A favorite of my SJ campaign was the "Twins of Tempest". Two large gas gianst that that orbit each other and exchange some atmosphere in a constant and powerful lightning storm. A desperate crew once "ran the gauntlet" between them to avoid two Deathspider ships (they were in a stolen Mindspider at the time). Ships entering the swirling strings of gas between them take 1d6 hull damage per round and have a 1% x Tonnage of being struck by a lightning bolt for 3d6 hull points. By skimming the surface of the "cones", a captain can pull out at any time, but if a pursuing ship pulls out before you do, the distance between where the two ships pull out is enought to escape. It's kinda like playing "chicken" in the middle of a tornado. Note: due to the flexible nature of the Elven Man-O-War's sails/wings, they only take 1d4 damage from the turbulance.