08/July/2002, 12:46am, oztime

OK. Things are going well, and we have converted to third edition. I wanted to use prestige classes and a bunch of other 3e stuff, so it just made it easier. The better news, is I just got neverwinter nights three days ago - so I have a huge module half built allready. Anyone interested in playing Enerithan in Neverwinter Nights, online, contact me by my email link, and we'll talk.

To quickly sum up, its gunna be set on the asteroid of Ruun Khazai (adapted from Dungeon #92, great issue). The Scro (space orcs), IEN (Imperial Elven Navy), the PnP group (pen and paper), and a fourth neutral/anonymous group will all get a claim, making it a haven of political turmoil, and a whole bunch of quests. Bits of the interior of the asteroid will be discovered, aswell as the monsters lurking within, while the asteroid itself floats serenely in the phlogiston (like hyperspace). I'm giving this brief sum up because non Spelljammer fans don't know most of it, and I wanna get a feel goin.

The module isnt too big yet, but the .hak file looks like its gunna. .haks are for music, movies, and all sortsa other shit that us DM/Builders like to put in, and so far im putting some atmospheric music in, planning a movie or two, and some loading screens. The game probably won't be running for close to two months, but I'd like people to show interest as soon as possible.

15/March/2002, 12:56pm, oztime

The campaign is going well, I've just added Heartspace, Seldarspace, and am working on Pleasurespace - the latter will be up any day now. In the months since I've posted here, Blaine has finally expelled The Gho successfully - the demon that had occupied his body, bursting to get out, is now trapped inside Darius' staff of khaevorum, the High Mage Lore sending them across the spheres to Heartspace.

There they will attempt to discover the location of the elven blade of art, so that they may use it to retrieve the elven blade of might (similar to the warrior's blade and sorceror's blade from the coromanthyr sourcebook), so that the rituals allowing elves to test for the right to become Seldarspace's coronal may begin. The hope is that one will stand to grasp the coronals blade, the magic keeping it untouchable banished by the other twin blades, and use the mighty sword to slay The Gho.

It's a large hope :) Meanwhile Blaine, dual-classing to psionicist after Lore restored his sight and the levels drained by The Gho's departure, and Jael is slowly regaining his power after the shock of having no less than thirteen homonculus-like orbmax beholder's slain at once, by the dreaded dragon Whythalfire. Now they travel at least six months to Heartspace, and hopefully, to salvation.

4/November/2001, 2:08pm, oztime

The enerithan calendar has been uploaded here, but other than that things are quiet with me, some RL stuff goin on thats pretty bad :(

24/October/2001, 3:11pm, oztime

Haven't updated the D&D page for a bit, so here we go. Added the Scro Stirge, a scout-class attack vessel, metal all round and nicely done if I do say so myself. Anyway, just wanted to link to it. Check the Bibliography on it for a nice mapping program, Lior's Map Creator - I made my base map with that then touched it all up in windows paint for what I believe is a very nice deckplan.

4/July/2001, 10:55pm oztime

Agraspace is looking good, and has been (the majority of at least) posted to the SJ mailing list. I have done up some more "sphereimages", and finished Ragespace's system diagram. I am going to put the description up soon, and do an personality list in my little black book (most guy's have them for women's phone numbers, mine is for D&D notes and rarely leaves my side), which I'll then "flesh out" on the HTML side of things. I think it's all looking good.

As I have asked on my main page, for anyone reading this stuff - I'd really like some feedback. I spend hours working on this stuff, and it's fair enough all for my own use, but occasionally people say some really wild things - and I just wanna know if that's a general consensus wild things, or if it's just a few select people :) Don't get me wrong - I ain't looking for a big head, and nor do I not value (highly) the opinions that have been given to me - it's just that when you're unemployed, have a stupid, annoying migrainous problem with an undefined length of time before it wears itself out, and not much else to do but play the Dreamcast/PC - you write a fair bit of AD&D stuff, and wanna hear feedback.

Oh. The really interesting news is that after bringing in four new players about a month or so ago - they have all now left. Tusk's player offended myself and Kate highly, and is thus disqualified more than anything, but two of the other guys simply can't find the money/time to get up here (it's extra distance to our new place), and another has a hectic schedule as it is, let alone some other stuff not mentioned here. This means, on the plus side, that Jael's concerns over time/effort will be cleared, but on the negative side, all the work I have dont regarding Haft, Tusk, and most importantly Tassadar (the MAJOR NPC Targis's father) has just gone down the drain. I don't know what's gunna happen, especially because two of my other players that still want to play were getting a lift with Haft's player. Time will tell, and hopefully, I can shout them bus fare or something :) Pity online play isn't an option - I much prefer face to face, it's easier to be dramatic.

So, if you live in South Australia, play Spelljammer, and like to have your head rooted with :) MAIL ME :)

30/June/2001, 4:17pm oztime

Woo! The newer mapediting program I got (can't remember the name right now) Works, and the Enerithan Map is looking as sweet as can be :) Hope you all enjoy it! Simply click on the actual sphere to see access it's individual page. ATM I have only really done Agraspace, but I'll be doing some others soon. Ragespace is all but done on my excel sheet, all I really gotta do is spend the time making it look like Agra on the sheet. Please, everyone who reads this, go look at agraspace on the spheremap, click it, and see how I did it all - I'd really love comments. I think I did well, but in the end, it's the fan's whose opinion I trust.

Now that we've moved this is the first night of playing we're going to have in the new room. It should go OK, but I haven't put up any of my SJ posters/maps n stuff yet - the room is a lil bare. I hope everyone still gets into the mood ok. As you can see, I've changed the background for Enerithan's main page to include a pistol/cutlass combo, and I'm going to do it to the other pages soon. Meanwhile, I'm getting all the mood altering images, and my players have none :( I forgot to mention the 40 odd pictures I've setup in the WinME "My Pictures" screensaver haven't I? Thanx to all those wild 3d rendering artists out there who have given me something other than scanned SJ black and white pictures to put in there ;)

25/April/2001, 3:38pm oztime

Well it's been a heck of a long while since I've had time to update the Enerithan News, but I'm goin ok write-ups wise :) I've just added a few items to the magic section, and erm probably about 4 or 5 big plots to the plotlines area, aswell as slightly modifying a couple here and there (mainly spelling). I'm desperate to get my sphere map sorted, but the mapedit program I got (which allows me to designate lil bits on the one jpeg for different html links) isn't working :( NFI why, it was before - wish I'd done it then. If anyone knows of anything else that does the job, lemme know, I just don't wanna hafta manually cut up my whole sphere map.

Ok campaign wise, we have four new players. Haft, the dwarven mage/sorceror killer, Tassadar, Knight of the Rose, Tusk, scro revolutionary, and Edael, the slightly warped modron (cough). Haft & Tassadar's plotlines are up, along with some mroe on Blaine, and the Maex thing for Jael. I haven't put Edael's up yet (as interesting as it is) because I've just spent about 5 or 6 hours here typing away - and I'm beat! As for Tusk's, I haven't even started on it yet.

So far we've finished of Goblins Return (SJS1), and a couple of adventures of my own making. The PC's are about to take on the (heavily modified) scro occupants of The Crown of Corellon, wherein they will rescue Haft (as he's allready there as a prisoner), and use the mythal of the armada to set off a "bellringer" effect that will summon the nearest elven high mages (thus probably getting them in a tad of strife with the IEN), and hopefully alert Lore to their prescence - so Blaine can have the ritual performed to rid himself of his undead side. Of course, what really is going to happen when the ritual commences is not what he is expecting - read plotlines, Reincarnation Immor(t)al for details!

26/February/2001, 2:01pm oztime

Saturday night went well. The PC's (Blaine, Amber, and Jael, our other two still being on hiatus) purchased a new ship, from the arcane, instead of just buying passage to where they (finally) figured out their ship had been taken. Their new ship is an Elven Man-O-War, with the modified deckplans by Adam Miller, on Beyond the Moons

. These deckplans (available in ships revision upon BTM) provide more space than the original Man-O-War, making the "terror of space" feel that goes with this ship. They have not named it yet, but have organised a crew, starting with Allowicious, the kender paladin-wannabe, Filthbucket, the kobold thief they met a year ago (in last weeks flashback), a crew of 12 non-specific sailor's being shouted rounds by Filthbucket (the reason they allowed the kobold aboard), and Large Luigi, the humorous, sage-like beholder who runs a tavern on the Rock of Bral.

When I played Luigi for the characters in the flashback, they were greatly impressed with him, and I myself enjoyed the night greatly. I find it's good to have mostly seriousness, but a bit of humour here and there doesn't hurt. Finally, althoug hthey do not know it yet, before they go on their mission (the official module "Goblin's Return"), their IEN contact is going to bring along a couple more npc's - a half reiger/elf named Kayla, and her Lakshu/Lycanthrope warrioress (whom I haven't yet named). Unbeknownst to the PC's, however, this reigar/elf is actually Enerithan's sister, coming to aid them in their journey to find him. She is posing as a Reigar specialising in the Art of War, and, similar to Enerithan, in her humanoid form I am going to give her a normal class and level (probably lv 10/10 Fighter/Mage). When she will reveal herself, I have also not yet decided upon, but I want it to be very, very, dramatic.

Lastly, some of Amber's plotline was revealed to her, including her grandfather, her adoption, and the fact that she is pregnant (although the last was from a prophecy she gave). I will likely post the prophecy below her plotline now, and I'd appreciate it if people could email in with what they think it might mean. I am also going to place a lot more of the plot write-ups I have done, such as the "Time Of Change" - the period of game-time that represents the change-over of DM's, and the kidnapping of Enerithan (Giles).

23/February/2001, 7:41pm oztime

About to go see Highlander: Endgame, but first I thought I'd do a quick bit of work (while my dad, whose computer is here at the moment, plays Diablo 2). I have started on a new section for Enerithan called "Plotlines". To the left (hopefully), you should see a menu heading for it, and several (ok maybe one at first) pages dedicated to specific plotlines within the campaign. The first I have written is Amber's, called Family. It details her parentage, early childhood, relation to Shiela/Marduke, position within the prophecies of the Druids (GOD I love prophecies), and pregnant status. Oh, did I forget to mention half of this before? That's the reason for this section - So you, the reader of my campaign, can read, and keep up with, the general storyline, and even make suggestions/comments if you wish.

I have also started on Blade's, called Vampires, but I am only a few paragraphs into it, and I don't have time to keep going with it right now, so just some quick html'ing, and then off to see the movie.

Last weekend went well, Blaine and Amber having a flashback to the time, a month before Giles' kidnapping, that they aquired a pocketwatch for his birthday. They had a lot of troubles, and I have decided to scan my map of the Rock of Bral, and add various places to it, so that, again, you the reader, can understand where the places I talk of occasionally are. Also, if you haven't guessed - they got out of the caverns the weekend before, meeting the spirit of Bral himself who is angry over Prince Andru's lifestyle (Possibly incorrect with Bral's history, but it's interesting), and had their ship stolen by a Drow Archmage. This week, stay tuned, as they decide wheather to buy another ship, or buy passage to the Moons of Zivilyn Gravvabow course, which I have hinted at countless times as the location of their ship.

4/February/2001, 5:42pm oztime

Last night went.. well ;) The PC's (Blaine, Amber, and Jael, alex's new character) were captured by a group of drow, who were after the Hand of Darkness given to Amber by Shiela, in her dying moments. The PC's managed to escape, joining together (as alex's character was not known to them, although he knows them quite well), and receiving help from one of the drow, who was actually a priestess of Vhaeraun, and a member of a house long freed from slavery by the particular house running the "operation". Of course, this was not before the group were tortured, Jael stretched on a rack, and Blaine having his eyes removed. I had the drow comitting the torture, whom they buried with a cave-in, sealing her in a room, ask Amber which, left or right, as she held Blaine's head. Amber said "I don't understand", and the drow said "choose", and Amber said, "I can't do that!", so both of the drow's thumbs went through Blaine's eyelids, and split his eyes nicely.

As you can tell, Blaine is rather unhappy. Amber is goin to cast regenerate upon Blaine, to restore his eyes, and whereas we do not use standard spell components, we DO use them if they are expensive or rare - the component being holy water, which i see as being religion specific, and unfortunately Amber knows no other Wildspace Druids, and is not even fully one yet herself!. Assuming they can get some, Blaine's sight will be restored, but I have stated that if she casts it without the components, it will b0rk the job, and restore one eye, but leave the other PERMANENTLY gone - no later regeneration.

There's a whole lot of other stuff I have to write up now, about the two drow houses (which i started on during a break), about Alex's strange and magical nature, about the thieve's guild he came from, and the magical tattoo's I am using for thieve's guilds to identify their members. Kate has said she will draw some "runes" for me, as I asked her to, so I will do some basic guild tattoo desgins, aswell as designs for the two houses.

As we left the game last night, the characters had defeated another drow priestess, who had been out and about in the tunnels, under the Rock of Bral, when they collapsed the roof sealing in the other priestess. They have been given a stone, by the rogue house member who aided them, supposedly to summon the rogue house to them, but as soon as they are aboard their ship, and out of sight of Bral, it's true use - that of a rogue stone, for that nice teleporting spell in the Wizard's Spell Compendium called Gemjump, will become apparent, as an invisible drow archmage teleports aboard the Phoenix, and begins teleporting drow warriors aboard...

Of course, first they have to get out of the tunnels, where there are yet more spiders (Any drow lovers, I have to suggest reading Spider Summoning in the Demihuman Deities, under Lloth), several Umber Hulks with their neogi Lord Master, and a nice maze of caverns.

31/January/2001, 4:25pm oztime

We havent played in about two weeks now, but we definately are this weekend. Alex, an old friend, is joining the group, and playing the half human, half beholder son of shadavera (an old PC of kates who went bad). He is using the sorceror stuff I have been writing up, and is also a multiclass thief. It should be interesting having him there - he is a good roleplayer, and I'm interested to see the roleplaying possibilities.

Furthermore, I thought of something else interesting. As I have the Rock of Bral going from sphere to sphere, I had to justify how it gets in and out. While i may have copped out and used a simple, huge portal, I have said it stays there, open for a week afterwards.

My that's going to make it interesting when the Rock leaves krynnspace, and the scro fleet is waiting outside...

This is also my last D&D note before I launch. It's been months now, and although the alternity section isn't anywhere near finished, I'm going to launch regardless.

07/January/2001, 8:52pm oztime

Well, tonight went pretty poorly. Rob was dead tired, Kate (my fiance') was sick as a dog, Andrew was barely paying attention, and I myself was getting tired from the frequent interruptions (my dad rang 3 times, and a neighbour came over once or twice). All in all, we got about 30 minutes of proper stuff done - as Rob was very cranky, and not very happy with the way I handled his commune spell (ie giving him only yes or no answers, although DM's dont have to do it this way), and Kate got cranky with him. He apologised later, as did I, because I docked him EXP and got a bit cranky back - but only because he hadn't read the spell properly (ie the answers form comes at the DM's descretion), and he aborted the spell before asking the last question.

What was he asking you might ask? Well, he was, in all honesty, trying to track the illustrious Enerithan (his father), or at least his captors, but I decided his particular god (Sehanine Moonbow) was not aware of the dragons location, although she (or her agent, I did not decide where the answers were coming from) had a rough idea of some clues - which he did not get because he did not ask the last question (thus the EXP docking, because I would have given him EXP for asking the RIGHt question, i docked him for asking the WRONG question, or not asking at all).

Another thing some DM's might find interesting is that, anything he said, after his character cast the spell, I counted as a question. He got a bit cranky at that, as did Kate (she's the other priestly type in the party after all, they must stick together), but I thought it would be more interesting to do it that way, and it also illustrated the fact his character could not stop and "discuss" anything with his companions (although the spell says nothing of communicating with comrades, I wanted to do it this way).

Oh well, at least I have plenty ready for next week. A slave-bug from the Gerese Trading Cartel ran into their gnomish companion, and requested a meeting to buy some designs (as the Gerese are want to do), after said Gerese's ship landed at the rock, giving the characters their first look at my big fatboy traders. Then they saw a building in the "slum" district of the rock explode, and a horde of gnomes (among the other normal people) running screaming from it, being chased by some large, bear sized, furry animals, on all four, with big sharp teeth.

Next week will be interesting, especially when they fight the Ogre Mammoth filled with 270 crew.

06/January/2001, 2:14pm oztime

Right now, Blaine is rolling away, doing a test. He comes over early on saturdays, to transfer some stuff from his laptop, and burn a few backups. I decided, to make Blaine's achievements more "real" to Justin (the player), to get him to roll d20's for half an hour or so and see how many crits he can get in a row. When he gets five or more, I roll a base 40% chance, +5% per crit over 5 (ie if he gets seven in a row, he will have a 50% chance), of increasing his combat ability. Why? Well, as said in his description, his werewolf has spent the last 6 months or more in training - thus, these rolls represent the training, and once every month or so of game-time, I will get him to do it again. Today, as no-one else is here, I thought I'd start this - and if he manages to get the roll, I will lower his chance of a crit from a 16 or up & hit by five or more, to either a 14 and up, or a 15 and up and hit by an ac of four or more. I haven't decided yet ;)

Meanwhile, tonight the characters will have a lil fun as a group of Mutated Giant Space Hampsters break out of the gnomish "thing" I have placed on The Rock of Bral, including the Tyrannohamsterus Rex, and several Fire-breathing Phase Doppleganger Giant Space Hamsters. I will write more here in an hour or two when I have finished writing stuff up.

24/December/2000, 7:33pm oztime

Last night (being saturday, D&D night) went well. Blaine, Amber, and Blade were impressed with their backgrounds, all thinking them all written incredibly in character, as much as they wished some of it hadn't happened. I haven't got much to write at the moment, as it's been a long night, and I'm still very fatigued, having been out all day for christmas eve! I will only say I will add a files section for Enerithan shortly, so people can read my stuff, once the site is finally launched.

22/December/2000, 11:52pm oztime

Just this afternoon finished what ended up being a document called "The Time of Change", a to be read plot of the last year and a bit of stuff that has happened to the crew of The Phoenix since we last played. The general plot is that, after being blacklisted upon the trade market of Bral for supposedly attacking a ship they really found adrift, the PC's broaden their trade horizons to other spheres. On one of many cargo runs to Refuge, in Pirtelspace, they are attacked by a Lich (The Fool from the Legend of the Spelljammer boxed set/Cloakmaster Cycle), whom kidnaps Giles, and his familiar/companion Lorry, for some dark sinister ritual, that i haven't decided the nature of yet. The PC's are then, after finding they can't catch up with the Lich, searched by a man-o-war telling them about the Unhuman War 2...

To cut the rest of the story short, the plot expands further, including documents for each PC to read only themselves, giving them secret info etc about whats been going on, or disclosing stuff (meaning roleplaying AND game effects) that has happened to them. Amber has researched spells, Blaine has trained himself a bit more, and Blade has a vampire-hunting plot centered around a day-walker (hehe) creating artifact, and the destroyal thereof. Rob, playing an as yet un-named character, will be taking the role thought of several months ago, of Giles's half-dragon son, also half-drow!! I never thought of doing it like that, but that's how he wants it, so that's fair enough ;) Meanwhile, the Unhuman War 2 rages, Giles's kindred bond with Blaine keeps tugging, although the direction or distance are not discernable, only the fact that the gold dragon is alive, and the IEN asks the crew of The Phoenix to take an ambassador from the Rock of Bral to Krynn for them.

Before leaving, a crotchety old prophet gives Amber a prophecy about light, witches, and marauders, and a silent planet, and the tentacles hiding death, while protected by the light ritual. As soon as they reach krynn, they see a strangely-coloured Octopus (tentacled) ship, with two lamprey (the light ritual, lamp/pray) ships as escort. Either they will think nothing of it, or investigate, which will show there are orcs all over the ships. Attacking, the PC's watched as they fight the two Lamprey ships, and the Octopus flies straight down on a collision course with Ansalon. As it hits, a large cloud erupts, a massive dust-storm, engulfing the planet in only 10 minutes or half an hour, while the planet is decimated, secretly, by a witchlight marauder. Some may argue this is a bit drastic, and that witchlight's aren't that powerful, but I want to get a decent impact upon my players at this time, on how h4rdc0r3 the Scro really are, and I think this is the best way to do it ;)

I'll leave that in everyone's thoughts for the moment, as I still havent launched the site anyway! I am assuming most of the really serious SJ'rs out there will read through this log though, and this gives them a good idea of whats going on, as I do it. Enjoy

21/December/2000, 11:41pm oztime

Over the last few days I have had a few thoughts. At leasta year will pass between the change of DM's, game-time, and I believe I wish to kill/retire several of the PC's as we currently have multiple characters for each player, and I would rather run a game where the people are permanently "in character", not "between character(s)". Some will die, some will leave (to possibly return at a later date), and one in particular will be kidnapped. In this time (I have not decided when during it the kidnapping will take place), Giles will research and create his Mage's Hat of Useful Stuff (a Wildmage item I wrote up similar to Presto's hat in the AD&D cartoon), Amber will research some of her spells, Blaine may perfect his fighting style a tad, and new/old characters will leave/enter the group.

The main thing happening in the year(s?) of change (as i shall refer to them), is the Unhuman War II. During this war, the Gerese Trading Cartel will sell new helms (which I am calling "Wave Helms") throughout the spheres, allowing fleet's to travel in unison, and combat, if upon the same course, to happen at spelljamming speed. The Arcane, of course, won't like this one bit, but I want to bring in my Gerese, and throw some possible industrial plots in there (both sides will wage espionage, of that i am sure). Furthermore, the Scro will defeat the IEN (Imperial Elven Navy) many times (demoralising the population of SJ quite a bit, aswell as making some areas uninhabitable - maybe I'll drop a witchlight marauder on Krynn haha), make alliances with the Drow, Illithids, and possibly some other nasty creatures, and generally make their prescence felt.

Rob, our old DM, has expressed interest in playing a priest of some sort, so I am going to sit him down with the SFHB (SpaceFarer's Handbook) and teach him about the SJ faiths, and also suggest he use a plot I myself was going to use at some stage - that of a character being Giles' half-draconic son, from around 15 years ago. I may have to change this to 20 or possibly 30 years, to suit Rob's role-playing wishes/personality, and this WILL make things very different in a few way's (It basically gives Giles a lot more time in human form to work plot for), and also create some interesting relationships/conflicts within the party. Furthermore, someone who hasn't played in this campaign for 3 or 4 months, Andrew, wishes to rejoin, and I must aid him (unfortunately, as always) in making a character (to the last detail, though he does sometimes come up with interesting ideas), at the same time as working on Josh's vampire (He recently watched Blade for an entire weekend, and it is INCREDIBLY ripped off.

After that, I must work out all the stuff mentioned above (ie finish the Wave Helm system), figure out exactly WHO kidnaps Giles, list most of the stuff happening during the time of change, figure out how much xp i wish to give everyone for plot during that time, look at some spells a few characters wish to research in their "time off" (mainly Amber), AND write up some sort of encounter for saturday night. Even if it IS a role-playing one.

Did i mention its now, by the time I've finished writing all this, 2 minutes to midnight on thursday? No? Or that I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow regarding my eyes (This will one day be explained on a page I will add about myself)? Did I also mention that I wanted to get this website hosted by christmas, meaning monday? Hehe, I'll see you all on the other side! Pick up whatever pieces of me are left will ya! (stress-relieving joke for those worried about my mental health). Anyway, I best be going. Goodbye ;)

19/December/2000, 3:27pm oztime

And so begins a new chapter in the lives of Blaine, the werewolf, Amber, the druid merged with a StarWing plant, Giles, the gold dragon magi known as Enerithan, Blade, the (cough) vampire hunter, and their companions. This page will be dedicated to the Spelljammer Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game I have now taken over Dungeon Mastering, run on saturday nights at my house :) Our DM, due to time constraints and personal preference, has semi-retired himself, handing me the year to year and a half old game. Currently, the PC's are around 8th to 10th level (depending on class mainly), own a Nautiloid known as The Phoenix, and have various magical items at their disposal.

As soon as I have time (as I wish to spend time today on this website), I will write-up what will be a year or two of events happening between the time of the "DM change", including the Unhuman War II beginning, the class of helm (standardly my Mana Crystal System) change (I want to write-up a slightly similar, but more interesting system), the kidnapping of Enerithan (otherwise known asthe mage Giles). Look back for updates shortly, as I will likely launch this site before I have time to write this stuff up :(

Email me!