(Scro) Stirge

Ship Name(s): Stirge, Deathstinger
Class: Scout
Frequency: Very Rare
Construction Systems: Leroy's
Primary Manufacturer: Scro
Primary User: Scro
Stirge Deckplans (created with Lior's Map Creater http://www.sh-topaz.co.il/lior/map/) & Windows Paint

Design: Space
Tonnage: 20
Frame: Standard Metal (2 tons)
Hull & Plating: Metal & Metal
Ram Type: Piercing (hollow)
Deck Type: Full Enclosure
Rigging Type: Topped-out (internal control)
Minimum Riggers (each shift): 3

Hull Points: 40
Power Type: Manasails, 3 1/2 tons
SR: 4 (towage 70)
Armour Rating: -3
Landing (Water): No
Landing (Land): Full
Air Supply: 2400 standard days
Cost: 150,816gp

Weaponry: 2 Metallic Medium Ballistae (+1 to hit & damage, must be 6' tall & 15+ STR to use) (1 S, 1 P), Greek Fire Projector (1 A)

0.45 tons cramped quarters, 0.67 tons (hot) bunks; 0.31 tons larder; 1.8 tons galley, 1.25 tons laundry & support, 0.5 tons chart room, 2 tons basic engineering; 2 x 2 tons internal Medium ballistae, 1 x 2 tons internal greek fire projector, 1 ton cargo space, 3 tons internal rigging control, ramming rings.

Standard Crew:
1 Captain, 2 Officers (First mate, Second mate); all proficient in large weapons
1 Sailmaster
26 Warriors/Sailors

A recent design brought into use during the UHWII, the Stirge, or Deathstinger, is a favourite amongst truly honoured captains, as not only is it a great light attack craft, it makes a brilliant boarding platform. The piercing ram (or stinger of the Stirge) is hollow, allowing Scro Warriors to "slide" down it (as it is rounded, and typically greased) into the enemy ship after a ram. Should the ramming attempt fail (use the Sailmaster Officer's thac0 for ramming attempts), the rear Greek Fire Projector is aimed such that it can typically lay a blast of fire over the enemy ship, to hopefully start a fire and give the Stirge enough time to come around for another ram attempt.

The Upper weapon station is typically manned by the first and second mate during battle, until the ship closes for a ram attempt, at which time the second mate and several warriors station the Greek Fire Projector, while the first mate and most of the other warriors, typically including the captain, ready themselves in the forward galley where the boarding shoot is. Before they drop down the chute, to make certain no debris is blocking the exit, a small pouch of smokepowder is lit and thrown down (doing 1 hull point of damage, and 2d6 personal to anyone within 10ft), or if the ship is in the flow, a designated (and usually tough) scro will slide down, and brace himself at the end, purposely lighting a match and causing the flow to explode to achieve the same result (excepting that the poor sod takes double damage from the explosion).

The landing gear of the Stirge is slightly mechanical, with several large metal locks able to hold it in a specific position. While this does not allow combat grappling, it does allow Stirges to be attatched to appropriate objects with 4d4 rounds of work. Typical "docking" is to a larger scro ship, a kobold arrow (usually fillew with Greek Fire or Smokepowder), or rarely, in fact extremely rarely, a small Witchlight marauder. Releases can be roped to release catches inside, but the positioning of the mechanisms prevents full control (hit AC 6, -1 penalty per SR, thac0 of whomever attempts it).

The Stirge has three and a half mana sails, giving it a towage capacity of 70 tons. SR should be adjusted appropriately when gripping/docking for whichever ship is moving. If both ships move, each must make a save vs crushing blow with a -4 penalty or loose the section/claws, taking 1 hull damage per 5 tons of ship (round up). Note if the Stirge looses it's legs, it cannot land effectively on land, and must be treated as a non-land capable vessel.

Discussion on the SJ list:

Tilaurin: a long range craft, attatch a cargo-barge to it and send it out. It finds a nice, well-hidden asteroid, and the scro set up base there, using the wood & other materials of the cargo barge to construct whatever they need (ie support beams for a mine-like base, or small buildings etc). From there, they can leave some of their crew at base while going for striking raids, capturing ships, and possibly making alliances with nearby goblinoids - scro are not adverse to using ogres, goblins, & kobolds as cannon fodder. I think an appropriate name for this variant/use might be the "Plague-carrier" ;)

Leroy's Ship Construction System
Lior's Map Creator & windows paint (deckplans & retouching)
Spelljammer Campaign setting (official site)

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