AD&D Stuff

Here you'll find all sorts of stuff for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons second edition. Feel free to download what you want, that's what it's there for. The only thing I'd like to ask is that anyone playing in any of my campaigns does not touch any of this, regardless of how it may not seem it could be in the campaign. This is for surprise value, and so you can't learn how my mind works, D&D wise, too easily and start predicting my DM moves.

Most of this was written in the last few months, and will be updated regularly. Comments are appreciated, I especially would like to hear how people have used these resources in their own settings. And yeah, I know, some of it's a bit crud, and some of it's a bit munchkinish - but some of it's quite good aswell, so it balances out. All files are zipped for compression (obviously).

Sorry for the mixed formatting, it's taking a long while to convert my stuff to HTML. For the moment, especially, anyone playing in my campaigns should leave this page alone, as I have not marked campaign sensitive material (If anyone has a nice piccie of a star I could use as an icon, send away!).

Note that I am slowly convert my AD&D stuff to html format for online reading. As you can see below, the table is not yet finished - items in it, however, are (typically) converted, those still under it are not.


While basically specific spelljammer rules, im sure much of this could be adapted for other campaign use. Also note much of this is done with inspiration of (if not help of) the great people from the Spelljammer Mailing List. Thanx has to go to them as much as myself.

Title/Date Html Description
Little Wooden Ships Changing Constantly My efforts of making 3d wooden SJ ships for tactical combat, painted by myself & my mate Josh.
Wolfspider (Arabani Cruiser) (25/oct/2001) 8kb A heavy metal cruiser, which one could count the number of existing examples on one hand
Stirge (Scro Scout) (24/oct/2001) 10kb The Scro Stirge scout attack craft, with a hollow piercing ram, complete with boarding slide ;)
Gravvabow (13/feb/2001) 30kb Gravvabow - a wildspace sport, similar to golf - but 3d!
Assanari School of Dance(15/feb/2001) 5kb A Bralian ballet school training more than elegant dancers.
Merchant Ratings (16/oct/2000) 13kb Merchant Ratings give a bit more flavour to trading in the spheres. By looking up a merchants race, the race of those he is trading to, and various other factors, a profit modifier is calculated. Contains both a word doc explaining the idea of the system, and an excel file of all the sheets needed. Thanx to Adam Miller & Doubting Eric for their help with this.
ICF Naulithid (16/oct/2000) 45kb For a long time ive envisioned the Nautiloid as a living creature. This document brings that idea to life. In its beta stages, comments and play-test notes would be very handy to me.
The Construct (16/oct/2000) 15kb Several months ago, a great friend of mine lost his great PC trying to save my stupid halfling berserker in a fight. On the funny side, the halfling entered the fight on like 3 hp, while his character entered on 70 something, and i survived and he died. On the serious side, i couldnt hack having him loose such an in-depth character for such a stupid fight (i was in a very weird mood and was basically asking for it), so i made this up, and with a combination of resurrect and some funky wild mage BS, made him into this. Unfortunately, our friendly Druid (cough) happened to creeping doom him several weeks ago, and the DM ruled the bugs got into the tiny spot of his "head" and found the small bit of flesh left therein. Oh well.

Magic Stuff

All manner of this magical and wonderful for your reading, or blasting, pleasure.

Title/Date Html Description
Mana Crystal Magic System (Mage) (16/may/2000) Split A while ago, a friend asked me to write up a system of magic for spells & magic users based on crystals, and here it is. However, I ended up enjoying it thoroughly, and so it ended up a 15 page document, with rules for spelljamming, growing crystals instead of mining or finding them, and all sorts of wikd stuff. Have a good read of this if ur SJ inclined.
Gem Glove Ultimate Helm 13kb An Ultimate Helm of my own creation for use in my current campaign, DM's - I'd appreciate comments, though im changing some of it soon anyway.
Staff of the Gerese 8kb A gift to a slave-bug from his Gerese Lord.


Title/Date Html Description
The Kuras Warriors (29/mar/2000) Split A new elven subrace, a bit like Klingons. Possibly one of my best works ever, this document features art by my fiance'.
Phluck (16/may/2000) 11kb Spacefaring ducks, capable of mass slaughter when provoked
Asar (undated) 22kb A group of magically altereted humans, making a new sub-race (mainly for SJ)
Corillian 13kb A sage-like race, valueing poetry, song, and emotion, in the spelljammer setting
Gerese Trading Cartel Split One of my greatest works, The Gerese Trading Cartel is a highly detailed (as far as i'm concerned) document for spelljammer, providing a competitive race for the Arcane. I'd especially suggest players do not read this, theres a lot of secrets in the cartel.
Merlif 19kb A semi-klingon race for SJ, of tripedal, bloodthirsty, bad mofo humanoids. Great for a raiding party.
Ruby Spider 23kb Ok, the Gerese is my second greatest work. One of my DM friends who's had 20 years experience was quite impressed with this lil baddie, i hope you are to. It goes in the ruby group of documents, and is highly suggested for DM's only.
Shiftpet 15kb Comic relief pets for Spelljammer
Thosar 17kb The Thosar are a peaceful, benevolent, SJ alien race, thinking beyond the limits of a normal mortal's mind. Interesting to use to baffle pc's
The Translator 18kb Another pet-like creature, for SJ, the Translator is more like a mini-henchman
Ghem 16kb For use with the gem-glove, this is a race for reading only by DM's

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