Here's a small collection of some of the rendering I did a few months back. The elven Man-O-War model isn't mine, it was done by a mate whose email addy isnt handy right now. The MOW & Mantis are both (I'm fairly sure) copyright to Wizards of the Coast, and I got the textures from various places on the net, along with the kickass starfield seen here and there.

Ballistae & Catapult

Siege weaponry for Spelljammer, the former done slightly different than usual.


The Ballistae from the above picture, on its own.

Elven Man-O-War

The workhorse of the elven imperial navy, this shot shows a man-o-war slightly eclipsed as it comes around to the dayside of a planet.

Elven Man-O-War (front)

From the front, and with no shadows to obscure the view, the MOW is even more impressive - notice I filled the deckspace with some of my weapons.

Scro Mantis

Designed to counter the elves main battleship, the Scro Mantis sports huge rending claws that can easily tear the flimsy MOW into tiny pieces. I created this model from scratch, yay me eh.

Wartorn Mantis

This Mantis has seen far better days, and likely better years. Using a nice rusted texture to show the fatigued feel for it, this ship would likely have sen a dozen or so battles during the second Unhuman War.

MOW vs Mantis

High out of the orbit of a lavagiant, a Mantis can be seen in the distance approaching the elven vessel, which (when you look closely) sports a nice model of lady death (yeah, comics, hehe) pointing at the would-be-attacker.

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