Wyvern (Medium Cruiser)

Built by: Draconians
Used by: Draconians
Tonnage:  80 tons
Hull points: 80
Crew:  20/60
Maneuver Class: D
Landing Land: No
Landing Water: No
Armor Rating:  5
Saves As:  Metal
Power Type:  Major or Minor Helm
Ship's Rating:  As Per Helmsman
Standard  Armament:
    6 Heavy Ballistas
    6 Medium Ballistas
    1 Medium Catapult

Cargo:  5 tons
Keel Length:  250'
Beam Length:  350'


The Wyvern is a new ship. The Draconians use it too too scout planets and asteroids too see if they are worth raiding. The Wyvern is well armed enough to be able to fights it way out of most situations and can attain high speeds. The Wyvern does not have much cargo space because it is not used to haul plunder it's just to kill enemies. If a ship is killed by a Dracoian Wyvern the crew loads all open space with the loot and runs for home hoping they don't find another Spelljammer.

Other configurations:

There have no other configurations done on this ship. Other races who have encountered it don't belive it would be any use, for war or adventuring. Although the Draconians have shown how useful it is a warship. Only the Draconians, it seems, know enough about the ship too use it well.