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Addtional Astronomicals

Haley's Comet

Haley's Comet is an artifical world that is home to a society of who escaped the carnage of their race in Realmspace several centuries back. Their skin color has changed to a grass green from exposure the sun in terraspace. They have built haley's comet as their home world, but are continually looking for other suitable settlements. They often visit other worlds in search of new places to live. The Oortlings have two types of ships. First is the Flump ship. It is a disk with long spikes on the underside that are used as a ram or as landing gear. The eye stalks on top are observation ports, that can also be jettisioned in case of emergency. The other ship is the JellyJammer. Its shape is that of a jellyfish. A dome like top is semi- transparent that allows the oortlings to view out and outsiders to view hazey shapes on the inside. The tendrals on the underside are flexible and are controled by the helmsmen. The ships are powered by a series helms (Oortlings were raised by the illithids and have gained the ability to use them). The helms also control the tendrels on the underside by the use of psionics. Oortlings are highly telepathic creatures, and their entire society is based on telepathic interaction. Verbal speaking is almost impossible for them. When they communicate with other races they do so by means of ESP, like illithids. Their idea of a "written work" is a series of telepathic images and messages stored in a special crystal which they simply call a brain crystal.

Haley's Comet has several chambers filled with these brain crystals, which collectively serve as a racial memory. Every memory and experience ever had by the Oortling race is stored somewhere on Haley's Comet. The illithids would love to get a hold of this technology, if not to devour it then to copy it. Obviously, the Oortlings have never allowed the illithids to even get close to Haley's comet. Considering that the comet travels as a speed of approximately SR 24, it is unlikely that anyone will ever get close to it unless they are brought aboard by the Oortlings.

Haley's comet is a marvel of engineering. It is a world unto itself, falling just short of a Type A planet in size, with sufficient resources to support half of the Oortlings who live in Terraspace. It also has facilities to dock their Jellyships and "Flumph" ships.