. It is the day before the trading week begins, when people relax before beginning another grind.

Moving on to Tradesday, also known as Buggerday because the common man must return to work. From here the week rolls through Oerthday, known as Flatday after the flat world of Oerth, then on to Bralday, named after the famous pirate/asteroid but commonly called Rockday, then to Flayerday, or Tentacleday to most children, as it is the one day a week Illithids may bring their non-common race Thralls into most ports, and only then with permission and inspection. The last day of the trading week is Peaceday, as no mercantile wars are held on this day or after until the new trading week, and is known as Homeday to most people because they can finally return there.

The final day of the week is Orcsday, named by the elves to try and make the goblinoids feel seperate from the rest of society, but is more commonly known as Flowday, or sometimes Realmsday.



The twelve months of the year are named after things common in Wildspace. In the first half of the year is Feyuss, after the elves, Jammer after the pilots and captains who ply the spacelanes, Cutlass after the common weapon of choice for most sailors, Festus for it's annual festivals in many ports, Kreenum after the Thri-Kreen insects whom invaded hundreds of years ago and were only barely repulsed, and Stellus after the stars themselves. The next half of the year contains Tyrantum, and Blacken, both months known throughout history for their typically bad tidings, Helmus for the power that jam's the ships, Shaderum for the undead known to haunt an area in the center of the known spheres, Kindorum after the space whales that spend this time of year singing to the spheres, and finally Arcanum after the power of both wizards and the Arcane themselves.


Flowharvest* 1st of Jammer. Similar to the Yule of groundlings, when by legend an old dwarven sailor returns to Bral after his yearly trip into the flow where he salvages all sorts of goodies & crafts toys for children.

Freeday* 30th of Arcanum. The last day of the year, which celebrates the ideal of freedom, all slaves are given the day for themselves (typically), and most prisons release good honour prisoners.

Festivus* 4th of Festus. A day of festival and clown antics, where fun is had by all. Not a trading day.

Kannoxx 1st Krynnsday of Shaderum. Holiday of battles, mostly to lizardfolk, in which they partake in blood lettings and fights to the death. No lizardfolk celebrating Kannoxx can refuse a fight, though few others celebrate it (celebrants include Kuras, Taurans, Dracons (non-leethal), Drow (males as sport only), Illithids/Thralls).

Bard's Tale Week beginning 2nd orcsday in Helmus. A Week long time of bardic festivals, artistic shows, circus', and gnomish rides. Non-trading all week, typically a holiday time for merchants, occasionally nobles holiday also.

Davey's Toast/Widow's Tear 1st of Blacken. Day of rememberance for dead sailors and charity to their wives & families. Most ships captains take upon space-orphans as cabin-boys on this holiday.

Hammersday 15th of Kindorum. Ship Builders show-day, where they show new designs, but more typically do cheap upgrades & purchase ships en masse (local ship-wrights flock to ports with cash).

Zoo Parade 3rd Orcsday of Helmus on Bral, otherwise depends on port. Often falling during Bard's Tale on Bral, Waterdeep, Palanthus, and some other ports, this is a day when the air tax on animals is waved, enabling spaceborne children, sages, & others to see groundling animals as they are brought through the port/city on parade.

Corsair's Honour 1st of Jammer. Only celebrated in certain ports, a day of medals/rewards to corsairs whom defeated pirates (particularly high bountied ones).

Pirate's Feast 1st of Cutlass. Only celebrated in certain ports, a day of recognition amongst pirates involving a kitty given to the slayer of the most impressive Corsair (prooven with the head of the corsair & some other identifying item, judged by the toughest pirates).


The current year is SYoF 2824 (Standard Year of Freedom), on the galactic calendar. On the Krynnspace calendar it is the year 374 AC, and on the Realmsian it is 1359.

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