I wrote this up in an attempt to give the PC's of my campaign some idea of what a ship is by its name.

NaTC - Name

Ar    House Arabani
At    House Atreus
BK    Kindori Barbarians (often no name, but
        rather general location tag)
Br    Bral Navy
GA    Gortharia Attack Navy
GD    Gortharia Defensive Navy
Gi    Giff Mercenary Navy (often with
        addendum of employer)
GN    (Generic) Groundling Nation
IE    Imperial Elven Navy
IG    Ironpiece Gnome Fleet
KF    Korgeshian Rogue Fleet
KR    K'r'r'r Navy
MC    Mind Flayer Ceremorphic Fleet
MF    Mind Flayer(s)
Mo    House Moune
My    House Mylyl
Ne    Ragespace Necromancer's
NG    Neogi Slavers
Or    Ragespace Order of Life
Pi    Pirate
Re    Reigar Vessel
Si    Sindaith Line
ST    Scro Tarantula Fleet
SV    Scro Vengeance Fleet
TH    Thri-Kreen Purity Force
Ua    Unallied
VL    Valkan's (Mercenary) Legion (often
        with addendum of employer)
Vo    Vodoni Enforcer Navy
Wa    Realmspace fleet of Wa
Yu    Yuatja

A Anomaly
B Beast
C Cargo-barge
D Wrecked/Disabled
E Enormous Fleet (31+ ships)
F Fleet-carrier
G Ghost-ship
H Hunter
L Large Fleet (16 to 30 ships)
M Medium Fleet (6 to 15 ships)
R Rogue-trader
S Squadron (2 to 5 ships)
T Trader
U Unidentified
W Warship

F Flitter Tiny
S Scout Small
R Raider Medium
G Frigate Large
M Man-O-War Huge
C Cruiser Gargantuan
A Armada Colossal
N Unscaled Not-Classified

Here are some samples using the above names:

AtTS Prayer of Souls
Atreus Trader Scout "Prayer of Souls"
STWA Hates Fury
Scro Tarantula Fleet Warship Armada "Hates Fury"
IELA Krynnish Defense Force
Imperial Elven Navy Large Fleet Armada "Krynnish Defense Force"
PiUN Rogue A
Pirate Unidentified Unscaled "Rogue A"

The first two letters of eachs ships classification is the name of its owner/ground/race/whatever. The next singular letter is the type of ship, such as a cargo only vessel (ie no weapons), a trader (light weapons), a warship (lotsa weapons, enough supplies for normal deep space use), and hunter (stacked to the brim with weapons, and likely no more than a few days air and or food/water. The last is the size, based upon sizes given from Leroy's 3e Ship System, although I gave them names based on the old-style of the concordance/lorebook. I added N as "unscaled" for ships that have not been encountered/magically scryed etc, and some fleet designations for attack groups (such as small fleets etc). Obviously, the name of the ship comes afterwards. You'll note that some of the groups etc arent "core", such as the Illithid Ceremorphic Fleet (for example) - these are campaign specific, but for reference I've included a few standard groups like the IEN, Scro Tarantula Fleet, House Moune, and the Sindaith Line.