As part of my never ending quest to fix/improve the ship design tables from the War Captain's Guide, I decided to fill in some of the other metals that lie between copper and the precious metals.

              Base Cost   Base AR  Base MC

Bronze         3,500         6        E
Iron           4,000         5        E
Steel          4,500         4        E
Glassteel     special        4        D

Price for glassteel will depend on the availability of sufficiently high level wizards and is up to the DM.

Other possibilities:

I. Plating: Rather than have multiple layers of plating, each of an even stronger material, and also having the rather strange effect that light wood (Base AR 10) becomes AR 9 whether plated with copper or adamantite, it would be logical alter the plating rules slightly.

For each 2 levels of AR by which the new material's AR exceeds that of the old, improve the vessels AR by 1.

Example: A ship built of light wood has a base AR of 10. Plating the ship with an AR 9 or 8 material would improve it's AR by 1. An AR 7 or 6 material would improve the ship's AR by 2, and so on.

II. Improved Bracing. Gutting a ship worsens AR by 2. Logically, replacing interior bulkheads and reinforcements with a stronger material will improve AR. Costs: Multiply 10% of the ship's tonnage by the base cost of the new material. This process requires 3 days for every 10 tons of the vessel. Effects: AR is improved by 1 place for every 4 levels of AR by which the new material exceeds the old. Eg. A light wooden hull would be have it's AR improved by 1 if the new material had an AR from 9-6, and by 2 if the new material had an AR from 5-2, and so on. SR, MC, and cargo capacity are unaffected.

Restrictions: This modification may be performed more than once, but each time it nullifies the effects of previous alterations in bracing materials.

III. Additional Bracing. If removing bulkheads and bracing worsens AR, then adding bracing in critical places should improve it.

Costs: Multiply 5% of the ship's tonnage by the base cost of the material used. This process requires 2 days for every 10 tons of the vessel.

Effects: Cargo is reduced by 5% (minimum decrease - 1 ton). AR is improved by 1. MC and SR are unaffected. Restrictions: If the ship has improved bracing, then the additional bracing must be made of the same material. If the ship has normal bracing, then the material used should be the same as the ship's hull. Additional bracing may be added at most 2 times.